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Using Energy Work – a simple exercise using energetic attributes to sort out your energy!

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Using Energy Work – a simple exercise using energetic attributes to sort out your energy!

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How do I use Energy Work?

Energy workAs an energy sensitive person I often get asked – exactly what is energy work and how do I use it?

After over 16 years of study and thought, I still like Peggy Phoenix-Dubro’s answer (originator of an energy balancing technique called The EMF Balancing Technique®).

Her answer is twofold…that there are a number of energy systems in and around our bodies which benefit from balancing and rebalancing...and that we are all energy workers since physicists believe we are all made of energy – so we are all working with it, all of the time!

One simple way to do Energy Work and balance your energy – using energetic attributes

Energy Work

Unconditional Love Attribute Card

One very powerful and simple way that I use Energy Work is to work with a single Mastery Card, or energetic attribute card.  These cards are used during several of the different ‘phases’ or sessions of the EMF Balancing Technique®.

An energetic attribute is simply an aspect of your energy that you would like to work on.  Some examples of attributes are humor, patience, respect, and compassion.

There are 44 cards in the deck you can buy from the Energy Extension Inc (or your local EMF practitioner) or you can meditate and think of some of your own.

The EMF Balancing Technique® – Energy Work using an elegant and masterful system

I am focusing upon using one aspect of Energy Work here.  

Also check out the EMF Balancing Technique® website and the new Symbol website, where you can use free E-learning to learn and practice more energy balancing techniques.

How to Use Energy Work – an example from a 2011 road trip

Energy Work

The Integration Attribute Card

We’ve just returned from a 9 day family road trip, stopping at various locations and spending time with family on the East Coast.

As an energy sensitive person, moving from one location to another and staying in different places can sometimes be a strain.  The first morning in the first hotel, I decided to pull out an energetic attribute card and got ‘Integration’.

The definition of this card (on the reverse, and in several languages) is “a process of becoming whole” or “the intermixing of people, groups (or aspects of self) previously segregated.”

Use Energy Work…and then magic happens!

Energy WorkAs an EMF Balancing Technique® practitioner I’ve been taught that we often get the card we most need – and often the card we least want to work on!

We went downstairs for breakfast and it was a buffet.  Now sometimes I find buffets hard to manage in the morning, I have two small children I need to help them and sometimes I just want my coffee!  (Result – channelling my inner grumpiness instead of balance.)

So after breakfast this time I remembered my card, saw the person setting out the buffet for everyone and decided to ‘integrate’ by thanking him (it was a really good breakfast).  Sometimes using Energy Work can be as simple as that.

We then started a conversation about the weather, the bad tomato harvest this year with the hot weather (he kept a plot) and he gave us a great tip for an eating place on part of our return journey which was through Memphis, TN.

As a result, my inner grumpiness went completely and I felt connected to someone from the local area we were in and empathy for the heatwave the Arkansas people have been experiencing.  More integration.

Interesting to note, ‘magically’ or otherwise, the best bbq place in Memphis that he recommended was literally around the corner from our hotel later on our journey.

It was an amazing dining place and ‘made’ our visit to Memphis – we may have missed it if I hadn’t made the effort to integrate and sort out my energy – using Energy Work.


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