Cosmic law – you can never return to a less aware state

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Cosmic law – you can never return to a less aware state

cosmic law

Cosmic laws

I first became aware of some of the cosmic laws when I bought one of those fun wallet cards at Edgar Cayce’s ARE store in Virginia Beach, VA.  There were some fun quotes like ‘Wherever you go, there you are’ on it and I still wish to this day that I had bought the bumper sticker which said

I believe in Whirled Peas.

Think about it…

Enter Lee Carroll and Kryon

Later on, I began to follow the channels and work of Lee Carrol and Kryon.  Lee is a channel for an entity named Kryon.  It may sound weird to some readers I know, but on my Spiritual Journey some of Lee’s books and many of his recordings (which are all free, by the way) have really supported me and held me up.

During one of Lee’s talks, he discussed Kryon’s 7 cosmic laws.  I took notes and typed out the 7 cosmic laws because they resonated so strongly with me and I have them pinned up on my board in the office this year.

So today let’s discuss Kryon’s first Cosmic Law

  1. You can never return to a less aware state.

Having been to quite a few spiritual workshops in my time, I’ve had the good fortune to experiences shifts and changes on the Journey.  Energy work taught me that we do all indeed have personal energy fields and we can sense each other in ways that are not often talked about in modern life.

Once I became aware of that, I couldn’t go back.  And by the way, once you become aware of that, animals become aware that you know that, too!

If you have read any philosophy or self-development you may have heard of Joseph Campbell, who wrote about the hero’s journey.

Once you go on the hero’s journey to new awareness, the river is no longer just the river, the mountain is no longer just the mountain and you can never go back to where you were before because you are no longer how you were before.

If this doesn’t get to you…just pretend you are Luke Skywalker.  When he found out who he really was (the essence of the hero’s journey) his previous life was destroyed and literally exploded behind him.  He could only go forward.  This is why the Star Wars movies capture everyone’s imagination, let alone the special effects.

So the information is – once you change, everything changes

I’d love to hear about your changes on the Journey.

Later: I did this podcast later the same week and asked the Akashic Records about this first Cosmic Law. Here are the messages>>



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  2. Lisa Driver says:

    Short, sweet and to the point! This is what I tell people who are worried about moving forward – you are wiser now, more resilient, and ready for what’s next! Thank you for sharing. 🙂

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