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walking in grace with grief

Walking in Grace with Grief

Della asked me to review her book Walking in Grace with Grief: Meditations for Healing After Loss since she felt some resonance with other posts and information I share on this site about connecting with our loved ones.

Della’s son Rick passed when he lost control of his car on a mountain road near their family cabin.

What makes this book so different is Della’s approach to dealing with the loss of a Loved One and how she chose to move through the stages of grief – walking in Grace indeed.

highly intuitive people

Highly Intuitive People by Heidi Sawyer | Book review by Sarah at Mom On a Spiritual Journey

Highly Intuitive People – Book Review Following on from the work of Elaine Aron PhD with The Highly Sensitive Person or HSP, long time practicing intuitive person Heidi Sawyer leads us on a further journey of self-discovery. In her book Highly Intuitive People: 7 Right-Brain Traits to Change the Lives of Intuitive-Sensitive People published by…
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jersey yogi

Jersey Yogi by Jim Starr – book review by Sarah at Mom On A Spiritual Journey

When I was approached to review this book and visited Jim’s site…I had a great feeling about reading this book partly because Jim’s writings made me laugh!Like many people on the spiritual path, one day Jim found himself facing something he did not want to accept. During a handball game, he badly injured his back and found himself unable to continue playing. Up until that point an extremely competitive player…he tried to continue but was ultimately in too much pain to do so.

Through synchronicity he finds himself accepting a Rolfing session to help with the back pain and afterward is “walking on air”.

Now the Jersey Yogi starts his Journey in earnest as he connects deeply with an Indian Guru, becomes part of Ashram life and shifts his vibration as he gives up drinking alcohol and eating meat.


Some spiritual reading on your Kindle for the Christmas Break

Spiritual Reading on the Kindle I’m sure any of you that have read this blog before know about my SBH (Spiritual Book Habit). Well growing with the times I find myself with a Kindle book habit too!  I don’t own a Kindle but use the application on my PC and on my tablet.  Very handy! …
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Mom On A Spiritual Journey Astore

A book for psychic development – Discover your Psychic Type

What is intuition in relation to our psychic type? In this book, Sherrie Dillard defines intuition as follows… Intuition is the ability to understand or know something immediately and without conscious reasoning.

In this book you will discover your psychic type. Are you a physical intuitive, an emotional intuitive, or something else? This book will help you to find out. An extremely useful read on the path to developing your intuition.

Mom On A Spiritual Journey

Super Soul Sunday – new season Fall 2014

Super Soul Sunday is back! View this post on Instagram A post shared by SuperSoul Sunday OWN Network (@supersoul) Loving the new viewing opportunities on this Season’s Super Soul Sunday.  After enjoying an interview with Oprah and Paulo Coehlo (author of The Alchemist) there were two half-hour shows called The Help Desk. The Help Desk…
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Help stop bullying

Help stop bullying with this summer read – Larger-than-life Lara by Dandi Mackall

In Larger-Than-Life Lara by Dandi Mackall, Lara is truly larger than life – in some unexpected ways.

She is an overweight child and is ridiculed for this, yet she has special talents which finally open up the children’s hearts in the school where she starts over (again).

We get the impression from the story that she has moved from school to school already.

Lara’s story is told by another classmate, Laney Grafton who is initially relieved when Lara turns up since Laney as up until this point been the class kicking post for anyone with a bullying disposition…Laney realizes after the first 3 days of Lara’s school attendance that she has not been kicked, pushed or called names.

Both my girls read this book and suggested I read it too.  In fact, they were insistent!

It’s an easy read for adults and children alike and is a great way to begin to understand the insidious nature of bullying from a child’s perspective.

Recipes for a Sacred Life

Recipes For A Sacred Life | A Book Review by Mom On A Spiritual Journey

Have you ever wondered who wrote that popular poem The Desiderata?

It’s that poem that starts..

Go placidly amid the noise and the haste and remember what peace there may be in silence. As far as possible, without surrender, be on good terms with all persons…

You may have seen it printed somewhere or sown as an embroidered piece at your auntie’s house or granny’s house.

In Rivvy Neshama’s book Recipes for a Sacred Life, you can dip in and find out who really wrote that poem…plus study the full poem yourself and gain some peace from it.  The story of who really wrote The Desiderata is quite surprising.

the ghost inside my child

The Ghost Inside My Child Season 2 – looking for families of children experiencing past life memories to be on the show this year

What if your child remembered a life before they were born? I’m quite sure there are parents out there right now that are experiencing this with their children. IMHO it’s a natural part of our spiritual development to begin to experience Past Life memories and the lessons they have to teach us. As an Akashic…
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God's paintings

Digging deep on Brené Brown’s new LifeClass ECourse – the Gifts of Imperfection

Who is Brene Brown and what gifts does she have to offer us? Brene Brown is a researcher who collected data for 13 years or so on the nature of shame and fear. She had a big moment around 2008 where she correlated a lot of data and realized that people who live what she…
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mind over medicine

Cracking the Nocebo Code | Mind Over Medicine by Lissa Rankin – change your mind, change our medicine

Did you know that people who respond well to a placebo are often REMOVED from clinical trials?

The Nocebo Effect is something I had heard of, but wasn’t 100% sure that I understood the definition well – until I read Mind Over Medicine: Scientific Proof That You Can Heal Yourself, that is.

The theory behind the Nocebo Effect is that we can think ourselves sick, basically – and perhaps even sicker when we are surrounded by others who think of us that way also.

So the formula (according to Lissa) would be Negative Beliefs + Harsh Care = Sickness.

The power of personal belief is a tool that can be applied for everybody’s health and well being.  We just need to be taught how to use it.

Peace from Broken Pieces – ancestral patterns, the Akashic Records, Past Lives and family pathology

If your family patterns have been difficult or you don’t feel in touch with your broken pieces, then I highly recommend this book – it’s not an easy read, but a deep one. Iyanla Vanzant is an internationally recognized author, healer and teacher. In this book she tells the story of the broken pieces of her life, and how she finds a way to put all the pieces in order through the lens of healing herself.

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