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How do professional psychics respond to skepticism from clients?

Akashic Records Readings with Sarah Lawrence

How do professional psychics respond to skepticism from clients?


Being a skeptic is healthy

I think being a skeptic is a very healthy position and comes from ancient Greek philosophical practice.

I don’t have any clients who are skeptics since once somebody comes to me they are fairly far along the spiritual path and are already experiencing spiritual validations of their own.

The above question,

How do professional psychics respond to skepticism from clients?

…came from my Quora feed this month and I thought it was an interesting share.

Curiosity is OK, but it’s not the spiritual path

People who are new on the spiritual path tend not to stick with my programs, or act on the suggestions from spirit, so there’s one or maybe two curiosity calls and that’s it.

Curiosity in the Akashic Records tends to breed more questions and more of a sense of curiosity.  When your intention is to learn about yourself and grow, that’s what you will get.

What’s important to self-check is a client who is going to lots of different readers because they are not happy with the answers they are getting.   Is this you?

When we are in uncomfortable or unwanted life situations, we can’t control our way out of them, life just doesn’t work that way.

Sometimes, when we’re in the pit, we have to dig our way out slowly.

Expecting a reader to ‘find’ an answer which will result in a miracle ‘leap’ is unrealistic. Your karma is yours, you have to clear it!

Don’t keep having readings in the hope or expectation of getting a different answer – this is an addiction

I had a client come to me once and I was his third Akashic Reading. He wanted to ‘dial up’ a particular past life.

I gave him the same information as the two previous readers, so he said.  But he still didn’t quite believe it even then!

That’s an expensive exercise when trying to make a leap of faith.  If you can’t hold a vibration, the information connected to that higher vibration is not going to be believed by your mind or your body.

Find another simpler way to expand your vibrational and energetic awareness.  Take an NLP class (neuro-linguistic programming), have an acupuncture session or an energy session. Then the body can unpack the energy that the mind is unwilling to process.

Self-check – are you a skeptic or a cynic?

As John Edward (psychic medium) often says, there is a difference between being a skeptic and being a cynic.

If you are skeptical, you either don’t believe or don’t know about a subject, so you are on a path of inquiry and energetically open to experiencing new information. Your mind is open.

If you are cynical, then you are holding a particular energetic posture of defense which relates to some kind of life trauma or disappointment, or repeated traumas.

Holding onto trauma can make us cynical

Your mind is closed because you are in pain, and repeating the old trauma over and over. As a projection and an attempt to release your pain, you try and create a contentious situation with someone else so that you can release the energy.

This is why so many people are yelling at each other on social media!

You might get a temporary release and feel better, but the essential trauma is still present.

It’s important to know whether you are a skeptic or a cynic before you have a reading.  The first could open you up to new knowledge and experiences, the second will just be a waste of your time and money.

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