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Akashic Records Readings with Sarah Lawrence

Samuel_Hahnemann_Memorial for work in Homeopathy

How to deal with a low grade allergic reaction and hives using homeopathy

What a week – a modern medical system breakdown affected me personally!  (And how to deal with a low grade allergic reaction) On Sunday morning I woke up and Arianna (my 8 year old younger daughter) had a low grade allergic reaction.   She had a rash on her cheek…which grew, and grew. By Monday (a…
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integrative medicine

Homeopathic Healing Stories | Bryonia for a dry cough | Wonder how a placebo could possibly cause this result?

Homeopathic Healing Stories – Bryonia for a dry cough This is a simple healing story from the realm of homeopathy…where I was given the homeopathic remedy Bryonia for a dry cough and had some unintended side effects! When working in training and development in the UK several years ago, my business partner and I were…
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big fat lies

Big Fat Lies Women Tell Themselves | Amy Ahlers ditches her Inner Critic | Book Review by Mom On A Spiritual Journey

Big Fat Lies Women Tell Themselves is a book with a secret…the author has somehow accessed her inner wisdom and knows all of the big fat lies women tell themselves!

All you have to do is open the first few pages of the book and look at the table of contents…and you will see every single big fat lie you have told yourself listed in this book by category, no less.

These are the ones we probably HAVEN’T told anyone, not even our best female buddy over a coffee, because many of them are unconscious and we say them in our minds without even being aware of what we’re doing.

There is a method to author Amy Ahler’s madness here. After all, what’s so attractive about reading a bunch of lies?

What is truly useful about this book, is that there are exercises to help us break down our reasons for lying and reprogram our thoughts.


How to take care of your family with homeopathy | Holistic Moms Network | Some tips from Mom On A Spiritual Journey

How to take care of your family with homeopathy – a webinar from Boiron USA and the Holistic Moms Network Are you interested in learning how to take care of your family with homeopathy – especially since the cold/flu season is approaching, but you’re not sure how to go about it? I got notified on…
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Gardasil Vaccine Legislated in California | Does Gardasil Really Work as advertised? | Injuries in my town? Wichita

Gardasil Vaccine Legislated in California without Parental Consent Legislation for the Gardasil vaccine  – so now there is not only no liability for a child taking a vaccine, but no consent either?  Here’s the link to the article Dr Tenpenny refers to, and the link to the video from Fox News. This from the Age…
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Integrative medicine and holistic practitioners

Do You Take Dietary Supplements?| Do you value your health freedom? | FDA attempt to ‘reclassify’ them as New Dietary Ingredients

Do you take dietary supplements – do they help you? Do you take dietary supplements – anything from multi-vitamins to fish oils? Do they help you? Do you know anyone who has been poisoned by them? Well, the FDA thinks you could be at risk for poisoning, and after 17 years where a previous ruling…
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oscillococcinum or oscillo

Oscillococcinum or Oscillo for short | Great for catching flu-like symptoms early | Using homeopathy for flu and colds

Oscillococcinum or Oscillo for short – hard to say, easy to use to help relieve flu-like symptoms Oscillococcinum, harder to say than to use, mostly shortened to ‘Oscillo’ by those in the know, is a homeopathic flu remedy. Up until recently Oscillococcinum has not been so well known in the States, but is commonly used…
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integrative medicine

Why holistic practitioners and integrative medicine should have a place in our lives

What are Holistic Practitioners? The term Holistic Practitioner has been coined to describe what seems like a new phenomenon, practitioners who offer health and wellness practices relating to the complete person in the treatment of a disease. Examples of holistic practitioners can be anything from some forms of chiropractic adjustment through to nutritionists, people who…
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Good yoga my way, at home or in a class

What is ‘good yoga’? After having experienced many different types of yoga, and stopping yoga, and not being consistent about going to class, I’ve always liked it enough to go back and start again. I think that’s ‘good yoga‘.  I also have heard several instructors say that good yoga is simply you doing your best…
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Organic food more affordable

Organic food is becoming more affordable…let’s keep voting with our wallets when we can!

Organic food more affordable in this part of the ‘Heartland’ – apples have made it! Doing a quick shop in my local Dillons last week, I was pleased and surprised to notice this price match.  (See photos below). Pink Lady Apples (non-organic) $1.99 a pound   Organic apples (Fuji), also $1.99 a pound Why buy…
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Rhubarb Crumble – a British dessert with some great health benefits!

Rhubarb Crumble When buying fruits and veggies in our local supermarket in Wichita, I often buy things that the person on the checkout doesn’t recognize. This happened a short while ago with rhubarb, a favoritefruit of mine which looks a bit like red celery but that has a sweet, tart, flavor to it when cooked (can’t…
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indigo children

Sensitive child? Some helps for moms with sensitive children

My sensitive children – in my opinion, in my experience… I’m going to start this post with a great quote from one of my favorite judges on the tv series The Good Wife.  Don’t know if you follow that series but there is a judge on there that all the lawyers do much better with if…
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