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How moms can help their kids live more naturally- be natural mothers…one step at a time

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How moms can help their kids live more naturally- be natural mothers…one step at a time

Mom On A Spiritual Journey

Sometimes it hard to know why they're cryingIt can feel overwhelming to learn to be a mother – and now there’s the ‘natural stuff’, too?

As moms we’ve been through many cycles including the most major one of all – giving birth and learning to raise a child.

When my mother first had my brother and myself, she was told that formula was best, a strict schedule should be enforced, and the child should be left to cry.

Mothers have gone through many cycles since then, and these days we now know that breast milk is best if at all possible, a schedule works well, but a child does need to be comforted if crying – it’s usually for a reason.

A few things I wasn’t told as a new mother

There were many things I wasn’t told when I first had a child.  No one told me that my hormones would be everywhere, that I probably wouldn’t have an uninterrupted night’s sleep or meal for at least a year and that I may have one of the greatest kept secrets…terrible hemorrhoids!  Aaagh!

More and more information is available now in the form of books, internet web sites, videos and teaching groups.

This is why the mom blogging movement is continuing to be such a great success and can be used as a tool for social change.

At the end of the day, the information my mother needed was found over the garden fence from another (more experienced) mother.  Now we have mom blogs and Google as another resource to complement the garden fence.

 So, how do I start on the natural road?

If you’re a home mom and finding it hard just to lift your head from the laundry basket then starting a more natural lifestyle can seem overwhelming.

If you work outside the home then it can feel equally difficult, confusing and information-centric.  From my experience a great way to start is simply by applying a couple of old adages…as my husband says, eat the elephant one bite at a time (rather than the whole thing at once), or, just take one simple step.

So as a fellow mom on this particular journey here is a choice of three easy steps you can take right now, and it won’t break your energy bank, which let’s face it, can feel pretty drained a lot of the time when you’re starting out on the journey of motherhood.

  • When your child has a cold/flu/sniffle coming along, try one natural remedy for relief that you’re comfortable with.Here are some I’ve used with success.  Choose from the homeopathic remedy Oscillococcinum, hard to say (shorten it to ‘Oscillo!’) but easy to buy since it’s available in most stores including Walmart for about $11.99 – just use the link or google online.Or squeeze the juice of half a lemon into a mug, add hot water and honey to taste, have the child drink it if they are age 4 or over.I also like Young Living’s Respiratory Congestion Blend.
  1. Choose one food product that you buy and substitute an alternative that contains no High Fructose Corn Syrup (HCFS).Here’s an idea for breakfast cereal that both my kids now really love, and they don’t want to go back to the original much higher sugar cereal either.  I substituted our usual brands of cereal for Moms Best Naturals in our house really likes the Mallow Oats and Sweetened Wheat-fuls.  These are not expensive cereal (under $3 for the packet) and contain no artifical preservatives, colors, flavors, hydrogenated palm oil or High Fructose Corn Syrup.

Just pick one!

You don’t have to do all three, just pick one, and save the others for later.

By way of inspiration, here’s a video featuring Peggy O’Hara, founder of who for 35 years has helped mothers learn more about natural products and move further towards wellness and health.

After all, when you’re tired and run ragged, one step may just be enough to get you moving forward in a better direction for you and your children.



4 Responses

  1. Thanks for this great post and sharing our conversation with Peggy O’Mara. We agree that getting started on the natural road is best done one step at a time. No sense in overwhelming yourself and not having the most success possible. We appreciate that homeopathic medicines are now so much more easily accessible and can be one step on the journey. What was your first step?

    • Hi Mary,
      Thanks for the kind comments, always happy to share! Also, a great question. I have found myself in many ‘first steps’ since I have had the opportunity to discover and work with several different health modalities. You’ve given me a great idea for another blog post!! 🙂 In the context of homeopathy though, I think my first step was listening to a friend who suggested I see a homeopath in a London clinic (I come from the UK) when I broke out in a full body rash 2 weeks before my first wedding. My remedy was Sulphur and the homeopath also suggested I go and buy some almond oil to prevent scarring which I also did. It was a nasty rash, and worrying since I had chosen a wedding dress with lace sleeves and the rash was everwhere and would have been seen. Within a week the rash was gone. I was pretty amazed because I had suffered eczema for many years as had my brother, but somehow never wanted to use the steroid cream offered by the doctor because I knew it could potentially thin the skin. I remain eczema free to this day. Pretty significant first step methinks.

      Thanks again…feel free to check out the blog post I wrote with Julie Igel from Homeopathic Soulutions on this site regards Hylands Teething Tablets a while back.

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