How to learn more about Soul Levels of Consciousness

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How to learn more about Soul Levels of Consciousness

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Understanding our Soul levels of consciousness can sometimes help us shift into an awareness of new ideas and new concepts. Sometimes we can be stuck in our problems and lack a higher perspective – moving ‘up’ in our perception can help.

Soul levels of consciousness can be helpful

When we are stuck or have a problem or difficulty, sometimes it can be hard to see past it.  We struggle to see the issue from a higher perspective, and may not even be aware of the the Soul levels of consciousness.

Perhaps it’s our emotional response that prevents us from seeing a situation from both sides.  Or maybe we have been triggered by a past unhappy experience, and that blinds us to the present moment.

Struggling to see the higher perspective is truly part of the human condition.  We are trying to survive, live, and even thrive in difficult times.

However, there always seems to be something blocking our path when we try to move forward!

Sometimes, seeing our lives from a higher perspective can be enormously helpful.

Take it a step further on the spiritual journey and we can also learn to see our lives from the perspective of our Soul.

Begin with your current point of view

soul level perspectives

Sometimes a change of perspective is as simple as putting ourselves in another’s shoes.  This can immediately change our perception of the other person’s position, sometimes even our point of view.

When we do this, we are activating our mirror neurons to feel the other person’s life experience.  This is often what empathic people can do.

At times, disagreements between people arise because of a misunderstanding of the facts, or even a different perception of the facts.

This is because the other person holds a completely different point of view than we do!

This difficulty in matching perceptions can cause tension in relationships, a misunderstanding of agreements, and sometimes even rifts between cultures and countries.

If we view the world through a particular perception and are completely invested in it, then as a result we are stuck in a belief set.

We can’t shift our perspective to see the higher ground and change it because of this investment or attachment.

This is also known as a secondary gain. We may not like a situation or circumstance, but we get something from it, so we make do.

I like this definition of perception from

What is Perception?

Perception is the way you think about or understand someone or something. It is also what you understand or interpret from your five senses – touch, sight, sound, smell, and taste.

However, perception is colored by our past experiences, feelings and thoughts. The same scene can be understood in two different ways by two different individuals.

One person can say that a glass is half empty whereas another would say that it is half full.

Thus, it is clear that different individuals can understand and interpret the same information in different ways.

A 3-step process to shift our perception

So, how do we shift our perception of a situation or circumstance, so that we can see all sides, or at least try to?

It’s important to work through this 3 step process.

  1. Make sure you have all the facts and are clear enough about them to be able to explain them to someone else.
  2. Question yourself – why you are reacting the way you are?  What is the emotional reaction?  What is the trigger?
  3. Spend some time learning to perceive the situation from another person’s point of view, even if you don’t agree with it.

Once we have begun this process, if you wish, you can broaden your perspective even further, right up to your Soul levels of consciousness.

Your Soul-level perspective is…

soul level perspectives

Your Soul-level perspective is very different to your human one.

The Soul is mainly interested in experiencing itself through incarnation. By incarnating, the Soul wants to achieve individuation.

This means that, when a Soul is incarnated, it wants to experience itself and understand more deeply its’ reactions to life’s experiences.

If a Soul were to ask itself 3 questions about its’ current life experiences, they might be: –

  • What does my karmic load feel like this time around, and are there any opportunities for clearing it?
  • Which key relationships can I learn from most in this lifetime?
  • How can I plant seeds in my Akashic Record for future life experiences?

Do you see how different in perspective and focus these questions are from the human 3-step focus listed earlier in this post?

The Soul sees its trip to Earth as a kind of Hawaiian holiday, as odd as it sounds, and wants to try all the flowery shirts, drink all the delicious drinks, and walk on all the beaches.

It doesn’t perceive all the different experiences as ‘good’ or ‘bad’, the Soul just wants to individuate, possibly clear karma, and move forward on its personal Soul trajectory.

Your Soul is excited about learning all of the things you will learn on your life’s journey.

The Soul individuates by experiencing everything

Think of individuation from the perspective of being a dog joining a new family. When a dog first arrives in its’ new family, it doesn’t know how to fit in.

