Why so many people are tuning into Starseed Energy

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Why so many people are tuning into Starseed Energy

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Have you heard of the term Starseed? When some people hear about their individual Starseed Group of Origination, they have a strong emotional reaction to the Group and to its’ characteristics. I know I did.

What is Starseed Energy?

On the spiritual journey, often people begin to ask the question – where do we all come from?   

They also wonder if they are a Starseed Soul.   

Within various spiritual practices, there are teachings on different Starseed meanings and types. 

For example, some people may be an Arcturian Starseed, an Andromedan Starseed, a Sirian Starseed, or even a Pleiadian Starseed.

It’s an interesting question to answer – even if this concept seems really out there and woo-woo to you initially. 

There’s a lot to be learned from the spiritual perspective about the nature of our origins, both as eternal Souls and as human beings incarnated here on Earth.

So where to begin?  What is a Starseed and why do a lot of people identify themselves as Starseeds?

What is a Starseed, anyway?

I’ve seen and heard people refer to the term Starseed in quite a few spiritual contexts.

The Urban Dictionary defines a Starseed meaning like this:-

If you feel like you don’t belong here, are resistant to authority, and feel like you have a purpose, you may be a Starseed.

This definition is somewhat generalized and could apply to a lot of people.  Most of us enjoy having a purpose or focus in life, but so do some guard dogs!

I do agree that most people (and dogs) feel much more fulfilled within their lives with a clear life purpose

This is because we are naturally a social race of beings.  We need validation and social connection to feel safe – and good about ourselves.

I like this definition from the Collins dictionary, under ‘New Word Suggestion’.  I think it sums up a new way of thinking for many people on the spiritual journey: –

1. An incarnated extraterrestrial (E.T.). A human whose soul incarnated from another planet or dimension.

2. A human from Earth with a human and extraterrestrial parent or one with recent ET ancestry.

Additional Information

(e.g. ‘The starseed, (aka. alienkin) incarnated from another planet as a human, on Earth, in order to complete their divine mission’). Also, the term, ‘starseed’ is widely used in the online spiritual community.

Submitted By: DaniellaLucyDC – 22/08/2022

Approval Status: Pending Investigation

The idea of being a Starseed is a huge paradigm shift


When clients have the Soul Star Akashic Reading, they learn a lot of information about the origin of their Soul.

This includes information about a client’s Soul Group of Origin.  Soul origination information can be read from your Akashic Records.

Sensing the energy, identity, and purpose of their Soul Group can very validating. 

It can also be quite emotional for some people.

I sometimes jokingly refer to this part of the reading as the ‘Star Trek’ section.

There are over 24 different Starseed Types

The idea of being a Starseed can seem extremely ‘out there’ initially.  Despite this, most clients find a huge resonance and feel a great sense of relief finally learning about their Soul Group.

I know I felt a great deal of relief when I finally learned my Soul Group of Origin.  It helped explain so many things about this particular lifetime, let alone my past lives.

There are over 24 different Soul Group or Starseed types, including Sirian Starseeds, Acturian Starseeds, Orionid Starseeds, Pleiadian Starseeds, and more.

It helped me to understand many things – and even brought back a fun childhood memory.  I would look at an odd pattern of 3 moles on my arm, match it with Orion’s belt, and tell my mum that I was a star child of Orion!  It turns out that I was correct.

Edgar Cayce, a famous US psychic, channeled information about Starseeds

Working in the Akashic Records over time can definitely change our perspective on the nature of consciousness. 

Edgar Cayce, a well-known Akashic Records Reader and medical intuitive in the USA, struggled with this paradigm shift during his lifetime.

Edgar had a strong Christian faith, and read the Bible cover to cover every year of his life as part of his spiritual practice. 

Yet, when he gave more and more Akashic Readings (he gave over 14,000 in all), he began to channel information that did not match the Bible’s creation stories.

For example, he began to download information about the ancient civilizations of Lemuria and Atlantis.

He also began to see Souls have what he called ‘life between lives’.  He saw Souls living lives on other planets.

Initially, he thought that he was seeing Souls travel to other parts of the Universe between lives on Earth. 

This is a reasonable assumption for someone practicing the Christian faith. 

After a while, he began to realize that what he was seeing was Souls living their Past Lives on other planets!

Creation stories from indigenous people on Earth connect us to star systems

It’s fascinating to learn that many indigenous people on our planet have a creation myth in their spiritual or religious traditions.

This creation story will be very different from the one that you or I may have learned.

Often, indigenous people have oral traditions that pass down stories and myths about their connection to a particular Starseed group.

The people of Hawaii have a big connection to the Pleiades, or Seven Sisters Constellation

In December, the indigenous people of Hawaii have a big celebration called Ka Ho’okupu, He Makana Kela (bringing the gift) at the rim of the Haleakala volcano.

Here, they wait for Na Huihui o Makali’i to come into viewThis is their name for the cluster of stars the English-speaking world calls the Pleiades or Seven Sisters.

According to native Hawaiians, the first Hawaiian people came to Earth from the Na Huihui o Makali’iand their star-based calendar also has special significance and ties to the Seven Sisters constellation.

The Dogon, the Dogstar, or Sirian Starseeds?

