How to Work With Your Intuition for Self-Healing with Oracle Cards

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How to Work With Your Intuition for Self-Healing with Oracle Cards

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A very powerful part of the spiritual journey is about expanding our ability to use intuition for self-healing. Divination tools, such as Oracle Cards, can help support our personal growth in this area.

Working with your Intuition for Self-Healing and Wellness

How can you work your intuition for self-healing? 

The truth is that we all have some level of intuition already active within us.  This is also true when it comes to our health and wellness.

Remember that occasion when you said to yourself later “Oh, I shouldn’t have eaten that!”

Perhaps you sensed some kind of danger in a location or situation, yet you put that sensation aside and did it anyway.

Maybe you have entered into a relationship that you knew wasn’t good for you. 

For any number of reasons, despite this inner knowing, you went ahead and committed your time, energy, money, and even a good portion of your life to trying to make the relationship work.

In the long run, you were aware on some level that the relationship would just not be right for you.

Sometimes, we can also sense that a health situation is arising and that it needs work. 

Where to get started when we want to work with our own intuition for self-healing?

Intuition for self-healing and your Inner World

There are several tools and approaches we can employ through our own intuition to help us heal and grow.

The great thing about intuitive tools is that their results are measurable. 

Intuitive tools can be an indicator that we are not only applying our intuition but logic and reason only in the self-healing process!

Accessing our Inner World using Oracle cards

Divination tools are mechanisms that reflect our inner world and the workings of our subconscious mind.

This information comes back to us through symbolic language from the pictures and signs on the cards.  Our subconscious speaks in symbols!

Some examples of divination tools are

  • Tarot Cards
  • Oracle Cards
  • Runes, and
  • Pendulums.

The use of these types of divination tools has traditionally been surrounded by mystery. 

Despite this, there are some very simple ways that we can apply divination concepts to everyday issues. We can learn to work with our intuition for self-healing.  This does take a particular shift in the beliefs you may hold!

Many people are opening up to this shift in awareness at present.

We are beginning to learn that our personal energy field can be read or interpreted.

Tarot Cards

There is a rise in the use of Tarot card spreads to begin to interpret our inner worlds both inside and outside of the world’s spiritual community.

People are using Oracle Cards and Tarot cards to help them tap into their unconscious energy patterns and hidden motivations.

We can learn to do this through our innate connection with our own human Personal Energy Field or Aura.

We can connect with our subconscious mind and aura through the symbols and pictures displayed on Oracle Cards. 

Cards turn up because of our Aura

The cards are attracted to us because of our own subconscious energy patterns.  Our reactions to the cards create a connection with the images and principles displayed on each card.

Some great decks to get started with are Caroline Myss’s Archetype Cards and The Akashic Tarot: A 62-card Deck and Guidebook.  The Archetype Cards are very helpful for learning about our subconscious motivations.

The symbolism of these cards is based on the concept of Archetypes, or Forms that represent aspects of our consciousness.

These concepts have been present in human consciousness since the time of Plato.

The Akashic Tarot

Soul Contracts
The Commitment card from Klinger and Taylor’s Akashic Tarot deck

The Akashic Tarot cards are based on the original Tarot model

This model was inspired by decks of playing cards created in the 15th century. 

Tarot Card decks contain suits or groups that represent the multitude of different human conditions or situations.  These suits or groups are referred to as the Minor Arcana.

These suits or groups in the Minor Arcana can get renamed depending upon the creator of the deck. 

The names of the suits or groups may be completely different based upon the energy and intention behind the card set.

The Akashic Records

With the Akashic Tarot, the authors have considered the emergence of knowledge around the ‘sea of energy’ or the Akashic Field. 

In scientific terms, this relates to the research into the nature of entanglement through quantum physics. 

By working with Oracle Cards, we can grow our awareness of personal energy.

In traditional Tarot decks, the Major Arcana is somewhat similar to Archetypes, or the Forms inspired by Plato’s work. 

Some examples of Archetypes are the Tower, denoting sudden change, The Hermit, or Magician, for example.

In the Akashic Tarot Deck, many of the Major Arcana or Archetype cards have been changed from more traditional Forms into new Forms. 

These new creations have in many cases been redesigned to represent the new paradigm of human consciousness, that of energy being entangled and influenced from a distance in the Akashic Age.

This makes for a very interesting and inspiring deck!

Card decks to work with your intuition for Self-Healing

find your destiny

The first step is to pick a card deck that really resonates with you.  You like the artwork, the colors, even the type of text that has been chosen.

A lot of people enjoy Angel Oracle Card Decks and Tarot Decks for these reasons.   The concepts are calming, and the pictures are beautiful.

Here are some Oracle Card Decks I’ve reviewed on the blog if you want to take a look: –

Unpack your chosen deck, and just take a look at all the cards. 

There’s no need to start reading the cards at this stage.  You are simply activating your subconscious responses to the cards, you may ‘like’ some, and not ‘like’ others, it’s OK, all responses are valid for some reason.

Some readers like to sleep with their new deck under their pillow for a week or two.  This enables you to connect with the energy of the deck as you start to learn to work with it!

Edgar Cayce, also known as ‘The Sleeping Prophet’ is one of the most well-known Akashic Records Readers in the West.   

Struggling with his math homework as a young child, Edgar got tired and fell asleep on his workbook.

When he woke up, he discovered that he could remember the entire contents of the book.

For some of us, the same may be true with cards!

Intuition for self-healing – ask a question

The simplest way to begin to connect with your intuition is to shuffle the deck with a question in mind. 

Next, you can do a simple 3-card pull related to the question.   Even just pull one card to start with if you find the idea of 3 cards a bit overwhelming.

Take time to look at the pictures on the cards, any symbols that are present.   The nature of the light in the picture might speak to you. 

You might have an immediate reaction to the card, there may be something you really like.  Or perhaps something you really don’t like?

Are there any synchronicities? 

For example, if you asked about a relationship, perhaps a relationship card shows up in your reading.

Or perhaps you asked about abundance and the picture contains symbols that relate to money or riches?

We can begin to get very specific intuitive hits by learning how to connect with cards using our personal energy.

I’d love to hear your experiences of working with cards to date!

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  1. Crystal says:

    Hi!! Am very new to Tarot and Oracle cards. My first deck was I resonated with and its archangel animal Oracle cards. I am naturally drawn to nature and animals. I went and purchased a 2nd deck of Tarot cards something about them intrigued me. There hermetic tarot. I have only used them a few times. I just did a 3 card pull on the hermetic deck. It was quite a interesting pull. My past was 5 of pentacles. My present came out to be my birth tarot. My future was princess of cups. I gasped at my present it excited me I drew my birth Tarot card. And the future excited me as well because of the pictures held in it. I resonated with this pull pretty well. In seeing the pictures. Now I get to go explore meanings. I do know from what I felt and saw I am where I am supposed to be.

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