Dogs are innately pack animals, so the dog will watch, observe, listen and sense as best it can to what is happening.

shallow focus photography of a cavalier king charles spaniel
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As the dog matures, it will fit into the routines and styles of behavior that the family or ‘pack’ exhibit. It wants to meld and be part of the energy of the pack to feel safe and loved – and to survive, of course.

Dogs come from a collective Soul or consciousness. The way they individuate is to learn how to fit into their family, then on passing they head back to the collective and add that information to the whole.

Dog souls do remember great family experiences or bad ones, but they don’t carry karma over in the same way that we do. Dogs just don’t have the same direct influence on the world that humans do.

The Soul Levels of consciousness records events emotionally

If a Soul has a really rough life, or a smooth one, all is recorded as an emotional imprint and then taken home by something called the Causal Energy Body.

This helps the Soul to record all of its’ life experiences and return them to the Soul levels of consciousness, or higher perspective.

If you happen to like or dislike the experience you are having in this current life – as far as the Soul is concerned this is all data for the Souls’ Akashic Record

For the Soul, it’s all about the big picture, and how the Soul can squeeze some part of its’ big self into an individuated aspect.

For us as incarnated humans, it’s all about what we are doing right now.

How do we get these two points of view to meet in the middle?

woman holding a mirror
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Think of the Soul as your curious and overarching awareness.  It’s eternal and knows about all of your past lives.

Yet as an incarnated human, you don’t have that perspective, you only have the conscious perspective of your present life.

The Soul just wants to feel, sense, and learn – all experience to the Soul is fascinating, even things that you might see as a ‘lesson’ or something bad or unwelcome in your life!

Therefore, the Soul’s perspective can be a great help in changing our perception of something we are stuck with in the present moment. 

It’s about being able to switch or oscillate between 2 points of view – ‘big’ Soul perspective, ‘little’ human awareness.

Seeing our present moment as a step in the whole journey

As someone with psychic and intuitive skills, I became aware of other energies quite early on in life. I did stuff a lot of my experiences as a young person and teenager, like many of us do.

In later life, I couldn’t deny the experiences I was having any longer, so I looked into them and trained with some different spiritual teachers. This is how I found out that I could read the Akashic Records for people.

That meant that, I experienced an energetic phenomenon, I began to realize that there was a higher purpose behind that experience.

My Soul levels of consciousness started to inform my daily life. It’s a work in progress, but we can all learn to do this if we choose.

You can begin this process too. I have found that the most effective way to access your Soul levels of consciousness is through learning about your personal Akashic Record.

Bring your Soul-level gifts, talents and abilities into present life

So one of the Soul’s first questions is: –

How can I clear my karmic load this time around?

And then in our current incarnation, to try and gain a deeper understanding, we might be asking:-

What are the facts? Why am I reacting this way? Why do I have this point of view?

What if you could pose these questions to the electromagnetic and emotional database of your Akashic Records?

When you do this, you will get context as to why you are experiencing a certain situation.

Maybe there is: –

  • a karmic pattern that needs clearing.
  • You’ve experienced a difficult relationship before in another life and your Soul wants to experience this in a new setting.
  • Your present Life Lessons or Themes set by your Soul have set you up to go through a specific difficulty.

Karma is a catalyst that keeps repeating until it is no longer needed.

The Law of One

Clearing energetic blocks and restrictions can often release old patterns of behavior, including limited emotional awareness.

Doing this type of clearing work in turn gives us more opportunities to broaden our abilities and see other people’s perspectives too!  After all, we are all Souls on the journey.

Practicing energetic clearing work within Akashic Records helps many clients to shift their perspectives. 

We can take our present life questions into our Akashic Records, and discover the big picture viewpoint.

We then have context and can decide how best to move forward. This can be a very validating and enlightening process.

Once we shift our perspective to the level of the Soul, we can consider making different decisions and taking new actions because we have access to the Soul levels of consciousness.

Sarah is an Intuitive Coach and Akashic Records Reader.  You can download the brochure listing all 12 Readings she offers, and contact her here at the Client Portal.

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