Edgar Cayce the Sleeping Prophet and the Akashic Records

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Edgar Cayce the Sleeping Prophet and the Akashic Records

Edgar Cayce, the Sleeping Prophet, and famous Akashic Records Reader

Good morning, all. It’s been an interesting time energetically.  Black Friday can feel tough energetically for many sensitive people.

Hopefully, Cyber Monday will treat me better!

So in the holiday period, I did some enjoyable spiritual study instead.

Amongst other things, I watched this story of Edgar Cayce, the Sleeping Prophet

I watched a 45-minute biography on A&E about Edgar Cayce.  It’s is well worth a look if you have time over the holiday season.

Watching this program is a reminder that we are in a new spiritual time.   In this Akashic Age, (people like us) might still be derided, but hopefully not threatened with imprisonment like Edgar Cayce.

Edgar Cayce’s young life

Edgar Cayce didn’t wake up one day and say “I’ll be an Akashic Records Reader”, like most of us in this community, he found himself on a journey of spiritual enlightenment from a very young age.

As a young child, he was in the unfortunate position of watching his grandfather transition.  His grandfather passed away in an unusual riding accident.

Once his grandfather had passed, he often experienced visits from his grandfather’s spirit and shared these experiences with his family.

As a spiritually connected child, Edgar vowed to read the Holy Bible every year of his life.  He kept this practice up for a long time.

He was never a focused student at his small one-room school.   One day after struggling with math at home with his father (I can relate) he took a short nap on his math book.  When he woke up he discovered that he could remember the contents extremely well.

After that, he regularly used this method to study.  He was able to recall lots of information perfectly, even learning the whole content of a sales catalog to be able to get a job to pay bills.

How Edgar Cayce became the Sleeping Prophet

Edgar Cayce tried various different forms of work, needing to support his dear wife, Gertrude, and their growing family.

After several tries at different types of work, he discovered he had a talent for photography and ran several different studios throughout his life, despite the fact that he was almost bankrupt when two of them burned down.

Trying to work in sales jobs with his father, he developed a throat problem after an illness, which stayed around for at least a year.

He then met a local hypnotist who offered him a hypnosis session to try and clear his throat problem, since he could barely talk.

Hypnosis as a medical treatment was very new at that time, but Edgar Cayce decided to try.

The first time he was put under hypnosis, he went into a deep trance and described the condition in his vocal cords, even advising what to do for the condition.

It’s reported that after the session, he spit up blood and then was able to speak very well.  He repeated the session several times to clear the condition fully.

His first words in the trance were…

We have the body

Later on, he began many of his diagnostic readings in this manner.

News got out of Edgar Cayce’s healing, and his work began

Initially, Edgar Cayce worked with people to help their illnesses, rarely taking payment and often working with people remotely over the telephone or by mail.

Later in his career, Edgar met a printer.  This man was also a metaphysical philosopher by the name of Arthur Lammers.

Arthur put two and two together and asked Edgar Cayce to go into a hypnotic trance.  Arthur wanted to ask more metaphysical questions, such as “What is the real nature of man?” and “What is the meaning of birth and death?”.

This part of Edgar Cayce’s life resulted in over 2,500 “Life” readings, relating to information about a person’s past lives, as opposed to the diagnostic readings he had previously been giving.

After many deep philosophical struggles, Edgar Cayce, (who was a devout Christian), began to study different religions and metaphysical philosophies.

He finally came to the conclusion that the information he was receiving was based in the age-old study of the Akashic Records.

Edgar Cayce’s legacy

During the latter part of his life, Edgar Cayce set up a metaphysical and alternative health healing hospital.  After meditating on a desirable location, he chose  Virginia Beach, Virginia.

The hospital sadly failed after a period of time.

Today its’ grounds and legacy have been saved through the work of Edgar Cayce’s non-profit foundation.  This association is known as the Association of Research and Enlightenment.  The headquarters remain in Virginia Beach, VA.

To this day, you can visit the A.R.E. in Virginia Beach, Virginia.  You can walk the labyrinth outside the hospital and see the beautiful bamboo gardens.  You can enjoy the meditation room with daily meditations and even book an alternative treatment at the Cayce-Reilly Massotherapy clinic.

How I connected with Edgar Cayce’s work

In the year 2000, I moved to Virginia Beach and lived there for about two years.  During that time, I regularly visited the A.R.E. and studied reflexology there.

I was interested in Edgar Cayce’s work and knew about him.  I used to regularly visit the A.R.E. but didn’t connect with the concept of the Akashic Records at the time.

It wasn’t until 2010 when a book arrived that I hadn’t ordered in the mail, and my mother got very sick and passed away, that I started to connect to the Akashic energy.

This was the point where I found I was able to give Akashic Records readings for clients.

Where are you on the journey?

It’s interesting to reflect on Edgar Cayce’s journey and notice where it resonates for each of us.

In my case, I had always had intuitive or energetic experiences.  This meant that I could spontaneously read the energy of a location, but didn’t know it had anything to do with the Akashic Records at the time.

When my father passed away, his spirit visited me during the night of his passing.  I was able to relate what he was wearing in the hospital to my mother, who confirmed my vision.

Later in life, I was drawn to work with energy and balancing health for others by learning reflexology.  I started my reflexology study at Edgar Cayce’s A.R.E.

Finally, through the writings of a spiritual teacher, I was able to read the Akashic Records.

Edgar Cayce's story is a very unusual tale, yet he also represents the archetype of the wounded healer - a sensitive, aware individual who could perform unusual feats which he couldn't explain.Click To Tweet

I hope you enjoyed this post.  Please feel free to comment and let me know how his story may resonate with you.

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