Discover new ways to connect with your Spirit Guides

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Discover new ways to connect with your Spirit Guides

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How can you connect with your spirit guides? 

Many people are aware they have some kind of spiritual guidance, but they are not sure how to be supported by it, or how to increase guidance when it happens. 

This guidance may come through in a number of ways.

Ways we can get specific guidance

Some common ways people receive guidance from their spirit guides are: –

  • the ‘still, small, voice’ in the head (clairaudience)
  • receiving visions (clairvoyance)
  • just ‘knowing’ something or suddenly formulating an idea (claircognizance)
  • feeling or sensing energies around you, a change in temperature, or an unseen touch (clairsentience)
  • having a strong emotion unrelated to your current emotional state (clair-empathy)
  • smelling or tasting something that isn’t naturally present in your surroundings, such as the perfume of a loved one or tasting a favorite family dish (clairgustance/clairalience)
  • receiving information from an object, place, or person (clairtangency, or psychometry).

You may already be clearly receiving guided information, but how to increase this connection?

violet flame shaking exercise

Practicing how to connect with your Spirit Guides is a good way to begin. I like to burn incense or a candle for a few minutes per day to focus my mind on the connection.

You can also use Oracle Cards to connect with your guides to start the conversation.

Then the conversations can begin. I am strongly clairaudient, so often I hear first.

Spirit Guide readings can increase your connection

Perhaps you have had flashes of insight from your guides, but it seems to come and go. Or maybe you are receiving messages, but don’t have the confidence to know they are genuine and coming from your spirit guides?

This is where a Spirit Guide Reading can be helpful.

A Spirit Guide Reading is more in-depth than a General Akashic Reading.  You can do it as your first reading.   It also is a very helpful follow on reading from the Soul Star Reading, once you have completed your 21-day prayer process.

What will happen during my first Spirit Guide Reading?

In this type of Intuitive Reading, Sarah will connect with your Inner Circle of Spirit Guides and help you discover: –

  • Your Spirit Guides’ names, appearances, and vibrational status.
  • The Spirit Guides’ roles as part of your Guidance Team.
  • Which methods each Guide uses to contact you.

Spirit Guides’ names, appearances, and behavior can vary widely because we are all so different and unique. Therefore, our individual guide teams are that way, too.

What one of my Spirit Guides is like

I have a spirit guide who helps me with written material and the creative process in general. 

He comes through as a male energy. He’s very chatty and he likes to focus my mind on quotes and specific phrases for inspiration.

Like me, this particular Spirit Guide enjoys a joke. He likes to lead the other spirit guides in my inner circle in dances and general fun and games. 

I get to ‘see’ them all dancing across my inner psychic vision.  If I were to give him a character similar to someone you might be able to relate to, he’s a spirit version of Jeff Goldblum!

Group dances are common with my guide team

This male Spirit Guide is often responsible for group dances when I connect with my guides. 

It always makes me laugh and reminds me that positive humor and jokes are a huge source of inspiration. 

My guide is also highly compassionate, always bringing me back to Earth and reminding me of what is most important in life.

Because I know how my Spirit Guides express themselves, it helps me to identify where the information is coming from, and who the sender is.

Discover more in a Spirit Guide Reading

Spirit Guides are not here to tell you what ‘to do’.

They are here to guide you on your way, using their special talents, skills, and abilities. This information can help you to attract what you need when you need it.

The Spirit Guide Reading also includes: –

  • Discovering how each of your Spirit Guides expresses their energy.  This will enable you to understand their individual skills, talents and abilities and how they combine with yours. 
  • If you have any Special Assignment Guides who are with you for the time being, and their reasons for being added to your circle.
  • Channeled messages from your Guides to help you forward on your journey.

Your Spirit Guides are your assigned team to help you with your spiritual journey here on Earth.  Wouldn’t it be helpful to know more about their individual skill sets?

It’s also very empowering to learn more about your Spirit Guides’ individuality. Learning about their personalities enables you to be able to tune in effectively.

To book a Spirit Guide Reading

  1. You can book a Spirit Guide Reading using the link here or at the top or the bottom of this page.
  2. I’ll message you and ask for certain information so that I can read your Akashic Records remotely and connect with your Spirit Guides. 
  3. Once I have collected the information from your guides, we’ll connect for a reading.

It’s somewhat like a dinner party – I’ll bring your Guides, you bring the snacks, and we’ll all get to know each other.

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  2. […] The Spirit Guide Reading – a one-time reading, read more about Spirit Guide Readings here […]

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