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How do I know if I’m a Human Design Manifestor?

Personal Growth through the Akashic Records, Past Lives, Human Design and more with Sarah Lawrence

How do I know if I’m a Human Design Manifestor?

human design manifestor

How can we learn about our personal energy in ways that easily add to our understanding of ourselves? How do we start to identify the difference between who we truly are, and how we are conditioned to behave?

Learning about our Human Design Type is a great way to begin.

When we are behaving in a normalized way because of the society we live in, sometimes our own abilities get squashed in the process. Human Design work can help us find our way back to who we truly are.

What is a Human Design Manifestor – how do I know if I am one?

And perhaps more importantly, if this is new to you, what is Human Design? 

A Manifestor Human Design Type is one of 5 types that a person’s personal energy or aura creates when they incarnate. 

The Soul chooses the most appropriate dates and times for incarnation, and this creates your Human Design.

Human Design – an energy channeling system

Human Design is a channeling system that has been bought through by a man called Robert Alan Krakower.   He had a major spiritual opening in January of 1987, where he had contact with a voice.

Sometimes on the spiritual journey, we may wish for an experience like this.   It can be a very hard road and not something that anyone should wish for, frankly.

I’ve met other channelers who have had major openings to new information and new ways of working with our consciousness. It’s not easy and can even result in needing to change one’s life completely.

Once Robert Krakower received this information, he was able to write it down and begin to teach it.  Initially, that almost didn’t happen because he decided it was too much of a responsibility and destroyed all his notes.

Later on, about a year later, a student revealed that they had kept all his downloaded information, so he was able to retrieve it and start teaching Human Design work.

A Human Design Manifestor is one of the 5 design types channeled by Robert Krakower.

During this period of his life, he changed his name to Ra Uru Hu.  He passed away in March 2011.   His work is still being disseminated and taught around the world by various different teachers.

Human Design is a personal energy measurement and analysis tool

Human Design is a system that combines several different methods of understanding human consciousness to help us interpret our personal energy, or aura.

Imagine a system that can explain how our individual chakra patterns work, and how the energy channels between them operate. 

This system can also help you to understand your Life Purpose, how your intuition works best, and even the environment that is most helpful for you to live in.

Human Design even enables people to understand how to create better relationships through the way our auras merge together.

It’s groundbreaking work, and still very much in its early days in the way of application.   Its use in everyday life is only just beginning.  In another 10 or 20 years, it will be much more accepted.

Back to the Human Design Manifestor Type

One of the energetic Types reported in this system is the one I have in this lifetime, called a Human Design Manifestor.

You will find the information about Human Design to be very new and different, so take your time to absorb it.  Ra used to call it the ‘7-year download’.

This system is still so new that it’s not yet widely accepted.  In my opinion, it will be as research into its application continues to grow.

I remember doing yoga classes 20 years ago and being made fun of for doing so! 

These days, lots of people practice yoga – and nobody laughs at them – because now they now understand the health benefits. 

What’s behind Human Design?

The systems that create Human Design are based on: –

  • the I-Ching – an ancient Chinese divination text, containing 64 Hexagrams or Gates
  • Western Astrology, most commonly the Tropical method
  • the Hindu Chakra system (with two extra chakras added to the classical 7, making 9 chakras)
  • the Kabbalah or Tree of Life including Life Force Channels
  • The 64 Codons or amino acid combinations present in Human DNA.

How do I know if I’m a Human Design Manifestor?

A Human Design Chart is created using a person’s date of birth, time of birth, and place of birth.

One of the things you can learn from Human Design is your Type for this lifetime – and my type is a Human Design Manifestor.

Initially, when human designer readers began with this work, they had to work out astrological positions and even color charts with crayons!

These days, there are software programs and even phone apps available for us to work out our basic information.

How can I get my own chart?

If you’d like a free Human Design Chart and short report from me – message me here and I will create one for you.

Once you have your chart, a reader can then connect with the energy of the chart and bring through extremely helpful information for you, such as your Life Purpose

Another way to think of your Human Design Chart is as your present life blueprint.

I’ve been giving these readings for a few months now, and clients are enjoying them and finding them helpful.

One client even commented that it made sense to her how these systems have all been split up amongst cultures over time.

If we had known this from the beginning of our growth as humans, we could have combined all our knowledge earlier and been much more powerful as individual beings. 

Maybe we just weren’t ready for that before.

My type is one of 5 different types – A Human Design Manifestor

The 5 different types are:-

What makes me a Human Design Manifestor?

First of all, it comes down to my personal details, date of birth, time of birth, and place of birth.

