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Going deeper into the Akashic Records

Your journey matters - discover your past lives and Akashic Records

Going deeper into the Akashic Records

Akashic Records Reading

The Akashic Records and my Online Certification

This week I started my first week of four weeks of online study with the Akashic  Studies Center, created by Linda Howe, author of Reading the Akashic Records and Healing with the Akashic Records.

I started this spiritual practice over a year or so now after reading Linda’s book.

The ‘aether’ or all that surrounds us

The Akashic Records, aka The Book of Life is considered to be part of the’aether’, or all that surrounds us (Akash in Sanskrit means aether….).

Reading this way used to be in the realm of mystics, seers and psychics only.

Edgar Cayce and the Akash

One of the most well-known interpreters of the Records in modern times was Edgar Cayce, founder of the ARE or Association for Research and Enlightenment, where oddly enough (or not) I commenced my reflexology practice at the Cayce Reilly School of Massotherapy.

Edgar Cayce used to put himself in a light trance where he could read the Akashic Records and give people detailed information about their health.

He was unable to remember what went on during these sessions and what he said.  His long time secretary Gladys Davis Turner painstakingly transcribed all his sessions and they are still in use today.  You can buy searchable transcripts of his readings at…

Many doctors and MD still use the remedies and healing advice Edgar Cayce gave during during his trances

One example of his work is the application of heated castor oil packs using Palma Christi oil, available in many health stores now and also at the Heritage Center in Virginia Beach VA, a few blocks from where I first lived in the United States.

(And if you’re there, you HAVE to visit the Jewish Mother sandwich restaurant just around the corner). 🙂

How to practice readings for yourself with Linda Howe’s work

Linda Howe was called to study and work this way as part of her spiritual journey, and after 9/11 intuited a method of accessing the records using something called the Pathway Prayer Process.

It’s a simple and powerful prayer that changes the state of mind in order to connect with the energy of the Records and is a very simple process to learn.

Linda’s view (and mine too) is that it is now time for more people to be able to access the Records, not just to help others with readings, but as an avenue to help yourself and as part of a deeper spiritual practice.

This course is an opportunity to learn from Linda’s wisdom and experience without needing to travel to Chicago or one of the other areas where she offers live group study and certification.

The course involves 4 online lectures of 1.5 hours each using the Maestro conferencing service, a homework assignment each week and work with another student on your course who is your accountability partner and with whom you share your insights or in later weeks you provide a reading for (as they will read for you also).

A Skype connection is also helpful, or Google Chat, since students are being drawn to this work from all over the world and you may be paired up with someone from another country.

I’ve been giving online readings for a while, yet I knew attending this course would give me an opportunity to learn more from Linda Howe, the originator of this method, as well as learning from other people attracted to this spiritual practice.

We have a Facebook group for this class and already we are generating support for each other and sharing our learning experiences. This is only week 1 and already my learning has ramped up!

Would you like a reading?

Deep questions answered too...If you’re interested in having an Online Akashic Records reading, here’s a link to my online services page.

I have also written this article listing the top 5 reasons why you might be interested in having a reading.

You can connect with the Akashic Studies Center if you’re interested in attending a future course to learn to read for yourself.

Some unexpected help from giving readings – when buying a house

I’ve been able to help several clients already with this work – and myself, too.

Last year my husband and I were looking for a house and I used the Records to read the houses before we went to view them. (If houses are on the market, then it is OK to read them).

Reading a house without some form of permission from the owner is basically prurient and bad form. Who wants to be an energetic voyeur, after all?  If the house is on the market, then its Records are considered to be open.  (It’s the same reading for people, you need the person’s permission, their full legal name, and their direct permission to read their Records.)

We liked one house after the first visit and wanted to go back again, so I opened the Records in order to check it out.  I got a very clear reading that something was up with the sump pump in the basement (the seal) and that there were some foundational cracks that needed work.

When we went back for the second viewing, the realtor apologized and said that the sump pump had broken the night before, causing the furnace room to flood and the lower patio outside. We had heavy rain the night before.

As I looked out of the window I saw that one of the side walls from the lower patio had large cracks in it where water was seeping through into the ‘pit’ or lower patio.  These would not have been apparent unless the sump had failed.

We decided not to buy that house and I used the Records to read for the house we have now lived in since last September. All good so far!

Are you part of this work or interested in learning to read for yourself? I’ve love to hear from you.

All clients need to be 18 years or over to have an Akashic Records Reading


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  8. Jaci Sivley says:

    Love your example about the house/sump pump!

    I have the Howe book, and have been working with her method myself, but I suspect I don’t devote enough time…….don’t practice enough. (one of the problems w/ my ADD tendencies.)

    I do mean to get a reading at some point. Maybe the time is now!

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