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Mandala drawing and coloring – another tool for the Spiritual Journey

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Mandala drawing and coloring – another tool for the Spiritual Journey


Mandala Drawing and Coloring

A while back I learned how to be Drawsome on Mara Belzer’s excellent course.

She introduced a group of us Spiritual Journeyers, would-be artists, or simply people wishing to relax and focus, to the benefits and simple processes of creating our own Mandalas.

Mandala comes from an old Sanskrit word meaning ‘circle’

Although Mandalas can contain many different shapes other than circles – even textures – the main approach is to keep your Mandala circular.

You can start with one simple shape and repeat it for the whole of the Mandala if you like.

What’s interesting about drawing your own mandala is that inspiration seems to start flowing as you go.

One central image or shape can be repeated and modified.

You can choose to keep your Mandala monotone or add colors as you see fit.

Let’s Mandala!

What’s interesting and beneficial about this process is … the process!  I find this work is very calming and relaxing as long as I can practice letting go of the outcome.

When you draw a Mandala without worrying what it looks like (this is the part where you connect with your Inner Child!) then amazing outcomes can result.

Or you can just have a relaxing and peaceful experience.

Either way, it’s a win.

A drawing meditation

I find that drawing Mandalas is meditation practice hidden inside a drawing exercise.

I also find it’s great for unlocking the creative process.

Stuck for what to write or trying to design a new concept in another field?  Draw yourself a quick Mandala.

mandalaWhat shall I do with my Mandala?

Once your Mandala is complete, you could pin it up somewhere, or take a pic and use it as your phone background. Calming and meditative at the same time.

If you don’t feel confident enough to start drawing your own mandalas to begin with, there are some great books with pre-printed designs to get you going and get your confidence rising.

Here’s a photo of one I did yesterday from Healing Mandalas: 32 Inspiring Designs for Colouring and Meditation by Lisa Tenzin-Dolma.

You may notice I also used my own artwork on this website.

It’s great to have original artwork you’ve created yourself.  For the crafters amongst you, perhaps for…

  • Greeting Cards
  • Wrapping Paper
  • Labels
  • You name it…

Interested in Mara’s Drawsome course? Here’s a link.


Have you tried or do you practice Mandala work?  I’d love to see your work!

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