Celebrity profile – Why Manifesting Generators Have Powerful Throat Chakras

Personal Growth through the Akashic Records, Past Lives, Human Design and more with Sarah Lawrence

Celebrity profile – Why Manifesting Generators Have Powerful Throat Chakras

manifesting generators

On Fridays, I enjoy getting the People Magazine, since it’s about one of my favorite interests, the nature of people!

On the back page of the People Magazine, there’s a ‘One last thing’ article every week. This article is an interview short with the same 5 questions each week for a different celebrity.

Using Carrie Underwoods’s birth date I found on Wikipedia, I worked up a new kind of chart and made an interesting discovery.

What is a Manifesting Generator and what is Human Design?

There are lots of personality tests and psychological profiles out there these days. Life is busy, and many of these systems and tests can be very complex.

a woman in yellow jacket holding a rubik s cube
Photo by Pavel Danilyuk on Pexels.com

So, how can we best get the benefit of all this self-study and personal development and also get the most out of the time we spend working on ourselves?

Perhaps you felt overwhelmed by all the information – yet there are many benefits to learning about ourselves through energy. 

The term ‘Manifesting Generator’ is one of the Types in a system of reading energy called Human Design.

So, back to the question at the top. Have you heard about Human Design or have had your Human Design Chart read at one time or another?

All those types, authorities, strategies, and so on in Human Design can be confusing!

Sometimes using a metaphor, image or idea can help us to understand energy better.

Aligning something we don’t understand alongside something we do can help.

For example, if you imagine our personal energy as a multi-dimensional Rubik’s cube – to get to the next step of unlocking the mystery, we only need to make one move at a time.

What is Human Design?

Human Design combines 4 complex and multi-layered energy reading systems both ancient and modern.

These systems are: –

  • The Hindu Chakra System
  • The Jewish Kabbalah, Sephirot, or Tree of Life
  • Western Astrology
  • The I-Ching. This is an ancient Chinese prediction system with 64 Gates, or Archetypes representing the human condition.

Then a fifth much newer idea is also part of the Human Design system. 

This fifth aspect of Human Design relates to our DNA.

The idea is that our genetics relate to the 64 codons or amino acids in human DNA, and also to the 64 Hexagrams or Gates within the I-Ching prediction system.

(Researchers Crick and Watson initially discovered the concept of amino acids (Codons) in DNA in 1953. )

Human Design is a multi-layered energy reading system

This complex combination of human experience and human behavior is layered into the system.

Through this system, we are discovering a whole new frame of reference about ourselves, one piece at a time.

Our personal energy is complex too, of course. So, sometimes it can leave us feeling overwhelmed when we are just trying to learn something new.

But then, just finding out one piece of the puzzle and really digesting that can take the pressure off.

Have you had your Human Design Chart done yet?

When people come for a reading with me, they often comment that they have ‘had their Human Design chart done’. After that, though, nothing much else has happened.

People experience and learn a little about the basic information about their Human Design chart.

It’s a bit like knowing about your Myers Briggs profile. You read it and, – kind of, oh well, that was fun, onto the next thing. 

This is partly because readers and clients can feel overwhelmed by the Human Design chart itself.  With those 5 energy prediction systems in it, that is not surprising.

It can seem confusing until you learn how to read a chart. Then you need to learn how to apply all the information to your own life to make it worthwhile!

If you’d like to make a start, connect with me here at my secure client portal. I’ll send you a short report and your Human Design Chart for free.

There is a lot of information to energetically process in your Human Design Chart.

The originator of Human Design called this process the ‘7-year download’.

In fact, when Ra Uru Hu had finished downloading and decoding all the information, he began to: –

  • Teach it.
  • Then he taught others to teach it.
  • And then he burned all his notes!

It was too much for him to deal with at the time – but later on, a student returned with copies of all the downloaded information, and the rest, as they say, is history.

My experience with Human Design

About 18 months ago, a colleague mentioned Human Design, so I thought I’d take a look. I printed out my chart and pinned it up on my corkboard.

