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3 examples of Life Lessons and how can they help you

Personal Growth through the Akashic Records, Past Lives, Human Design and more with Sarah Lawrence

3 examples of Life Lessons and how can they help you

life lessons

What is the Life Lessons Reading?

As humans here on planet Earth, we have set up all sorts of ideas for ourselves.  Some of these ideas can help us to move forward on the spiritual journey.  One of those concepts is that of Life Lessons.

We joke about learning our lesson in a particular situation or circumstance.  Often we discuss an ongoing difficulty in life as a lesson to be overcome.

We talk about getting our ‘fingers burned’.  Through experience, we learn not to repeat something.  Through others’ experiences, we learn to identify someone else’s difficulties as lessons learned in life.

From the perspective of the Soul and the Akashic Records – what ARE life lessons?

Filter, lens, or kaleidoscope

life lessons

Before an incarnation, a soul chooses between 1 to 6 Life Lessons in order to learn about itself more fully.

The Soul isn’t attached to life lessons at all.   They are simply filters, lenses, or a kaleidoscope of perspectives.  These perspectives are what a Soul chooses to see itself through within any given incarnation.

Your Soul is very interested in knowing itself more fully.   Lessons learned in life are a great way to increase that self-knowledge by growing self-awareness.  This is achieved through action in our third-dimensional reality – what to do, and what to avoid next time.

The Primary Life Lesson

There is always a Primary Life Lesson.  This sets the general energetic tone for that Soul’s life.  The Primary Life Lesson may even contribute to the Soul’s Purpose in that lifetime.

You can learn more about your Primary Life Lesson and Soul Purpose through my Soul Purpose Reading.  The Soul Purpose can be a very complex question, and this reading is a good way to begin that process of understanding.

My Primary Life Lesson is Trust.  Does this mean that I’ve experienced a life filled with trustworthy people and lots of situations that helped me to grow trust in myself?

Maybe, and then again maybe not!

What you may learn in a Life Lessons Reading

With the Primary Life Lesson of Trust, for example, it may be of interest to your Soul to learn about who to trust in a particular lifetime.

I have a Soul Aspect which means that I tend to struggle with the understanding that some people are very attached to who they are right now.  I tend to make an assumption that everyone is open to change.

Yet, I’m also good at seeing the future potential in people from the perspective of their personal growth.  This is a very useful skill for a life coach and intuitive coach, however, it has tripped me up in the realm of relationships.

Initially, I thought that what I would see as future potentials in an individual would surely come true.  In most cases, it didn’t, and I was living with someone who was quite happy to live in their negative patterns and not change a thing.

I’ve often entered into relationships seeing the person from the perspective of their future potential, rather than who they are now.  Perhaps you can relate?

To learn more about your individual Soul Aspects, it’s important to start this process with the Soul Star Reading.

My Soul’s interest in learning about itself through the life lesson of trust has led me into situations where people were repeatedly untrustworthy–until I became more self-aware and have learned a lot about trusting others as well as self-trust.

I’m still not complete with the life lesson of Trust — I’m about 67% complete.  How complete you are with a life lesson, and which areas of your life the life lesson is active in currently, can be divined during the Life Lessons reading.

If you are currently struggling with a particular life situation, this can be enlightening and extremely helpful!

What about the other Secondary Life Lessons?

Depending upon your Soul’s intentions for this life, you may have between 2 and 6 Secondary Life Lessons.

I have 2 Secondary Life Lessons currently active, those being Consciousness and Assertiveness.

life lessonsBefore I knew anything about life lessons, I had a lot of trouble being assertive, even though I felt and sensed a lot of unusual energetic information around others from a very young age.

Even the most narcissistic of my bosses used to try and coax out my opinions after a meeting because he knew they would be useful.

Of course, he would then go and use them for himself and characterize them as his ideas, but with a narcissistic boss, that is often an end result of having to work with them.

If you have to work with a narcissistic person, you will know what I mean.  It’s gangster-like energy.

I was bullied as a younger child, and through trauma and hard-coded behavioral requirements as a female, I wouldn’t react or respond when bullied.  This pattern continued on into later life and still bugs me at times. I’m working on it!

Having a blog where I can now write what I think is an enormous help in moving through this particular Life Lesson.

How to work with a Life Lesson to encourage personal growth

I believe I’ve done a lot of work within the Life Lesson of Consciousness.

The first moment where I became aware of my consciousness – and the consciousness of another – was through an interaction with a family friend when I was 3.

This person felt like a threat to me and my mother, yet he was friendly with everyone around him.  I just didn’t like the energy, so at the age of 3, I did a very instinctive thing.  I would scream whenever he came near me.

Of course, my parents and other adults would tell me off, because I was being rude from their perspective.  My mum also tried to rationalize my response by saying that it must be his hair that scared me (he had a buzz cut which was not something I had seen before).

I always kept my distance from this person, even when I grew up. Finally, after he passed away, my mum admitted to me that whenever my dad was out of sight and they were alone, this person would make unwanted sexual advances towards my mother.

Now I completely understand why my consciousness and energetic sensitivity caused me to scream.  It was an entirely appropriate response!  I wasn’t even sexually mature, yet I knew the energy meant ‘threat’.

So, I hope you can see from this article how life lessons can help us move forward on the spiritual path and also encourage intuitive growth.

Here’s the link to the Life Lessons Reading if it interests you.  If you are interested in more than one reading, message me here at the client portal, we can discuss which readings will work best for you, and I’ll create a personalized package for you.

Lots of light and please feel free to comment below or ask questions.

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