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Spiritual Moments Facebook Group

spiritual moments

spiritual moments

Spiritual Moments

If you are on the journey, you have had them.  And your day goes on, sometimes it’s tough to remember the uplifting feeling you had, or the feeling of grace, or connectedness…or the message from a Loved One.

Sometimes it can feel like a merry-go-round.  Spiritual Moment UP, back to 3D life, DOWN.

Comedian Jim Carrey put it best when he said

“You will only ever have two choices, Love, or Fear”.

When I have a Spiritual Moment I am in Love and out of Fear

As spiritual beings incarnated into human bodies, we often find ourselves experiencing Fear more than Love.  I’m wondering if the merry-go-round has something to do with that cycle.

It also happens in longer moments when I am away on a spiritual retreat.  I’ve been very fortunate to attend quite a few of those, and hope to be able to continue to do so.  I feel uplifted, in a spiritual space and having a breather from the everyday grind.

I like having what I call Spiritual Moments whenever I can.  Often I’ll find some music that works, or a video I love, or a piece of text that works for me.

Spiritual Moments on Facebook??

I’ve had a small Facebook group for a while…but had trouble finding a feeling of flow for it and a continued focus or reason for being there.  Then recently I had a thought…I visit quite a few other successful Facebook groups because they create an energy that I like, it makes me feel better and I can move on more successfully with my day.

So, I’ve refreshed the energy of my Facebook Group page and renamed it from “Mom On A Spiritual Journey” to ‘Spiritual Moments”.

Here’s the description

Discussions and sharing on the Spiritual Journey. Self-promotion on Tuesdays only if you have a blog or web site. Please feel free to share your inspiration here and we can all grow!

Open-hearted Monday – something you’ve read seen or heard that stirred the emotions – please share!

Tarot Tuesday – I’ll share a card reading every week, feel free to share or offer to do so if you have cards around. Any Oracle card-a-holics here? I just KNOW there’ll be some. If you have other types of divination tools and want to share (e.g. pendulums, scrying glasses) that would be great too.

Wednesday Hump Day! I love using humo(u)r and laughter to open up our energy so feel free to share funnies to get us over the hump.

Thoughtful Thursday – like that statue ‘The Thinker’. What got your noggin going this week?

Fantastic Friday!  Positive vibes can sometimes be hard to come by, so anything that uplifted you, please share with the group so we can resonate!

I hope you’ll drop by for a Spiritual Moment if you like Facebook Groups

Here’s the link to Spiritual Moments>>

Or perhaps you’ll be inspired by this post to find your own way to regroup, reset and be in Love over Fear.


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