The Ghost Inside My Child Season 2 – looking for families of children experiencing past life memories to be on the show this year

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The Ghost Inside My Child Season 2 – looking for families of children experiencing past life memories to be on the show this year

the ghost inside my child

What if your child remembered a life before they were born?

I’m quite sure there are parents out there right now that are experiencing this with their children.

IMHO it’s a natural part of our spiritual development to begin to experience Past Life memories and the lessons they have to teach us.

As an Akashic Records Reader I have begun to reconnect with my own Past Life memories and am learning many spiritual lessons along the way.

But what if the person remembering their Past Lives is a child…and they are either memories the child has always had or is beginning to spontaneously recall as they grow?

What does a parent do then?

The producers of the The Ghost Inside My Child – Joke Fincioen and Biago Messina (who happen to be a married couple) are looking for answers to these questions.

Season One of The Ghost Inside My Child premiered as a pilot on A&E’s The Biography Channel November 2012, and the following series (Season 1) has been a success.

The program documented stories of family’s difficulties and stresses trying to work out what was happening with their children throughout this process – I’m sure many parents have found the information helpful.

Past Life Memory recall from the perspective of the Akashic Records

As an Akashic Records practitioner, when I was approached by one of the producers of this show to write a blog post and get the casting call information out there…it made me wonder how the families experiencing this situation can best be helped.

In many Eastern cultures and religions, the experience of Past Life remembrances are accepted, even welcomed and there is a cultural and religious framework to help process this type of spiritual experience.

In many Western cultures and some Western religions there is no such framework…so what can parents do?

Discussing these issues with Akashic Records practitioners and colleagues…from the frame of the Akashic Records…

  • children should not have an Akashic Records Reading before they are 18 – the karmic load is too great – they are still figuring out how to be kids, let alone how their past life actions may affect this life!
  • the parents of the children however can have an Akashic Records reading in order to help clarify the child’s situation and any reasons for these Past Life memories surfacing now.
  • If you haven’t heard of the Akashic Records before or experienced an Akashic Records readinghere’s a link to my post on the top 5 reasons to have an Akashic Records Reading!
  • If parents are open to other ways of working with their children, then encouraging the children to journal, write about and draw their experiences may help.

Casting Call for Season 2 of Ghost Inside My Child – do you want to take part and share your child’s story?

“Ghost Inside My Child” is now seeking families that are willing to share, educate and inspire audiences about this amazing phenomenon.

The program’s producers want to hear your story through the family’s point of view recounting what their 2-17 year old was experiencing (even if their child is now older).

If you are a family that wants to share your story please email with your details.  (Please copy and paste the email, I’m not going to put a direct email link on this page).

You can connect with the series at their official Facebook Page by clicking here>>>


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2 Responses

  1. Allison says:

    I believe my daughter has remembered a previous life as it leaked into our current life. All of the sudden she started talking about scary wolves coming after her. I chalked it up to 5 year old dreams but then it started affecting our relationship and she started acting as if she wanted nothing to do with me. Normally she was always a Mama’s girl and a super cuddle bug but then suddenly she wouldn’t come near me and started acting towards me with such anger and resentment.

    Finally after a month or so of her behavior I sat her down and started talking to her and she started bawling. She said that a wolf had came after her and attacked her, biting her hand and she kept calling for me. “I kept calling for you and you wouldn’t come! They bit me and where were you?!” She kept crying that she was yelling for me and I wouldn’t answer and that I didn’t come for her.

    She was so full of sadness and resentment about it so I had a feeling it was much more than just a “dream” she had. Even now she is very hesitant and scared of large dogs while she adores dogs and animals in general with much affection. I reassured her that it was in the past and that I would always be there for her. We haven’t had a problem since and she has returned to her happy, affectionate, and loving self — rarely talking about the wolf.

    • That certainly sounds like a possible reason Allison. Lucid dreams and visions are a sign of Past Life awakening…and sometimes also being able to see through the veil. Modern psychology would see the wolves as ‘archetypes’ – that a person is having troubles and manifests them as a wolf attack.

      Either way, the reassurance as you know is key and makes a huge difference. Often all our children want is to be heard. Intense likes or dislikes very often do match up with Past Life remembrances too…I do not like enclosed spaces and have a fear of them filling with water…something i will enquire about in my Akashic Records.

      Thanks Allison for sharing…I’m going to look out for this season of Ghost In My Child – should be interesting and helpful for parents.

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