Writing affirmations for 7 days | Iyanla Vanzant’s I am exercise and the benefits of written affirmations

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Writing affirmations for 7 days | Iyanla Vanzant’s I am exercise and the benefits of written affirmations

Using affirmations

Using Affirmations – written Affirmation 7 day exercise

I recently completed an exercise where I wrote 40 affirmations per day for 7 days.

All affirmations needed to be written in the positive frame and start with the words ‘I am’.

This suggested exercise came from Iyanla Vanzant’s excellent Stimu-Mail series.


Writing Affirmations – 40 per day?  Sounds a little off-putting…

I was excited to try this exercise because I love Iyanla Vanzant’s work, both on Oprah with her excellent series Fix My Life and her written work also.

Still, as I sat there with my blank page 40 affirmations did seem a lot – per day??

I took a breath and got going writing affirmations.

My first three were

I am a writer.

I am an energy worker.

I am energy.

Oh, this is interesting…my brain is going in a direction.

As I wrote more affirmations each day, I noticed a few things happening

First of all, my mind got really quiet while I was writing affirmations.  Sometimes the words would come out in a stream or almost a block…then there might be a pause.

I also began to notice when I slipped out of writing affirmations in the positive frame and needed to adjust my focus.

For example, with one affirmation I initially wrote

I am trusting life to teach me exactly what I need to know.

That didn’t feel satisfying, so I changed it to

I am trusting.

As I look at it now, even better would be

I am trust.

Doing this exercise makes me feel really, really happy!

The happiness quotient of writing affirmations seems to last for days afterwards too.

I have never used affirmations in such a big block before, continually writing affirmations, hadn’t realized how powerful a tool this method can be.

When I give Online Intuitive Sessions or other types of readings such as the Akashic Records reading or an Angelic Reading, sometimes affirmations come through that are specific for the client.

Click this link to read more about some other practical ways of using affirmations.

I’d also love to hear about any other ways that you use affirmations.


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6 Responses

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  2. Ned says:

    This is such a good exercise… me and my friend started writing a list about things that made us happy and we had to list 10 things everyday.. that exercise made me feel so positive and thankful! I would work on this too… although, this looks a little more difficult:P

  3. Jonathan says:

    Precision is POWER! It’s not enough to just know what you want, You must also know exactly how and when you want it. Print this affirmation out (printing it makes it 100% clearer than hand writing it) your subconscious mind immediately goes to work, make it big, and allow at least a year. Keep this paper, don’t destroy it.

    Who: I “Your full name”
    What: receive “your goal”
    When: At the present time and moment
    How: Without difficulty or effort and without delay

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