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What is my Soul Purpose? Learn to tune into your Soul’s energy

Personal Growth through the Akashic Records, Past Lives, Human Design and more with Sarah Lawrence

What is my Soul Purpose? Learn to tune into your Soul’s energy

what is my soul purpose

Wouldn’t it be great if we could just read our Soul Purpose from a list? Incarnation is a little more complex than just looking something up on the internet, so establishing our Soul’s purpose takes more focus.

When asking the question “What is my Soul’s Purpose?”, the answer is going to take longer to download than a simple search on the internet! It can be done though, with personal work, a Soul Purpose reading, and some contemplation.

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Discover your Soul’s Purpose through the Soul Purpose Akashic Reading

What is my Soul Purpose?

This deeply heartfelt question above is one of the most common questions I get from new clients.

At the same time, our thoughts may also turn towards our Life Purpose.

I can certainly address both these requests with different readings, but let’s focus on the Soul’s Purpose today!

(For more information about discovering your Life Purpose, check out this link).

So how do you get closer to discovering your Soul’s Purpose? 

This post puts a spotlight on the Soul Purpose Reading to help you understand where to begin to find your answers.

The Soul Purpose Reading – how to get from A to B?

what is my soul purpose

When we are searching for our Soul Purpose, we start asking about this because we have a sense that there is something unfulfilled within us.

There is a calling to grow or change, or to be doing something other than what is already happening in our lives.

That something else calls or nudges us towards taking some kind of action – but what can we do if we don’t know our Soul Purpose already?

This can feel frustrating when we are trying to move forward into a new future but don’t know where to start.

Akashic Readings can help with Soul Purpose

In my opinion, this is where Akashic Records Readings are so useful.

You can always start with a general reading if you want.  This can help with first-level answers to nagging questions, but what if you want to take action or clear something from your Record?

Just having those answers isn’t enough to move you forward.  You need more focus to really narrow in on those answers!

There are 12 different Akashic Readings

You can think of the 12 different Akashic Readings as different internet searches for your Soul.

The Akashic Records are our personal cloud of data from our present life and past lives, stored in an emotionally energetic format.

Imagine being faced with a massive amount of data and needing to locate that needle in the haystack to help you with your Soul’s Purpose.

Just asking general questions about your data won’t hack it, because you won’t have the full picture.

There is a system to help you get questions answered

What if there is a system or approach that could help you build your picture and get your questions answered? 

After many years of spiritual inquiry, tapping into this system helped me to get my questions answered. 

I always recommend that clients begin with the Soul Star Reading

Do this reading first because it gives you so much information to work with, all related to your Soul-level information and your Akashic Records.

Think of the Soul Star Reading as a rapid tour of your Akashic Records!  The Soul Star Reading also gives you a proven method to help you clear existing blocks and restrictions.

This post focuses on the Soul Purpose reading, which works very well after you have experienced the Soul Star Reading.  Think of it as ‘stage 2‘.

3 different ways Soul Purpose can help

Once you have had your Soul Star Reading, discovered your Divine Soul Blueprint, and then cleared some present life and past life blocks and restrictions with the 21-day prayer, it will be time to dive a little deeper.

The Soul really wants to experience itself, that is the Soul’s own major Soul Purpose if you like.

But how does it experience itself, and how can that help us when we are incarnated in our 3D bodies? 

We can learn to understand our Soul Purpose in these three ways: –

  1. By discovering the Soul’s Primary Life Lesson – how does your Soul want to know itself, this time around?
  2. Find out what our Soul Specialization is – along with our Divine Soul Blueprint, our Soul Specialization can tell us a lot about why we are here, and what directions we are best suited to head toward.
  3. How to expand your Intuition, also known as The Higher Self plus information about your current connection to your Higher Self.

The Soul’s Primary Life Lesson

what is my soul purpose

A Life Lesson is a lens that a Soul chooses to see itself through in a particular lifetime. 

Imagine the Primary Life Lesson as an over-arching emotional and energetic theme for the Soul’s current life.

When I prepare your Soul Purpose Reading for you, I connect with your personal Akashic Record remotely, and, using intuition and a pendulum, select your Primary Lesson from over 80 choices!

