A book for psychic development – Discover your Psychic Type

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A book for psychic development – Discover your Psychic Type

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Discover your Psychic Type by Sherrie Dillard

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Some colleagues in a Spiritual Facebook group suggested this book to me. It has been extremely useful so far and contains a practical quiz…which is well worth completing if you are curious about your psychic abilities.

What are your psychic types?

Sherrie frames our psychic types as

  • Emotional Intuitive – (briefly) able to connect with the emotional body or ‘field’ both at the individual level or at the level of collective consciousness. Can sense other people’s emotions, from happiness through to distress, perhaps a special connection with animals and other species as a result.
  • Mental Intuitive – (briefly) connects with structures, patterns, numerology, astrology, strategic and leadership skills also instinctively demonstrated.
  • Physical Intuitive – (briefly) connects with the Earth, planetary issues, drawn to crystals, can experience physical aches picked up from others or know if somebody is sick, connects with Earth Spirits, animals, Ancestors.
  • Spiritual Intuitive – (briefly) able to connect with Spiritual Energies, the Higher Self, Soul Aspects, Spiritual Medium-ship.


What is intuition in relation to our psychic type?

Sherrie defines intuition as follows…

Intuition is the ability to understand or know something immediately and without conscious reasoning.

Beautiful! Now, reading through the above psychic types you may find yourself being drawn to one or more of the types over the others. This is perfectly natural if you already have a strong awareness of your intuitive or psychic abilities.

My psychic type…being a physical intuitive was my first home

In my case reading the book I felt a strong pull towards being a physical intuitive…I can ‘read’ people’s bodies and sense a disruption of energy – sometimes I even pick up pain from someone else and carry it for a day or two.

Working on clearing that one!  My Spiritual Journey started with a study of crystals.  I couldn’t explain why I wanted to study them…I just did.  Dousing is something I have done successfully, too.

I believe our most used psychic type can change over time and based on circumstances

Sometimes we will be in a phase of our lives where another psychic type is used strongly to the exclusion of others.

During my years as an IT Consultant and trainer, I know I tuned in to the Mental Intuitive skill-set in order to understand people’s mental patterns – those of software designers – so I could train staff quickly and easily.

I was good at it…I could literally figure out how a software designer was thinking (seriously – it can be done!!) so that I understood why the software was structured the way it was.  Really helped with memory retention and teaching others effectively.

Child raising can help us tune in to the Emotional Intuitive Psychic Type

During the last 16 years or so, I know for sure I have moved into developing first of all the Emotional Intuitive psychic type, followed by the Spiritual Intuitive psychic type skill-set.

Having children has opened me up to the Emotional Intuitive skill-set in a big way!

Especially learning to parent my older daughter…I seem to be able to tune in to her emotional state and not only know that something is up, sometimes I’ll be able to say what that something is.  I’m sure parents can resonate.  Being an Emotional Intuitive can be a great life skill on the parenting road!

The Spiritual Psychic Type and the Akashic Records

Finally, my work with both the Akashic Records and the EMF Balancing Technique® has definitely opened me up to the Spiritual Intuitive skill-set, with openings to the Higher Self, a greater awareness of Spiritual Medium-ship abilities and a connection to group consciousness.

Here are my results from Sherries’ quiz within the book – my psychic type

As you can see…my results are fairly even across the board.  This is after over 18 years of work and study on the Spiritual Journey.

[four]Physical Intuitive[/four] [four_middle]Emotional Intuitive[/four_middle] [four_middle]Mental Intuitive[/four_middle] [four_last]Spiritual Intuitive[/four_last]

[four]55[/four] [four_middle]52[/four_middle] [four_middle]51[/four_middle] [four_last]51[/four_last]

So perhaps we all have a basic Psychic Type…and we can develop our intuition

To me…this demonstrates something my teacher Linda Howe mentioned…that working within the Akashic Records opens up our psychic and intuitive abilities in amazing ways and can often increase both our psychic and intuitive abilities.


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    Hi Sarah, I’m a dad on a psychic journey, glad I’ve found your site!

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