To be honest, I was intrigued, but there seemed to be so much information, that I didn’t know where to start. (If you want to see my chart, click on this link and scroll down).

After a few days, the chart started ‘talking’ to me.

I would look at a particular number, planetary influence, or chakra pattern, and receive a piece of useful information about myself, my Life Purpose, or how I operate at the subconscious level.

I became much more interested and decided to dig deeper and work with a Human Design Coach to learn how to attune to the energy of the chart system.

Start with your Type and a simple Chakra pattern

I have put together an approach to help you connect with your Human Design through your energy at first.

This is easier than trying to interpret a new chart with loads of colors, numbers, and astrological signs.

This way, you avoid the ‘next shiny object’ effect – trying to interpret everything at high speed. This can initially seem confusing and prevent you from feeling the energy. 

Once you connect with one aspect of your Design, you can go and find it on your chart. Then the next, and so on.

To me, this is a much easier way to download the energy of your chart. This way, you can begin to connect with your own Human Design more effectively.

Through practical examples and ideas working with me, you will connect with the energy of your Design. 

Who knows, you might also even have fun with it at the same time. Remember, just one move of the Rubik’s cube is all that is needed.

Human Design Type – Manifesting Generator

So now we’ve established you’ll go one step at a time, here are 5 different Types purely for information.

My aura type is that of a Manifestor. To learn more about Manifestors, check out this blog post

The other 4 types are Generator, Projector, Reflector, and today’s focus, the Manifesting Generator.

There’s a Manifesting Generator in my People Magazine – Carrie Underwood

On Fridays, I enjoy getting the People Magazine, since it’s about one of my favorite interests, the nature of people! 

On the back page of the People Magazine, there’s a ‘One last thing’ article every week. This article is an interview short with the same 5 questions each week for a different celebrity. 

In the October 2nd issue, the celebrity in question was Carrie Underwood. Singer, celebrity, and winner of the 4th season of American Idol.

When I looked up Carrie’s chart, using Wikipedia’s recorded birth date, I discovered that Carrie is a Manifesting Generator. 

I thought this was too good an opportunity to miss creating a podcast on this subject.

How can we understand the Manifesting Generator Human Design Type easily?

Think of Manifesting Generators as very motivated people with an idea (or several) in mind. They want to try out all these ideas and see which ones they like. 

These ideas might have an entrepreneurial aspect, or even be different or unusual to the mainstream.

Manifesting Generators might have brand-new ideas or even a fascinating twist on an existing idea. 

Once they have decided they like the idea they have created, or co-created, they will go for it!

100% – hell for leather!

Driven, and Expressing Through the Throat Chakra

manifesting generator

All Manifesting Generators have something called a defined throat chakra

This means that they are natural talkers and verbalizers and very focused when it comes to self-expression – through the voice. 

They will begin conversations with people, express inspiration, and easily verbalize thoughts and ideas. 

Then they will keep on going and going – simply because they are driven by powerful creative forces to do so.

Why and how can Human Design Manifesting Generators verbalize so easily?

When a throat chakra is ‘defined’ it means that the throat chakra has an immediate connection to life force energy or chi.

This energy comes from another chakra’s energy in the body. There is an alchemical reaction that occurs between the two chakras, and that naturally ‘drives’ the Throat Chakra. 

Think of a defined chakra as a lamp that is always plugged in and switched on. 

The defined throat chakra is therefore like a glowing lightbulb. It’s always full of energy and ready to ‘spark’ into expression at a moment’s notice. 

As soon as the Manifesting Generator is near another person (or a group) the energy is sparked.

Do all Manifesting Generators have a defined Throat Chakra? 

The answer is yes. 

Their Type – that of Manifesting Generator, is led by being able to verbalize what they want to do.

Sometimes speaking it is also their lead into understanding how to move forward and take action.

Or they verbalize it and then do it.  Either way, they are going to get things done and the voice is a big part of that!

