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Akashic Records Readings with Sarah Lawrence


Yin yoga – do yoga and stay still

Yoga practicing I’ve been a yoga ‘practicer’ more than practitioner, for many years now, on and off. Last September I turned it into a regular practice and have been attending lessons a minimum of twice per week. The hoped-for abs aren’t appearing yet but I’ve definitely got slimmer and more muscular plus I do have…
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family pathology

Restorative Spiritual Practice for the Holiday Season

The Holiday Season and Restorative Spiritual Practice This is the season where often we just go and go…and go again (moms especially!). For the first time this year I find myself with a lot less energy than some of my best intentions demand. I wrote a Christmas letter to friends and family this year and…
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integrative medicine

Hello gallbladder cleanse and helloooo emotions!

I’ve learned through experience that emotions can be unlocked from our muscles with a deep massage, or felt through our chakras during meditation.But stored and released from our organs?  This one is a head trip, or more accurately a body trip.

My brain didn’t remember, but my gallbladder does.

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I have a dream – Visionary Rising

Visionary Rising Attending a course called Akashic Visionaries by my Akashic Records teacher Linda Howe. Within the framework of this course she reviews the question “What is a Visionary?” During the first part of this course Linda said Visualizers use that wonderful tool of visualization: a thoughtful, deliberate formation of mental images or pictures.  …
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inner peace

5 dos and do-nots for yoga beginners and yoga restarters

Yoga beginners and yoga restarters! Bob Clary at Webucator invited me to write a post about beginning yoga for their ‘Teach your Talent’ campaign. September is Self Improvement month – Webucator often offer free classes…here’s a link to their free Microsoft training classes. Strangely (or not) I have been ramping up my attendance at yoga…
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Akashic Records Reading

Autogenics – a simple way to meditate

Autogenics – odd name, easy way to meditate! If you’re new to the world of Personal Energy or hear others talking about Energy Work and wonder what it is…then you may be asking yourself where to start. I began to develop my own spiritual and energetic awareness is because I knew I didn’t feel good.…
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lets have a summer

To all home moms, dads and carers – let’s have a summer!

This year, I am having a summer Still tending the dishwasher, the laundry, the bathrooms (sometimes – ha!) I am planning kid’s schedules and being Mom Taxi to places near and far Still, I’m having a summer by g-d! Yes you may see me by the pool in the afternoon (re-reading Maya Angelou, maybe) Yes…
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Aspartame and your kidneys – are you aware?

Aspartame and your kidneys – are you ‘on it’? Recently met another online blogger…@quitospare on Twitter who had tweeted this article about the latest diet Coke ad campaign, inferring that young people will be ‘on’ e.g. energized and ready to go if they drink the diet coke product. Seriously? It contains aspartame amongst other things…which…
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Mom On A Spiritual Journey

Become an Alternative Mom

How to become an alternative mom? Doing a shop in Target today and some ladies were stacking the shelves (I went in early). One of them said to another So, how are your little ones? They then began a discussion about the latest round of flu, colds and allergies.   Isn’t that what it’s really…
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Mandala drawing and coloring – another tool for the Spiritual Journey

Mandala Drawing and Coloring A while back I learned how to be Drawsome on Mara Belzer’s excellent course. She introduced a group of us Spiritual Journeyers, would-be artists, or simply people wishing to relax and focus, to the benefits and simple processes of creating our own Mandalas. Mandala comes from an old Sanskrit word meaning…
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Samuel_Hahnemann_Memorial for work in Homeopathy

Please do NOT use homeopathy, it is OK with me, I really do not care!

Do not use homeopathy – I use it…but you don’t have to! It’s been three years now since I started this blog and began to write about alternative health, my experiences of homeopathy included. There continues to be great personal growth for me, health and wellness for my family and myself (including an ex-military test-pilot…
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myyogaonline giveaway from Sarah at Mom On A Spiritual Journey Giveaway! I was recently approached by with a very kind offer. I get to play with their services and write about them – and you (dear reader) get an opportunity to win a year’s membership at! Now that’s the kind of abundance sharing I like.  It’s an $89.95 value by the way.…
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