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Akashic Tarot New Moon Card Spread

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Akashic Tarot New Moon Card Spread

new moon card spread

How to interpret a New Moon Card Spread – card deck used – The Akashic Tarot

new moon card spreadFrom the Akashic Tarot this year I’m doing 3 card spreads for myself for daily reflection, plus a new moon card spread and a full moon card spread each month.

The Akashic Tarot is a deck that works well for me as an Akashic Records reader.  You can get the Akashic Tarot on here if this deck resonates with you.

This is a 62-card deck, with 22 Major Arcana cards, and 4 different Minor Arcana or suit cards.  Each suit has 10 cards in total.

From the guidebook, the suits are: –

  • Roses – relate to relationships, emotions, homes, children, families, and personal inner conflicts.
  • Scrolls – the world of mind, communication, and study.  There is also a link to the Akashic Records here since scrolls have a historic link to the word ‘Scribe’, the person who writes all the records.
  • Keys – represents the values, wealth, success, worth, abundance, career, authority, confidence, achievement, and power than can be expressed and experienced in life.
  • Forces – the suit of Forces is all about energy, consciousness, and Natural Law.  Natural Law states that consciousness is the creator of reality, and energy attracts like energy.

My New Moon Card Spread

I’m working with is a 6 card spread.  The first three cards are: –

new moon spread new moon spread new moon spread

When shuffling a deck, it’s important to choose an intuitive approach that suits your style.  I like to shuffle until a card pops up from the deck or falls out!

If you prefer cutting the deck after shuffling, you can cut it into two or three piles.  Then you can choose cards from the left, middle, or right, as you are drawn to the cards.


5 of Roses – The Garden

The Garden card indicates advantages for a child or children.  My son is working on college scholarships, so I will take that as a positive sign there!

With the children in the card, you can see how this part of the new moon card spread relates to children (Roses).

This card also connects to any card to the right as you are looking at the deck.  The boy is throwing a stone with a slingshot at the next card.


1 of Keys – The Architect

The Architect is significant to me personally, as a remembrance of a past life.  In the context of this spread, it’s also significant because I am making plans to launch some new material.

For my son, it’s a good signifier that plans made now will bear fruit, and that it’s also an important time to plan.


Archangel Gabriel (Major Arcana)

So this month, writing is definitely starred for me. Out of 6 cards in this spread, Archangel Gabriel made himself known.  Gabriel is the writer’s angel.

I’ve also got a 6-month prediction with Caroline Myss’s Archetype Cards, and this month’s card is the Scribe.

It’s important for me to carve out writing time this month, I have plenty of ideas!

New Moon Card Spread – the second half

new moon card spread new moon card spread new moon card spread new moon card spread

6 of Roses – The War of the Roses

This card is the relationship card of the relationship cards!  There is a karmic relationship that is not a match for Spirit and needs to be let go.

I know which one this one is…and I’m even doing a 21-day clearing prayer this month to cut the last of the karmic ties.

That card couldn’t be more relevant!

The King of Keys

This card could indicate a new partner coming my way.  If that’s the case, they’ll be pretty career-focused and goal-oriented.

The other meaning of this card is that it’s a recommendation for me to step into my authority and power — to become the King of Keys.


1 of Scrolls On Track

Scrolls relate to consciousness.

In April I’ll be beginning a new regular practice to ramp up my access to the higher astral planes for intuitive work.  This card indicates my move forward in that regard.

This is another card that can point to a neighboring card in the deck, in this case, the King of Keys.  So it’s another reminder to step into my spiritual authority this month.

Weirdly (or not) I am also clearing something called a hard-coded energy point from my nervous system, and guess what it’s called… Authority!


I hope you enjoyed this explanation of a new moon card spread.  Perhaps it will inspire you to start a similar practice of your own.

Remember there’s also the opportunity to do a full moon card spread every month, too.

If you are interested in having a reading for yourself, I offer Akashic Tarot Readings.  Book here or connect with me at the client portal.>>

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