Manifesting Generators have different throat ‘pumps’ or different Chakras that drive the Throat Chakra. 

Carrie Underwood has a heartfelt Throat Motor

In Human Design speak this is called ‘a motor to the throat’. All Manifesting Generators have a defined Sacral Chakra, which powers their Throat chakra. Sometimes, the route is indirect, harnessing the power of a second chakra too.

In Carrie’s case, her Throat Chakra is powered by her Heart Chakra as well as her Sacral Chakra.

affection baby barefoot blur
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Just think of the powerful heart connection the song “Jesus, take the wheel” creates.

When the Heart and Throat Chakras are connected this way they create something called a channel. In this case, this channel or energetic line is called The Money Line.

So, if Carrie can make a success through heartfelt communication – she will make money from it!  Guess what  –  she has!

Of course, other factors will need to be in play to ensure that someone is successful through singing. The music industry is a tough industry in which to succeed.

Given the right factors, Carrie’s innate Human Design can lead her to success.

Enter Another Human Design Manifesting Generator…

I remember Simon Cowell saying on American Idol that Carrie had no idea how big she was really going to be. He was right.

Simon Cowell, funnily enough (according to Genetic Matrix) is also a Manifesting Generator!

His vibe is a little different though. This is because his drive or energy for speaking and lighting up the Throat Chakra also comes from his creative Chakra or energy center, but it takes a slightly different route.

This Chakra also known as the Sacral Chakra, creates a power source to his throat through his own inner GPS center, or sense of Self Chakra. 

The channel or power source created by this linkup is called the Channel of Exploration.

Simon Cowell – a Manifesting Generator and Natural Explorer

Simon knows who he is. He is also driven to follow an unusual path in his life based on his gut instincts. 

He also has a channel or power line leading from his Self/GPS chakra to the Throat Chakra called The Alpha

Being the Alpha makes him a natural leader in his field.

This creates an urge to speak his thoughts without a filter! He will possibly make people upset sometimes.  And he did manage to do that quite a few times on American Idol.

So, it’s interesting to note that two Manifesting Generators rarely operate exactly the same way.

This is one reason why we are all so different.

Back to Carrie Underwood

The last thing I want to mention about Carrie is that she has another channel or ‘power line’. This one leads from her Root Chakra to her Sacral Chakra (center of sexuality and creativity).  

This woman can focus – consider it a Superpower

The channel this Root to Sacral route creates is called the Channel of Concentration.  Carrie will be able to demonstrate consistent energy and achievement of her goals through intense focus on a day-by-day basis. 

Once Carrie has had a good sleep, she’ll be able to get up the next day fresh. She’ll be able to focus that hard and intensely all over again the next day!

What is your unique Human Design?

Not all of us are Carrie Underwoods or Simon Cowells of course. Yet we all have our own unique energy patterns to learn about and download to help us, inform us, and validate us in daily life.

This is one of the intentions behind the creation of the Human Design system.

I hope you have enjoyed this podcast about Human Design Manifesting Generators. Maybe you identify, or are curious about your own Human Design? 

To receive a short chart report and free chart, message me through the client portal.

Would you like a Human Design Reading with me? I’d suggest beginning with the Life Purpose Reading.

If you enjoyed this podcast, you might also enjoy this one – How To Recognize a Human Design Projector – Gloria Gaynor.

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  1. Lisa says:

    I am also a Manifesting Generator.
    So interesting to see this post as I was just talking about this to someone recently.
    Lisa M.

    • Sarah Lawrence says:

      Hi Lisa

      Thanks for commenting on the blog, too! Yes, Manifesting Generators are an interesting bunch. According to Genetic Matrix’s data, you comprise about 34% of the population. Of course, the circuitry created by your unique defined chakras and channels, and the planetary influences on your individual gates will make you unique amongst Manifesting Generators also – one reason why we are all so different.

      Don’t know if you noticed, but I was amazed to see I managed to record a podcast 11:11 mins/secs long. Seriously did not plan that!

      Lots of light


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