Three examples of Primary Life Lessons are Trust, Awareness, and Self-Love.

Example 1: Trust as a Primary Life Lesson

When a Soul chooses a Primary Life Lesson, it could choose Life Situations where trusting others is going to create challenges and possibly even difficulties.

Or, it could choose a Primary Life Lesson of trust, where everyone is trustworthy, and the Soul has lots of abundant relationships based around trust!

The Soul itself doesn’t attach desired outcomes to a Primary Life Lesson, or consider that one life path or situation could be better than another — that is what we do as humans in our everyday existence.

Getting the Soul-level perspective on our Primary Life Lesson is very helpful in figuring out our Soul’s Purpose.

Example 2: Awareness as a Primary Life Lesson

With a Primary Life Lesson of Awareness, a Soul could choose a life where the focus is on developing awareness in all its forms.

Equally, it could choose a life where it experiences unaware people all around, and that may be the chosen aspect of the Lesson.

Example 3: Self-love selected as a Primary Life Lesson

When choosing a Primary Life Lesson of Self-Love, a Soul could be selecting a life where Self-love is a given, and love is an abundant force in that Soul’s chosen incarnation.

On the other hand, the Soul could choose a life where Self-love is a struggle, and the Soul must find its’ identity by exploring the differences between having no Self-love and learning how to grow Self-love.

As you can see from the above examples, learning about our Primary Life Lesson can be enormously enlightening.

During the Soul Purpose Reading, you’ll also discover how complete your Primary Life Lesson is at this point in your life.  You will also discover which Life Areas your Primary Life Lesson is showing up in at present.

Our Soul Specialization – a special skill

Imagine yourself as Batman or Superwoman – in a dark alleyway. 

The baddies are coming and there is no way out.  This is how I like to see our Soul Specialization.

It’s a special gift or ability that a Soul has as a part of its innate structure.

When we learn about our Divine Soul Blueprint in the Soul Star Reading, it’s an opportunity to learn about hidden gifts, talents, and abilities, and our Soul Group, or groups of origination.

Once we have this information under our belts, then it’s time to learn about your Soul Specialization – an extra skill or tool that you can call on, just like Batman with his utility belt!

Learning our Soul Specialization can give us a lot of answers about our lives in unexpected ways.

When I learned about my Soul Specialization, it explained why I’m now doing the work that I do.  It was very validating for me.

The Higher Self – also known as our Intuition

develop your intuition

Edgar Cayce (born 18 March 1877 – died 3 January 1945) was a famous Akashic Records Reader and specialized in reading for people who were unwell. 

These days, we would call him a medical intuitive.

He firmly believed that connecting with the Higher Self was a powerful way to expand our Intuition and understand our Soul’s Purpose more deeply.

I agree with Edgar Cayce’s view of the Higher Self, he stated that

The Higher Self is not the same thing as our Soul, it’s our connection to it.

Edgar Cayce, The Sleeping Prophet

The broadband wifi connection to the Soul

So, our Higher Self enables us to experience intuitive impulses, sometimes directly through our asking, such as during prayer or meditation.

We can also experience intuitive impulses indirectly, or haphazardly through the Higher Self, such as through premonitions or an inspiring idea.

During the Soul Purpose Reading, you’ll find out how strongly your Higher Self is connected to your Soul, both through your conscious mind and your subconscious mind.

I can also channel information and direct instructions that will help you expand your intuition during this part of the reading.

Interested in growing the Higher Self Connection?  Check out this three-part coaching series with Sarah>>

Life lesson, Soul specialization, Higher Self, some answers

I hope you can see from this post how helpful focused working in your Akashic Records can be, to help you move towards achieving your personal goals and desired spiritual growth.

I’d highly recommend booking the Soul Star Reading first if you haven’t had one, yet, followed by the Soul Purpose Reading.

The other route some clients like to take is to include the Spirit Guide Reading.

So if you’d like to book all three readings for savings, you can use the package booking link, here>>

I hope I have helped you understand how to get closer to your Soul Purpose by learning about the Soul Purpose Reading.

Sarah is an Intuitive Coach and Akashic Records Reader.  You can download the brochure listing all 12 Readings she offers, and contact her here at the Client Portal.

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