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The Akashic Records – Soul Contracts

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The Akashic Records – Soul Contracts

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What are Soul Contracts within the Akashic Records?

soul contracts

The book The Complete Idiot’s Guide to the Akashic Record: Tap into the Timeless Wisdom of the Universe (Complete Idiot’s Guides (Lifestyle Paperback)) talks about Soul Mates and Soul Contracts, and how they are together for a reason.

This book has some surprisingly useful information in it, despite the title!  It covers Soul Mates being together through Soul Contracts under the following circumstances:-

  • Soul Mates
  • Twin Souls
  • Unrequited Love
  • Difficult Relationships
  • Lack of Relationship
  • Family Ties
  • Parents, Siblings, and Children.

Soul Contracts are pre-life agreements that result in the high likelihood of people meeting or even reincarnating together.

The reason that Souls connect through Soul Contracts is to work out karma and to grow as individual souls.

The Soulmate Contract

Soul Mates get together to work out something from a previous life or even multiple previous lives together.  There is a magnetic draw between Soul Mates, who seem to ‘know’ each other.  Sometimes there is some kind of familiar feeling that draws people together.

Watch out when this happens! Trauma can draw people together too, and sometimes a familiar, family-like feeling can be because a person has patterns of abuse that attract a previously abused partner.  Often clients can confuse the two, but this can be clarified during an Akashic Reading.

So when you get that drawing or attracting feeling, it’s important to figure out which it is, past life connection, or present life potential trauma bonding.

Twin Souls – what are they?

soul contractsTwin Souls, or Twin Flames, are much rarer than we give them credit for.  The book mentioned above goes into detail about Twin Souls being one Soul that is split.  I don’t agree with that definition, simply because I have never yet read for a soul who is ‘split’ in 10 years of giving readings.

What I have discovered is Souls that hold a part, or fragments of another soul because of trauma bonding in a specific lifetime or even the present lifetime.  These fragments can be released back to the other soul as part of the 21-day prayer created for the Soul Star Reading.  This results in more vital force energy for both souls and a release of karma.

I believe that Twin Souls connect because they create special energy together to create an unusual result in the world.  Imagine Twin Souls who can resonate in amazing ways and effortlessly create together.  I don’t know for sure, but I like to think of Chip and Joanna Gaines as twin souls.  (Fixer Upper, Magnolia).

Joanna Gaines mentions in her book The Magnolia Story that she has noticed a specific type of energy between her and Chip that helps them create together.

So as I said, I believe that Twin Souls are here to create positivity and new ideas, rather than being split and eternally lost.  Souls are already perfect, so why would they break themselves just to find each other again?  Sounds like a human concept to me.

Souls being perfect and connecting to help the world, now that’s an empowering concept!

Unrequited Love between one Soul and Another

Many of us have experienced the unrequited love of another soul in this life or other lives.  Why do we put ourselves through this painful experience as a soul?

The Complete Idiot’s Guide to the Akashic Record: Tap into the Timeless Wisdom of the Universe (Complete Idiot’s Guides (Lifestyle Paperback)) suggests that we contract into unrequited love relationships for several reasons.  Relationships from the Akashic perspective are seen as gifts to help us to learn more about ourselves.  The Beloved is a mirror for our Soul.

We can consider, with unrequited love:-

  1. Why did we choose a person who won’t return our love?  What are we being challenged to develop?
  2. Is this a wake-up call to develop our own inner self-love and validation?
  3. Perhaps we are working on an aspect of ourselves that still believes we don’t deserve love?
  4. Is this an opportunity to heal self-love?

Difficult Relationships on the Spiritual Journey

As hard as it sounds, we can contract to repeat difficult relationships to help raise our soul vibration rate.  We may have responsibilities as souls may be to clear generational trauma.  We can also incarnate to become more conscious about relationships and clear past life karma and genetic karma too.

Generational karma or genetic karma comes from the family line we have incarnated into.  Past life relationship karma will attract us to partners that help us clear past life karmic patterns.  Then we can grow from those experiences.

Repeatedly choosing an abusive partner

Souls may even repeat abusive patterns by repeatedly picking an abusive partner.

Abusive partners may continue to repeat abusive patterns and fail to connect emotionally with others.  Once they can move past these trauma-based responses they will learn how to release their trauma from this life or past lives.

I’m not saying here that any abuse is OK just because there is a soul-level directive to experience it.  We all know that people have trauma and need to heal themselves in some way.  Healing has to happen before they can stop being abusive to themselves or others.

Abusive or difficult relationships can be from a past life, present life, or generational.  Whatever the reason for experiencing abusive or difficult relationships, it’s important to take a multi-pronged approach to heal.

