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Lucid dreaming – I had a strange dream last night

Lucid dreaming The last few weeks have been very difficult for me in the emotional spectrum. Last night I had a totally unexpected and very healing dream. I was in a room with many other people and a teacher appeared. (I have had dreams like this before but not as intense and lucid as this…
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Connecting with your Spirit Guides and Higher Self

Spirit Guides – how to connect with them On the Spiritual Journey I have found myself moving from disbelief to belief of my experiences over time. During my ‘weekend spirituality’ period, I would attend workshops and have interesting spiritual experiences – perhaps even connect successfully with my Spirit Guides…then on Monday morning pick up my…
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What does 11:11 mean?

11:11? What does it mean? 11 11 or 11:11 (on clocks) is an experience many people have been noticing over the past decade or so. Are your eyes ‘drawn’ to the clock at 11:11? Perhaps the occurrence of the number wherever it may be displayed bounces into your consciousness?  Often it happens in an involuntary…
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spirit guides

2 simple ways to connect with your Spirit Guides

Spirit Guides Many people contact me through this blog or at my online services site, wanting to know how to connect with their Spirit Guides – or to make the connections they already have deeper and clearer. From personal experience so far – here are two suggestions 1. Consider creating a relationship with your Spirit…
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Being psychic is not an attention seeking exercise

Being psychic I would never have called myself ‘psychic’ or ‘a psychic intuitive’. Never in my wildest dreams! Often hardcore skeptics discount psychic abilities as attention seeking strategies or falsely devised methods used to manipulate others for a person’s own gain. Then there are also ‘mentalists’.  As per that series on TV, people who can…
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animal communication

Does animal communication work?

Animal Communication Recently via my colleague Janet Roper at Talk2theAnimals I was introduced to the concept of Animal Communication via the work of Anna Breytenbach. That way I was also connected with a video excerpt from a movie made about Anna and her work telling the story of a black leopard called Diabolo, rescued from…
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Why do I have premonitions?

Premonitions – why do I have them? I’ve had several readers and clients ask more about premonitions after reading this post…  How Do I know if I’m having premonitions or psychic experiences? Many readers and clients find themselves in a position where they are having intuitive ‘hits’, visions or premonitions about something really scary –…
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personal energy

How do I read others emotions to develop my intuition?

Emotions are energy… It’s all about energy, really. And instinct. And intuition. And a bit of regular practice. And it’s not that difficult…you need to start to understand that emotions are just another form of energy – what’s special about emotional energy is that it can effect how we feel! Emotion = Energy in motion…
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talking horse

King the talking horse and how he gave me a gift

Talking horse?  King, the horse who whispered back The family and I went away for a short break to a nearby chain of lakes in Oklahoma over the last few days. While we were there I gained an appreciation for the natural beauty of north eastern Oklahoma and had a surprise experience. My youngest girl…
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Pickle the rescue dachshund from Kansas Human Society

My shaggy dog story – or how I found the perfect dog for us using energy

Our shaggy dog story Our rescue dachshund Pickle has been with us for two years now. Our family had wanted a dog for a while, but my oldest girl was definitely dog nervous after a couple of bad experiences so I knew we needed to pick the right dog, both for her and as a…
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How do I know if I’m having premonitions or psychic experiences – 3 keys to greater awareness | Mom On A Spiritual Journey

Have you ever had a premonition that came true?

Premonitions don’t have to be earth-shaking or global, sometimes they can be the littlest thing that somehow you knew ahead of time.

How to get more conscious about premonitions and the process of receiving them for spiritual growth purposes? This post lists my 3 keys to awareness.

If you are interested in developing your intuition, I give readings to help support people learn more about their intuitive process.

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Clairaudience part II | A reader’s experience and my interpretation from Mom On A Spiritual Journey

Clairaudience or clear-hearing part II I wrote a post about clairaudience (clear-hearing, as clairvoyant = clear-seeing) a while back and received some great comments about it. Today, I received a story from a reader called Rita who related this experience, asking if it was an example of clairaudience I do not know if I have…
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