The first cosmic law from an Akashic Records perspective >> Podcast

Personal Growth through the Akashic Records, Past Lives, Human Design and more with Sarah Lawrence

The first cosmic law from an Akashic Records perspective >> Podcast

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Friday podcast – Akashic Records perspective on Kryon’s first Cosmic Law

Today I recorded this short podcast about Kryons first Cosmic Law detailed in this blog post.

The first Cosmic Law is

You can never return to a less aware state


The Akashic Records and my Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones

We can all access our Akashic Records in a number of ways.  It’s one of the things I have found I can teach people!  Today I used Linda Howe’s Pathway Prayer Process© to access the Heart of the Records.

Everyone has their own set of Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones within the Akashic Records. You can think of them as a kind of ‘combo’ energy, combo deal!  Rather than an individual energy such as a Loved One who has passed, or an Ascended Master coming through as a single energy also.

So I opened my Records in order to ask for an insight about the above Cosmic Law.  You can use the Records for questioning, spiritual enlightenment or even simply meditation.

We lean into the wind of birth then…we forget

Even though we bring through the energy of our Akashic Records, when we are incarnated initially we forget who we are at the Higher Soul Level.  This was the first message.

Then, around age 3, we are ready to start connecting up spiritually and using our gifts.  Yet for many people these abilities are shut down through trauma, circumstance or some other occurrence.  That’s the second message.

So this is what spiritual awakening is!  It’s the attempt by the Soul or Higher Self to get us reconnected with this more aware state, that is always there.  Third message!

Enjoy the podcast and please feel free to share if you enjoyed the messages.

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