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The story behind the Law of Attraction >>Podcast

Your journey matters - discover your past lives and Akashic Records

The story behind the Law of Attraction >>Podcast

The story behind the Law of Attraction

This week’s podcast discusses Kryon’s 5th of the 7 Cosmic Laws from the perspective of the Akashic Records, which is

You give permission of the Cosmos to arrange things around you.

I really like the words surrounding this law.  That we give permission gives me a sense of energetic agreement between us and the Cosmos.  As incarnated beings we leaned into the Wind of Birth and made our way here.  Now we are here there are other agreements being activated spiritually speaking.  It would be great if we could find out what they are!

Show Notes and Podcast Links

The link to the podcast is at the bottom of this page.  Please note that you can listen on this site or subscribe to iTunes, Android Players, or the RSS feed to make listening easier in future.

The Law of Attraction and Kryon’s 5th Cosmic Law

When I started work on this week’s podcast, I was guided to open 2 sets of Akashic Records and make notes on each, one after the other.

The first set of Records I was guided to open were the Akashic Records of the Law of Attraction.  This was quite a challenge!  These particular Records appeared to me initially as a spinning set of mirrors surrounding the human energy field.

Whilst working in the Akashic Records of the Law of Attraction I can tell you that they spun a lot and there was a lot of energy movement involved, plus some really interesting visuals (to me, the mirrors were a lovely cinnamon color for some reason).  I did my best to choose a picture this week that gives you some idea of what I was seeing!

The Lords of the Records working with the Law of Attraction had some very clear information and advice which you can hear on the podcast.

In summary, they made 3 very important points which I would like to add to the show notes here.  In order to be successful when manifesting using the Law of Attraction, we must

  1. have a strong sense of directionality, the foreknowledge of where you want to go, how to envision it.  How can we successfully manifest something if we are unclear about the end result?
  2. We must have a strong intention and focus of energy.  There may need to be many requests in this lifetime or others for our work with the Law of Attraction to bear fruit.  Anything else is just magical thinking.
  3. Complete commitment.  If the commitment isn’t full, the energy field, the lattice connecting us all will know.

This may seem a little off-putting on first look, but there is a big message of hope here.  When all is aligned and we have done our work, and we are ready to take on what is coming, what we desire will manifest!

Out of the Akashic Records of the Law of Attraction and into my own

After this part of the podcast, I was directed to close the Akashic Records of the Law of Attraction and access my own Akashic Records for the rest of the information.

They asked me to talk about the satisfaction and peace I have found by connecting with the Akashic Records this time around and how I had done the spiritual work to enable this to happen through a number of lifetimes.

They also gave us these beautiful questions to meditate upon which I’ve listed here.

So rather than just trying to manifest I want_______________________it would behoove many of us to look through the other end of the spiritual telescope, if you like.  Rather than asking for what you want, if you desire to connect more deeply with your Soul Purpose this time around, how about considering the following questions…

Where in this life would my Soul have me look for my current Spiritual Purpose?

How can I best manifest that (Spiritual Purpose) in this lifetime?

What am I ready to create given my existing skills, talents and abilities?

What energy can I hold and maintain for the benefit of myself and others should I choose to manifest the next step?

How can I add to the positive energy of the planet by moving forward this time around?

…and perhaps meditate on how you are most ready to say ‘yes’ to the re-arrangement of the Cosmos around you.  Because it will happen!

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