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Food for thought from Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution

Organic food more affordable

Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution – 8pm Eastern/7pm Central on ABC, Tuesday nights are definitely ACTIVE on my DVR I followed the first series of Food Revolution based in Huntingdon, West Virginia, and have watched the first episode of this series based in Los Angeles, CA.  If you’re not familiar with…

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Why write a blog, anyway? And happy Homeopathy Day and Homeopathy Awareness Week April 10-16 2011!

Mom On A Spiritual Journey

Thanks, Mum! So…I originally put this blog together for a few different reasons, and ‘found myself’ learning all about WordPress and self-hosting a blog when… My mum got very sick after receiving the H1N1 vaccination.  She died of pancreatic cancer 2 months after receiving the vaccination.  During her illness, she…

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Dr Oz takes a look at homeopathy … and his wife uses homeopathic remedies with their children!

Samuel_Hahnemann_Memorial for work in Homeopathy

Here’s a link to a video of Dr Oz discussing homeopathy with Dr Russ Greenfield MD. It’s a great day for homeopathy in the USA today! Dr Oz says on the video that “My wife uses homeopathic remedies with my kids before she’ll even tell me they have an issue, that’s how much she trusts it.”

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Oh No! Not more GMOs! Do you realize that alfalfa is next? | Time to stop being food-illiterate


Why members of the public are rallying over GMOs and labeling of our foods GMOs stand for Genetically Modified Organisms, and you are probably eating them somewhere in your diet.  Did you know that?  Probably not, because they’re not labeled. Just this weekend all over the USA, GMO rallies were…

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Gentle Homeopathics for difficult times from Miranda Castro – remedies to assist with radiation concerns

Samuel_Hahnemann_Memorial for work in Homeopathy

Latest note from Miranda Castro Miranda Castro is a British-trained professional homeopath, now living in Florida, USA, who has been in practice since 1983 and has been writing and teaching about homeopathy since 1988. She has a website and a Facebook page.  Here’s her latest notes regards some homeopathic options for our…

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Homeopathy key point – the symptom is the cure in progress


Introducing a long time friend and colleague, Nicola Smith, discussing the homeopathy key point – the symptom is the cure in progress Following my post yesterday, Healing is a Multi-dimensional phenomenon, Not One Solution Fits All  Nicola sent me this comment on Facebook and asked me to add the information…

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Healing is a multi-dimensional phenomenon, not one solution fits all


Sigh.  We’ve found some new things for us humans to fight about Made some advances this week in organizing new happenings so that people in contact with this blog can learn more about alternative remedies to help themselves and their families stay well.  Whilst working through all this, bumped up…

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