The way we think about medicine is broken

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The way we think about medicine is broken

The way we think about medicine is broken

If I told you that you were no different to anyone else on this planet, would you believe me?  Would you believe me if I said you had exactly the same…

  • DNA
  • fingerprints
  • dietary requirements
  • metabolism
  • shoe size
  • body proportions
  • IQ
  • body strength
  • skills and abilities
  • emotional range
  • likes and dislikes
  • blood type
  • sleep requirements
  • taste in music
  • gender?


I could go on.

BUT YOU DON’T!  All these things are different and unique and change over time, sometimes due to growth (from childhood to adulthood) and sometimes due to aging or other innumerable factors.

We are all uniquely individual yet many treatments offered by modern medicine are not

When you go to the doctor for a particular ailment, the chances are you will receive the same treatment for that ailment as everyone else who goes to that doctor.  Or maybe even all the doctors in that county, or city, or even dare I say country!

Yet you are all completely different and individual.  This can be scientifically proven from our DNA upwards and as more people are being born on the planet more and more new DNA combinations are being created.

So as a completely individual person from the DNA upwards, what medicines can you safely take?

You are going to have to find out.  Some people react well and ‘by the book’ to some modern medicines and others don’t.

I’m the first one to be putting my hand up for good pain relief if I needed it for an injury and I believe the work done by the medical profession in many areas is amazing and wonderful.

However, when it comes to popping pills or just accepting the next new vaccination for everybody I would ask you to think again.  Do your research and become an informed consumer.  We do it with goods, so why not with medicine?

After all, would you buy the latest new phone or flat screen tv without doing your research?  The majority of people would not.

Are you an individual?

Seems like a stupid question I know, but sometimes we need to remind ourselves of that.  In my lifetime alone I have discovered that I am not a good candidate for many medicines because I’m an HSP (Highly Sensitive Person).  Heck, I took a Midol once and was high for 3 days.

Usually, if I take a modern pharmaceutical a half dose works really well for me and I have to remember that.  I also know that I’m not a good candidate for flu shots.  I learned that the hard way since my mother had a severe reaction and passed from the H1N1 vaccine when she was already immune compromised with something else.

The one time I took a flu shot, I was sick and off work for two weeks and feeling unwell for six weeks afterward — and that was in my 20s!  I took the shot because lots of people were getting sick that year and I didn’t want to take off work.  In the end, I did.  I would have been better off getting the flu and going back to work after a week.

So chances are the flu shot will not work well for me and possibly my children, too, since they are both females.

What have you noticed about your health that is different for you?

I’m lucky, my doctor has an open mind and always listens to me.  (And sometimes she asks ME for advice!).  Take some time to notice what works for you best and what doesn’t.

You are a medical consumer and you don’t have to sign away your rights or accept that one treatment fits all because we are all the same.  If we can start to approach our doctors and medical system with this attitude in mind, we can change this broken system from the ground up.

It takes courage and mindfulness to fix something that is broken.  Do your best and pass these thoughts on to others.


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