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3 Signs You Were a Healer in a Past Life

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3 Signs You Were a Healer in a Past Life

healer in a past life

Is it possible that you have been a healer before?

Clients sometimes come to me wondering if they were a healer in a past life.

Of course, anything is possible, since many of us are much older souls — even older sometimes than we even think we are!

People come to me for an Akashic Records Reading because they are having some kind of spiritual awakening.

Spiritual awakenings can include powerful dreams and sensing energies in new ways.  Sometimes people also have visitations from spirit guides or loved ones who have passed.

Dreams can include past lives sometimes, but how can you know for sure if you were a healer?

Sign #1 – are you drawn to learning a healing modality?

A lot of people are finding themselves having a greater interest in energy healing or alternative medicine.  Examples of energy healing modalities are Reiki, Quantum Touch, and the EMF Balancing Technique.

Sometimes clients admit to me that they have an interest in herbs or other types of natural remedies too.

One of the real keys to discovering if you have done healing work before is to try an energy modality or some form of healing work.

You may discover that practicing a healing modality feels very natural to you.  It’s almost as if you already know what to do.

past life healer

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My first experience of this was learning reflexology, which is hand, foot, and ear acupressure.  Reflexology sessions involve the practitioner using a special technique called thumb walking.

Once I learned the basic techniques, my practice clients commented on the fact that the sessions felt really relaxing and energizing.  They got good results and sometimes even experienced some kind of healing release afterward.

Reflexology is a great modality to begin to learn about your own energy and the energy of others if you are drawn to the world of healing.  I found that after a while, I was receiving intuitive insights while I was giving the treatments to clients.

Practicing reflexology began to give me intuitive insights

With one client, I had repeating clear images of her falling backward on a ski slope.  She had come to the session because she had low back pain.  I repeatedly saw this image – yet in Reflexology, we are taught not to diagnose.  We just do the session and hope the client gets relief.

I just asked her gently if she had ever hurt her low back.  She said she didn’t think so.

Just as she left the session room, she suddenly had a memory of falling backward on a ski slope as a young child and reported it to me.

This kind of validation is very helpful for anyone working in healing.  Often it’s important not to reveal everything that you can sense.  Sometimes it’s more helpful and healing for the client to connect with the memory first.

Sign #2 – you have a growing awareness of energy or energy fields

A part of our spiritual awakening on Earth is to begin to understand how our energy works.  We are a race of beings who are aware of our 3D consciousness.  We are also beginning to open to our 4D awareness.

4D awareness opening signs include noticing other people’s energy, or vibe.  Sometimes we become aware of what other people are thinking.  This happens because our energy fields or auras are merging with another person’s mental energy body.

We may also become interested in studying the human energy anatomy, perhaps working with chakras or the auric field.

Up until fairly recently, most Western healing processes involved having surgery, taking drugs, physical therapy, or some similar kind of intervention with the body.

Over time as we evolve, we are beginning to remember some of the more ancient wisdom about the human energy field.

The rising popularity of acupuncture is one of these growing signs.  Many people are turning to acupuncture for relief from post-surgical pain, help with chronic conditions, and even for assistance in helping to get pregnant!

Acupuncture teaches us that the body has energy pathways, or meridians, which can help us to balance our body systems.

People can often feel energy pathways activating in their bodies during an acupuncture treatment.

If you have been a healer in a past life, you may also begin to sense energies around yourself and others.

You may feel a growing sensation of empathy with other people, tuning into their emotional energy field so that you can understand their problems better.

There is even a personality system, called The Five Elements, which has grown from centuries of acupuncture practice and research.

Sign #3 – you sometimes find instinctive ways to heal yourself

Having been a healer in a past life, you may also discover that you are able to heal yourself!

Self-healing can be as simple as figuring out an emotional issue with someone else and working on it with them.  Afterward, you both feel better and more strongly connected.

Sometimes self-healing can result from research into a health area, such as a good diet or a specific type of exercise.  It can be a very empowering experience to discover something that works perfectly for you.

Over time, I learned to use kinesiology to help me choose appropriate remedies for minor ailments.

Kinesiology helps us to tune into our innate healing gifts and apply them by asking yes or no questions of ourselves.

Practicing kinesiology regularly helped me to become an accurate reader with a pendulum, too!


What type of Akashic Readings can help me to find out if I was a past life healer?

As you may know, if you have read my blog before, I’ve been giving Akashic Records Readings for several years now.

If you are a new client, I would always recommend that you begin with the Soul Star Reading.

If you are on the search for meaning by accessing your past lives, it’s a great way to start.  You’ll learn about your Soul Blueprint – which can be another way to discover more about your healing skills and abilities.

You’ll hear about a past life where past life healing needs to happen.

The Soul Star Reading will also give you a direct experience of working with your own energy for healing purposes. This happens when you receive a 21-day healing prayer to use along with the Akashic Records reading.

If you want to get even more specific, as a repeat client I’d recommend my new coaching series. Finding the Treasure in your Past Lives.

By completing a simple questionnaire we can work through 1-3 sessions (based on 1-3 past lives) to discover past life talents and abilities.

Feel free to connect with me at the client portal if you’d like to chat.

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