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How to develop your intuition for greater clarity and decision-making

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How to develop your intuition for greater clarity and decision-making

develop your intuition
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Intuition is not being psychic, it’s something else entirely. We have innate intuition because we are human animals. We can reconnect with our own intuition at any time.

Intuition – we all have it

What is intuition, really, and how to learn to develop your intuition?

There is intuition that is natural to humans, for example when we feel scared or worried with no ‘apparent’ cause. 

Sometimes we can get the feeling that we are being watched – like that tickle at the back of the neck.

These are natural skills and abilities that animals also possess, human animals included.

We all have electromagnetic fields that surround the human body and can use them to pick up outside threats.

Watch a spider react if you go near it with the intention of squashing it.

Sharks have electromagnetic fields to help them find prey. They can extend these senses a long way out into the water.

Our electromagnetic energy is part of our intuition

The whole of the Earth is bounded by an electromagnetic field that naturally protects us from solar flashes.

We are also a part of the Earth’s electromagnetic field, more than many humans like to think or even believe.

Learning how to develop your intuition is one step further forward on the evolutionary path.

It’s a much better way of being than simply having a knee-jerk reaction to danger. This way we can evolve from the reactions that sharks and spiders have.

Intuition – a definition

I like to define intuition from my perspective as

The perception and reading of energy not visually present.

Just because a frequency is outside of our conscious awareness (the 5 senses), does not mean it doesn’t exist.

Other frequencies of light are proof of this in science.

What if there are other frequencies of consciousness?

When we become more aware of our energy and the information stored there – we can begin to develop intuition.

Are some people more intuitive than others?

develop your intuition

I like Edgar Cayce’s take on intuition. Edgar Cayce was one of the most famous psychics in the USA to date and an Akashic Records Reader.

He gave over 14,000 readings which were all documented by his faithful secretary.

In the book Edgar Cayce on Channeling Your Higher Self (Studies in Surface Science and Catalysis), Henry Reed relates many of Edgar Cayce’s experiences of enhanced intuition through his many Akashic Records Readings.

Edgar Cayce had a dream that was a vision of the conscious mind and the superconscious mind (intuitive, subconscious mind).

He dreamed of a huge funnel with a small point at the base leading upwards from our heads.

He saw the small point at the bottom of the funnel as the conscious mind. Then the big open funnel was seen to be the superconscious or intuitive subconscious mind, connected to all there is.

His point was that we all ‘sit’ in our consciousness and focus inside the small part of the funnel.

We are often disconnected from the superconscious, even though it is naturally a part of us.

We all have intuition, we can expand it with practice

It’s not that anyone lacks intuition. We all have it!  It’s just a question of learning how to develop your intuition.

With practice and focus, we can learn how to expand our consciousness upwards. We can shift from just perceiving the small point of awareness to the superconscious above.

Sometimes, people think that intuition is simply about opening the Third Eye. Awakening your intuition can involve the Third Eye Chakra, but there is much more to it than that.

Most of us have largely forgotten the rest of our superconscious abilities. We may have been socially conditioned out of connecting with them.

When we expand our awareness to that open funnel, we then experience spiritual awakenings and intuitive expansion.

If our awareness stays purely in its socially acceptable or culturally defined box we miss out. There is a massive funnel of information that is freely available to us.

That’s what the spiritual journey is for in my opinion. It’s to awaken and change your mental, emotional, spiritual, and cosmological frame of reference!

Develop your intuition with these 3 Akashic Records Readings

These three readings will help you to develop your intuition.  Working in your Akashic Records expands your intuition as a kind of side effect.

I started my Akashic Records work in 2010, and it’s definitely worked for me.

The Soul Star Reading clears blocks and Karmic Patterns and enables you to understand your Soul-level Self.

The Spirit Guide Reading connects you directly with your Inner Circle Spirit Guides. These are your Spiritual ‘A-Team’ and help you with daily guidance.

The Soul Purpose Reading adds information to the knowledge of your Soul Star Reading. This helps you to understand your Higher Self (Intuition) and Soul more clearly.

Have you taken my Akashic Quiz yet?

It helps you to understand where you are on the path to your connection with the Akashic Records.  This quiz will help you to begin learning how to develop your intuition.

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact me via the client portalTo have an Akashic Records reading, you must be over 18 years of age.

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  1. The more time we spend on listening, the more in-tuned we become with gut. Lesser distractions we have in our lives, the more time we can allocate for things and relationships that matter the most <3

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