A while back I reviewed this book – It Didn’t Start with You: How Inherited Family Trauma Shapes Who We Are and How to End the Cycle by Mark Wolynn.

Awakening to being abusive or healing abuse requires help.

This help can come from counselors, therapists, and even medical professionals, as well as a spiritual reading like Akashic Records Readings if you find transpersonal approaches helpful.

Lack of a long-term Intimate Relationship in the Current Lifetime?

Perhaps you have experienced a lack of soul mate relationships in this life?

It’s possible that intimate relationships are being blocked until you learn to love yourself.  This is a bitter pill to swallow, I know.

Some souls do incarnate purely with the intention or Life Theme of getting to know themselves and love themselves first.

I have been through two marriages that didn’t work out.  Now later in life, I am working hard on raising my soul vibration rate.

I have a Soul Aspect which means that I do understand relationships very well.  However, what I have been short on in this life is the ability to set good relationship boundaries!  I have let people into my life who really aren’t good for me.

I came into this world lacking an innate understanding of the level of negativity that some people prefer to live and operate from.   This, I found out later, is partly because of my Soul Group of origin.

Learning to see Potentials in a possible partner as simply future possibilities, not present life reality!

I see the potentials and possibilities in now time, and have trouble focusing on the existing negativity in a person!  Not every soul is ready to grow in this lifetime, or even the next 20 lifetimes, for that matter.

This innate ability to identify possibilities and potentials works great for me as an Intuitive Coach and Akashic Reader.  It works great for clients too!

When it comes to intimate partners, my learning in this lifetime so far is to begin to understand that potential is just that – potential.  It isn’t where a person is now, nor does it define how they are going to behave with me in the present.

So I am working hard on observation and collection of information about other people’s actions and behaviors in the present time.  This is helping me to be much more informed.

When I am ready to partner with somebody again, I will have a much better frame of reference and make much better choices.

It’s the Soul’s journey and whether we feel isolated or not, we are all on this journey together.

Family Ties that Bind Between Lifetimes

Family dynamics are here to help us resolve this part of our journey as Souls, as hard as this may be to hear!  Soul Contracts can be a part of those dynamics.

There tends to be a powerful focus on intimate or love relationships in the Western world.  It’s taken me many years to realize that family relationships are just as important to soul growth, if not more so than intimate ones.

Souls spend time around a family before they decide to join it.  There can be a review of the dynamics to check if they are a good match for the patterns the soul needs to work out and clear.

When I was born into my family, I often wondered if I had been left on the doorstep by the fairies!  I felt so different from my family and would watch certain behaviors and wonder why on Earth they bothered to engage with them.

On the other hand, in later life, I resonated strongly with the psychic aspects displayed (and not understood in life) by my mother, and the deep philosophical and artistic yearnings of my father, unrealized and somewhat restricted by his chosen career in life as a production engineer.

As a soul on your journey, take time to observe and learn more about your family dynamics.  They will help you grow and also help you to improve other relationships in the future.

Parents, Siblings, and Children Together on the Journey

Because of my Soul Group of origin, I was very different from my other family members.  As a wanderer Soul (not originally from Earth) I have experienced other lifetimes in other Solar Systems, so it stands to reason that I would feel out of place and different here on Earth at times.

However, as an Oracle and Seer in other lifetimes, my mother and I have a powerful energetic connection that we were able to resolve later in life and with her passing.

In fact, her instructions to me as she began to transition were to ‘write what I know and share it‘.  So she is one of the reasons for this blog!  I have begun to understand that we had a Soul Contract to bring this part of my life into being.

So, as you can see, family dynamics can be a huge source of soul growth on the journey.

My father, as previously mentioned, was a production engineer and talented at mathematics and physics.  So talented, in fact, that he was able to take his degree at night school and then teach other people physics to make an extra income.

What he truly desired in life was to become a woodcarver and to create pieces for people to buy.  He carved lamps for our house which I loved and always remember looking at when I was a child.

Learn about your parents’ and siblings’ wishes and desires in life.  You may find some soul lessons there.

And, as for Soul Contracts with children, as many parents know, they are the biggest challenge for all of us!


The featured post picture is from The Akashic Tarot: A 62-card Deck and Guidebook by Sharon Anne Klingler and Sandra Anne Taylor. 

Sarah regularly gives Akashic Tarot Readings for specific life questions, situations, and circumstances.  Ask for an Akashic Tarot Reading when you book a general reading at the client portal.

Sarah is an Intuitive Coach and Akashic Records Reader.  You can download the brochure listing all the 12 Readings she offers.

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