Some Aboriginals in Australia and the Dogon people of Africa have a connection to Sirius, also known as the Dog Star.  Does this mean they are Sirian Starseeds?

The Dogon are a people whose ancient tribal lore can give precise locations of astronomical bodies. 

This is information that hasn’t been discovered by modern science until hundreds of years after the Dogon knew about it.

Despite living a rudimentary lifestyle by modern standards, the Dogon have long been aware not only of Sirius A (easily visible to the naked eye) but also, of the star known as Sirius B.

This companion star is a white dwarf and was not discovered on modern telescopes until the 1950s – because it’s not visible to the naked eye. 

The Dogon however, knew about the star and its length of orbit from their oral traditions of passing their creation story down the generations.

They also seem to know about the moons of Jupiter and Saturn’s rings, with 400-year-old artifacts showing these representations.

The Dogon People say they met Sirian Off-Worlders

The tribal lands of the Dogon are located in Mali, in an area called the Bandiagara Escarpment. 

Although they live 2,000 miles from Egypt, it’s thought that their history might be connected with the Egyptians also.

According to the Dogons, their creation myth states that their people were influenced by meeting Sirian off-worlders about 600 years ago.

They call these beings ‘Nummos’ or ‘Nommos’, who were aquatic beings yet mobile on land.

The legend goes that the Sirians met with a small group of Dogons to impart helpful knowledge about how to survive on Earth and to share their origin story and knowledge of the stars.

Every 60 years, when the Sirius star appears between two mountain peaks visible from the Dogon lands, a celebration called Sigui is held. 

Secrets given to the Dogon by the Sirians are passed on to the next generation, and they speak in a secret language at this time.

Whether we think this is true or not, oral traditions are a way to preserve traditional culture for long periods of time.  For all we know, the Dogons could be Sirian Starseeds.

The Arcturian Starseed stories

As mentioned previously, Edgar Cayce spent most of his life giving Akashic Records readings to help people with health problems. 

During his prayer and channeling practices, he began to connect with consciousness levels and beings not of Earth.

In some cases, he would reference the Arcturians. 

He said that beings from Arcturus were of a very high consciousness or vibration. 

Arcturus is a blueish-looking star at the bottom of the constellation of Stars known as Bootes (aka the Big Dipper).

Other well-known psychics who have channeled Starseed information

Dolores Cannon also referred to the Arcturians often in her body of work.

She wrote many books and created the modern energy modality known as QHHT ( the Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique).

Matias de Stefano is a psychic who claims to have an active awareness of his past lives.

He says he is able to recount the history of Starseeds on Earth, including Arcturian Starseeds.  He also explains how each of the Star beings’ practices has affected humans.

Matias has active past life memories of times as an off-world being, as well as lifetimes on Earth in different spiritual centers of the world.

In his work, Matias regularly references the Sirian, Orionid, and Acturian races of beings and decodes their Starseed meanings.

How science might back up the Starseed theories 

Very recent scientific research has established that the building blocks of life on Earth could have come from space.  How did it get here? Inside meteorites!

I may be showing my age, here, but I was taught in biology and history that human life began in a kind of ‘primordial soup’.   

The first signs of life were created in this soup from the inanimate minerals of Earth. 

This idea was originally a theory posited by the Greeks.

Meteorites might be bringing DNA to Earth

Now, science may have to change this theory, with new evidence coming to light that meteorites and space debris could have brought the ingredients for that primordial soup to Earth.

Key building blocks of DNA that previous research mysteriously failed to discover in meteorites have now been discovered in space rocks, suggesting that cosmic impacts might once have helped deliver these vital ingredients of life to ancient Earth….

“The presence of the five primary nucleobases in meteorites may have a contribution to the emergence of genetic functions before the onset of life on the early Earth,” study lead author Yasuhiro Oba, an astrochemist at Hokkaido University in Japan, told Space.com.

Read more at Space.com>>

The four main building blocks of DNA  have indeed been found in meteorite rocks

Space debris is also collected and monitored using air balloons and roof monitoring systems by some scientists. 

They often find tiny off-world life forms such as bacteria and even viruses in their collected samples.

Research is being done, and the jury is out on the results as yet – but what if the Dogon and Hawaiians have a handle on this ancient mystery – that we are Starseeds? 

It’s an amazing time to be learning about all of this.

Perhaps we are Starseeds because of inherited DNA – or some of us may have had off-world contact. 

It’s an interesting concept to explore on the spiritual journey.

Are you a Starseed?  What’s your Starseed Meaning?  Find out!

If you’d like to find out more about your Soul’s Origin, you can have the Soul Star Reading with Sarah. 

You’ll learn about: –

  • Your Starseed (Soul Group of Origin) information.
  • The Individual Soul Blueprint your Soul created (your innate gifts, talents, and abilities).
  • A Past Life that has a karmic pattern ready to be cleared.
  • You’ll also hear about any present-life blocks and restrictions that are presented for clearing.

Finally, you’ll learn how to clear all blocks and restrictions discussed in the reading with a 21-day clearing process.

So, what type of Starseed are you, I wonder. 

Are you a Sirian Starseed, an Arcturian Starseed, a Pleiadian Starseed, or something else?  And what is your Starseed meaning?

I hope you enjoyed this post. You might also enjoy this review of Rebecca Campbell’s Starseed Oracle Card deck.

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