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October 2018 podcast show notes

If you are intuitive, then maybe that is why you were drawn to my site, or why you are listening to this podcast.

As a spiritual intuitive, from about the age of 3 I could sense some information about others very acutely, such as their emotional state, something they may be intending to do, or something unusual about their body language. It would just kind of happen, for me.

This month my email newsletter is about sensing, or becoming aware of, intuitive manipulators.

I’ve had the good fortune to work with excellent teachers on my spiritual path, and to be able to steer clear of those who are manipulative, or who don’t necessarily have my best intentions at heart.

As a result, perhaps a combination, of several teachings, in most situations I have a pretty good nonsense detector.

Nonsense detector

Courtesy of attending some NLP™ seminars with one of the originators of NLP™, Richard Bandler I was introduced to the idea of creating my own internal nonsense detector.

This involved some work with gut instinct and seems to have remained with me ever since.

I was also part of one of the earliest versions of Joseph Riggio’s excellent personal growth series, known as MythoSelf™.

As a Mythoself facilitator, I learned to work through certain aspects of story telling, where I was able to learn to decipher whether people were telling the truth, the whole truth, or not!

These are both very useful tools in the road to self-awareness, and awareness in the moments where you are interacting with an intuitive manipulator.

Once you focus on the awareness of skills like these, it’s always important to road test them.

I remember being at a party a few years ago where the subject of truth or lies came up, and someone I didn’t know (who had had a drop to drink) decided to test my skills by telling me three different stories. In that moment, I was able to discern that the first story was true, the second false, and the third a mixture of both. To be fair I had the advantage since I hadn’t been drinking, but it was a fun little exercise nonetheless.

Learning to understand intuitive manipulation from the spiritual perspective

So for you, the listener and spiritual journeyer, where are you on the road to understanding intuitive manipulation? As I mentioned in my blog post this month at New World Energetics – How to Save yourself from intuitive manipulators, the gut is a really good place to start.

Ask yourself, if you are interacting with somebody who causes you to be suspicious of their intentions, where in your body does this wisdom come from?

Does this person make your gut feel uncomfortable?

Does what they say match with your sense of their insides?

Does their energy seem spiky, not quite right, or feel inconsistent in some way?

I’ve done enough Akashic Records Readings with clients to sense what I would call ‘modular’ energy fairly early on in a reading. That is, the person isn’t quite whole energetically, perhaps the energetic feel is off, or their responses to questions seem to change or be inconsistent.

This tells me they might not be ready to act on their reading, evening if they really need to hear what their Akashic Guides are telling them, the time might not be right, and they may need to do some other personal growth work first.

If you can access your spirit guides in the moment, perhaps they can let you know what your internal wisdom is trying to say when you are suspicious that you are being manipulated.

I’m very clairaudient (clear-hearing), so often the third language voice – my own or another voice in my head, will pop in and message me with what is really going on. If I’m overwhelmed or tired in the moment, then I wait until later to decode what was going on. We can’t all be spiritual super-people all the time!

Why bother to be manipulative?

So if you are an intuitive sensitive, or a spiritual sensitive, or perhaps an empath, you might be asking yourself at this point – why are people evening bothering to be manipulative?

Well, sometimes people don’t intend to be manipulative, and have the best of intentions.

However, if they are driven by internal programs and agendas that are not in their conscious awareness, then it will drive their behavior to some degree. Think of it as energetic karma. If a person hasn’t done some work on themselves, they don’t know what they don’t know and they are acting out on knee jerk programs and inherited behaviors.

Now, as for self-aware intuitive manipulators, that’s quite another story.

As Richard Bandler would say, the reason for a person trying to influence another really boils down to the intention behind the act.

If someone is well-intended, then that usually comes through in the energetic feel of the interaction.

If the person is very focused on manipulating a situation for their own personal comfort, then that can come across as controlling or be recognized as controlling.

If the intuitive manipulator has a financial income in mind, or a desire to exert power (same thing, really), then initially you may sense a lot of excitement and desire to go with what the person is saying, which kind of falls flat later on (often after you have either paid up, or agreed to a request or approach). If anything about the situation or circumstance feels ‘icky’ or ‘off’ in vibrational tone, take a step back before you agree to anything!

As I mentioned in this month’s Energetics Updates newsletter, learning to discern these kind of interactions can help us on the path to being able to sense others’ intentions. Again, we can go to the body for this wisdom, think of organ-based phrases like ‘He makes my skin crawl’, or ‘I can’t put my finger on it, but there’s something not quite right about her’.

Check on how expanded your energy field is in the moment

As spiritual intuitives, intuitive sensitives or empaths, we can often go into situations with a very expanded and open energy field. This works great with other people who are open, trustworthy and authentic, but does not bode well for us always with those who have darker intentions in mind.

And if you’re female, you may have the social programming installed that tells you to ‘be nice’ in all situations, even though in many situations that is probably totally inappropriate.

So, with your sensitivity and your spiritual awareness, how best to move forward and sail the seas of intuitive manipulation?

I would suggest incorporating a tool I call the three S’s.

1. Sensitivity. If you are sensitive you have a powerful internal life, which means that you are somewhat aware of the same factor in others. What is your sensitive internal life telling you about someone else. Don’t default to nice! Listen to your innate sensitivity.

2. Spirituality. If you have a good connection with your Spirit Guides or Akashic Guides, tune in and ask what is going on here. You can also turn to your divination tools, such as pendulums, other forms of kinesiology, oracle cards or meditation. Use the spiritual gifts that you have!

3. Sympathy. If you are an empath, you can naturally tune in to others thoughts, emotions and feelings. Use this gift to figure out if the person you are interacting with is spiky, off, or whole. And honor the information.

So, remember the three S’s , Sensitivity, Spirituality and Sympathy when sailing on intuitive waters

They will serve you well.I hope you enjoyed this podcast, feel free to visit the blog post at Mom On A Spiritual Journey and drop me a comment, sharing this podcast or the post is even nicer! Also, I’m on Twitter @SarahsEnergy, feel free to chat with me there or at New World Energetics.

Until next time.

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