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Personal Growth through the Akashic Records, Past Lives, Human Design and more with Sarah Lawrence

best psychic reading

How To Get the Best Psychic Reading

Are you considering having a psychic or Akashic Records Reading? Here is Sarah’s take on the best way to go about it and get the most out of your investment of both time and money. Hint: spiritual growth is about letting go of expectations and allowing the connection to Spirit. Read on!

cosmic law

Cosmic law – you can never return to a less aware state

Cosmic laws I first became aware of some of the cosmic laws when I bought one of those fun wallet cards at Edgar Cayce’s ARE store in Virginia Beach, VA.  There were some fun quotes like ‘Wherever you go, there you are’ on it and I still wish to this day that I had bought…
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intuitive insights

Top 3 Mistakes That Can Prevent Growth In Psychic Ability

Do you know the top 3 mistakes people make when they are trying to develop their intuition and psychic ability? Sarah suggests this top 3 and some ways to get around these mistakes and move on to intuitive development and to growing your psychic ability.

signs you might be psychic

4 Signs you might be Psychic how to know

Perhaps you think you may be psychic but are not quite sure? Here are 4 signs that you may be able to check off your list – how to know if you are psychic!

haunted hotel

How to cope with staying in a haunted hotel – my experience of the Eldridge KS

The Eldridge Hotel in Lawrence KS – in my experience it is a haunted hotel! Stay there and want a peaceful nights’ sleep, steer clear of the 5th floor. Here’s my story, cold spots, voices and all.

akashic records of a house

Buying, Selling, Want To Rent But Stuck? How To Read The Akashic Records Of A House

Do houses have energetic imprints that can be read – the Akashic Records of a house? It’s my belief that houses can be read. In order not to cause karma, you must have permission from the owner in some way. Read on to learn more. The Akashic Records of a house – how can they…
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Being psychic is not an attention seeking exercise

Being psychic I would never have called myself ‘psychic’ or ‘a psychic intuitive’. Never in my wildest dreams! Often hardcore skeptics discount psychic abilities as attention seeking strategies or falsely devised methods used to manipulate others for a person’s own gain. Then there are also ‘mentalists’.  As per that series on TV, people who can…
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