This information is also triangulated and sent back in time using Human Design software, to calculate the date and time 88 days before a person is actually born.

This is thought to be the time when the Soul settles in the body and fully intends to incarnate.

So, I am a Human Design Manifestor this time around.  In other lifetimes, I would have experienced other Types also, as would you!

When a person is a Manifestor, they have a very specific chakra pattern and quite unusual ways of using their personal energy.

human design manifestor

88 Days before you were born…

Think of your Human Design Chart as a big clock with two snapshots in time

One snapshot 88 days before you were born, and the other when you were actually born.

Your Gates, Chakras, Planetary influences, Life Force Channels, and Codons 88 days before your birth are considered to be your Design.

This Design can reveal your subconscious motivations, purpose, and focus in this life.

On the day you were born…

The Gates, Chakras, Planetary influences, Life Force Channels, and Codons of your day of birth are considered to be your Personality influences in this life.  So, your conscious motivations, purposes, and focus.

A Human Design Manifestor is someone who is here to create and initiate ideas into the world.

Manifestors create from the energy and environment they are surrounded by.

A Manifestor will have an idea and just do it. 

Because the other types process energy differently, they are not energetically set up to jump straight into creation mode like the Manifestor. 

For example, the Manifesting Generator (another type) prefers to dip a toe into the creative waters first. 

Once they’ve decided they like something, they’ll go for it.

It can be frustrating, but once we learn our type this information can also become extremely empowering.  Now, we can become informed about exactly how to achieve our own personal goals.

Human Design Manifestor –  I was the Rebel

As a child, I would go and do what I wanted to do when I wanted to do it.  My mum used to call me the ‘Rebel’ of the family because of this behavior.

Through Human Design, I have realized that things will go better for me with others if I tell people what I am going to do before I go ahead.

This makes others much more comfortable with my ideas and approaches!

Famous (or infamous) Manifestors

Manifestors comprise between 9-10% of the population, and up until now in our genetic evolution have been perceived as the leaders of the human race.

A (negative) Manifestor leader was Hitler, positive Manifestor leaders examples are Paul McCartney and Neil Armstrong.

Other famous Manifestors in the entertainment world are Daryl Hall and Adele.

In the future Projectors will be the new leaders, they currently represent a much larger section of the population, about 22%.  An example of a Projector leader is Winston Churchill.

Life Purpose Readings

As a Manifestor, this doesn’t mean that I’ve had it easy just because I’m good at initiating ideas or creating something new.

About 36% of the human population is a type called a Generator.  Because Generators are in the majority, they tend to influence the behavior of the other types. 

This happens through socialization and peer pressure.  No judgment, it’s just how humans operate!  We are truly a hive mind, whether we like to think of ourselves that way or not.

As a result of this, often your type and purpose have been blurred or obscured by who you grew up with and how you were socialized.

So, you may be a Manifestor, Manifesting Generator, or even a Projector, but you act like a Generator or vice versa.  In Human Design terms, this is called living in the ‘not-self‘ or being conditioned.

Get closer to who you truly are

Many of us have grown up feeling misunderstood, or not showing others our true selves.

The Human Design that you have been given may be a part of this struggle because you are fighting with it or living outside of it, rather than understanding yourself and aligning with it.

I will be writing about the other Human Design types too in the future. 

It’s important to learn your own type and to be able to speak from that, which is why I have written about the Human Design Manifestor first.

To begin your Human Design Download, check out this page where I offer Human Design Readings.

The information embedded in your present life Human Design Chart can be very useful to read. 

This includes your Life Purpose, how to best make decisions, how your Life Force runs, and even how you connect your aura with other people!!

I hope you enjoy the download of information from your Soul that working with Human Design offers you.

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  1. AjmaniK says:

    ‘Human Design’ seems to be a ‘deep dive’ into our personal universe indeed. Although my experience with some of the elements is limited, my intuition agrees with the ‘how and why’ of it all. Fascinating stuff… thank you for the inspiration for deeper exploration into the design, the designee and the designer…

    • Sarah Lawrence says:

      Hi Kumud

      Thanks for your comment, it’s taken me a wee while to reply! I didn’t connect with the Human Design work until earlier this year, yet when I did it really came alive for me. Having worked with past lives through the Akashic Records for so long, learning about present life energy just seems like the cherry on the cake.

      I am still working on the great experiment of living my design. The more I do, the better use I make of my energy, and the more I actively enjoy my life. Things we can all do with! Plus, realizing what our Soul wants us to work on this time around is extremely helpful.

      Lots of light, and as always, I look forward to the next #SpiritChat.


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