The energy of love and the heart chakra – for Valentines’ Day

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The energy of love and the heart chakra – for Valentines’ Day

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Heart Chakra and the Energy of Love

Some of my clients hear me talk about the energy love when we work together.

On today of all days, more people are thinking about their hearts and sending loving energy to others, whether it’s with a card, a gift or a phone call.

Some people might be feeling left out.

We all have hearts and can feel the warmth of our hearts any day we like with this simple energy exercise.

What is the Heart Chakra?

As an energy worker I have been taught to work with the heart as a center of intelligence, wisdom and spiritual knowledge, not simply an organ that circulates blood around the body.

To me the Heart Chakra is an Energy Center which surrounds and also penetrates the body.

To understand this more fully, locate your Heart Area and then imagine a field of energy expanding outwards from it, two feet in front of you, and all around the body, even penetrating through the spine and out the back, through your sides up to 2ft from your body.

THAT is the Heart Chakra or heart and high heart Energy Center!

How to feel the Energy of your Heart Center or Heart Chakra

Focus on that area of the body and…

  • start to breathe regularly, same length of breath on the in- and out-breath
  • imagine something that makes you feel happy – if nothing immediately pops in – imagine a cute puppy or a baby giggling, or a lovely view or favorite place
  • continue to breathe regularly in and out
  • close your eyes and notice any changes in body temperature or push-pull sensations in or around the body
  • focus on your Heart Chakra in your minds eye and see what color or colors it is…
  • Create an imaginary link between your Heart Chakra and the center of your brain (where the pituarity gland resides)
  • Feel, sense or imagine a flow between your Head and your Heart Chakra
  • if your Heart Chakra had a name, what would it be, what would it say to you?
  • surround any visions or sensations with golden light
  • breathe deeply for as long as you desire.

Oxytocin is from Heaven – and is circulated via the Heart

I read a book recently which said that Oxytocin is from Heaven.

My EMF Balancing Technique also teacher recently said

Oxytocin is the energy of love.

Thinking about what makes us feel good and acting upon loving instincts will increase the production of Oxytocin


Oxytocin (Greek, “quick birth”) is a mammalian hormone that also acts as a neurotransmitter in the brain.  In the brain, oxytocin is involved in social recognition and bonding, and may be involved in the formation of trust between people and generosity.

Focus on the Heart Chakra and the Head and Heart Connection to create more Oxytocin

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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