Stay Grounded on the Spiritual Journey | 3 Simple Ways to stay grounded

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Stay Grounded on the Spiritual Journey | 3 Simple Ways to stay grounded

Knobbly tree for meditation

Staying Grounded

These days a lot of people talk about staying grounded…but what is it, really?

I know I’m grounded when I…

  • make good decisions and make them easily
  • have a clear mind
  • my body feels good (and I’m in my body as opposed to being ‘in my head’ or elsewhere!).

I took this picture when out walking the dog…connecting with nature always helps me to feel more grounded and present.

When am I ungrounded, how do I know?

I’m ungrounded when I…

  • can’t stay focused or create things easily
  • trip easily or bump into things
  • don’t pay attention to how my body feels.

(I would also add…when I’m in Toys ‘R Us – cause the lighting in there blows my mind!). 🙂

The Spiritual Practice of returning to ground, staying grounded

There are many ways to come back to ground in our own awareness.  I like to keep it simple, though.

Recently, when exchanging an Akashic Records Reading with another student on a course, I was asking for guidance about some body issues including low back pain.

The answer came back, “roll in the dirt!”  I’d also seen what I think is a rattlesnake a few days before this reading, having never seen one before in this area (lived here 5 years).  In the American Indian healing tradition, if rattlesnakes are seen then a healing may occur.

The message came back from that “The rattlesnake is only venemous when it leaves the ground to strike…stay on the ground!”

Since then I’ve been outside more and laid on the ground as instructed.  My low back is improving…then my youngest daughter bested me by rolling in a bag of mulch she was spreading!  She had such a great time and came into the house with sparkling eyes.  My turn!

3 Simple Ways to Stay Grounded

  1. Walk barefoot on the ground once a day.  (Without snakes around though!).
  2. Sit and meditate outside, or take a walk.
  3. Learn more about your Root Chakra and learn to connect with it using energy work.

I’d love to hear about your favorite ways to stay grounded.

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4 Responses

  1. Yes, for me sometimes listening to the music I loved as a teen or as a kid. Seems to help remind me who I am… of the person I lost touch with but am returning to. Actually a lot of music in general helps but something about those teen years!

  2. Julie Allen says:

    Felt really ungrounded recently while out walking/scrambling on the beautiful Gower Peninsula and realised that my attention was (and had been for a while) focussed in my head. Realising this, I moved my attention to my heart centre and it helped immediately and I felt far less clumsy!! Think I need to do it more often too and not just when I’m out walking. Thanks for the post too Sarah 🙂

  3. Ned says:

    talking a walk and breathing in some fresh air really unclogs in mind… also spending time with a pet makes me feel at ease when I’m feeling ungrounded.

  4. […] oil has a lovely evergreen scent and is wonderful diffused in a room – helping us feel grounded and comfortable at the physical […]

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