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How To Help Ourselves Heal Through The Causal Body

Personal Growth through the Akashic Records, Past Lives, Human Design and more with Sarah Lawrence

How To Help Ourselves Heal Through The Causal Body

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The Causal Body is part of our energetic structure, and records and saves our emotional experiences into our Akashic Record. How can we work with the Causal Body in present life to help ourselves heal?

What is the Causal Body?

The Causal Body is known as the highest subtle energy body, housing the true soul, and is the 4th in the 7 major planes of human reality.

It is responsible for our highest creative aspects and the deepest part of our soul essence.  When we work with archetypes, we are working with the Causal Body.

Archetypes are ways of understanding human behavior through different ‘types’ of people. Three examples of archetypes that we might play out in our world are The Saboteur, The Empress, and The Mystic.

The Causal Body is where our true inner self manifests. Our Soul wisdom is stored here and taken back through our Higher Self to our Soul.

When we have an inspiration or ‘aha’ moment, the energy of ideas has been synthesized in our Causal Body and brought back down into the physical body through the communication of language.

You can think of it as a kind of ‘umbrella’, that also pulls up all of our emotional experiences and seeds them into our fifth-dimensional Akashic Records for the future.

Channeling information about the Causal Body

Working with our Causal Body (the 4th Energy Body) can be a key to some deep healing.   

We can choose to see our difficulties and roadblocks holographically as a universal experience from the Causal perspective.

Black and white truths become more about wisdom, rather than specific to everyday experiences and our personal and subjective ideas.

The causal plane forms the bridge that links human evolution to the higher evolutions beyond humanity.

Richard Rudd, The Gene Keys

I decided to ask my Spirit Guides, Teachers, and Loved Ones to comment on the nature of the Causal Body.

Q: Please tell me more about the Causal Body and how to consciously work with this aspect of ourselves.

The Palaces of the Mind are a strange and unusual place.

If we stay locked in the energy of the first three chakras (root, sacral, and solar plexus) we may never sense all the potentials and possibilities that accessing the Causal body can bring to us.

Bringing our energy up to the first three Chakras to the Heart Chakra, and calling down the energies of the Higher Self and Oversoul through the Crown, Third Eye, and Throat Chakras will bring greater success.

Through the first 3 chakras (root, sacral, solar plexus), we can feel the tribal energies, transmute energy, and work with the emotional energy body.

Through the top 3 chakras in the human body (Crown, Third Eye, and Throat Chakra) we can pull down the symbols and signs of intuition and high mind workings and express them through language.

When we are able, through practice, to unite these energies through the Heart Chakra, the above and below planes of awareness are united and create energetic alchemy.

We become able to ‘see both sides’. We can feel and sense our Earth life, and also imagine and ideate from our past lives and our future desired potentials.

Heart-centered meditations

Practice heart-centered meditations which encourage energy flow from the ‘above’ and the ‘below’, and you will begin to know your Causal energy body more deeply.

Your Astral Guide from the outer circle and Gatekeeper Guide from your inner circle can help you with these connections.

When we incarnate and live in the Planet Earth schoolroom, these connections to the Causal Body can become fragmented, separated and divided by trauma, programming and habitualized thinking.

Our Adult Self can feel lost

The adult part of ourselves can feel broken, thwarted and lost. 

There can sometimes be a refusal by the other parts of ourselves, including the inner child, to assume the responsibilities that come with being an adult on planet Earth.

These fragmented pieces can float about in the aura, knocking into each other or into other people’s lost and fragmented pieces. 

This sometimes causes triggering, pain and disassociation.  Working from the higher perspective, healing these pieces can lead to greater wholeness.

The Causal Body is always whole and healed from the Higher Perspective. When we reach that perspective through meditation, we can begin our healing process.

Internet Superhighway 

The Causal Energy Body is also a kind of an energetic internet superhighway between our younger and older selves in present life.  We can reconnect that superhighway by working on ourselves.

Our peception of ourselves at different ages are simply different aspects of us.   

Why not communicate and pass information and data between them using meditative work? We never know what we might learn!

End of channeling

Work with the Causal Body for emotional healing

There are several ways that you can consciously work with your Causal Body to encourage healing.

  • play something you loved as a child and love and appreciate it yourself for it from an adult perspective.
  • Consider including more spontaneity where appropriate in your adult daily responsibilities.
  • Spend time watching children play in a park if you don’t spend time with children in your daily life.
  • Ask your children about their favorite aspects of being a child and how they think they might choose to continue that energy onwards into their adult life.
  • Consider any ‘broken pieces’ you believe you may have as the adult inner self or inner child, and — consider meditating on those aspects to gain greater clarity, have a reading, or consider seeing a therapist for talk therapy.
  • Work with oracle cards to discover archetypes that may be active for you, and contemplate the information.

You might also enjoy this podcast I created about the 7 different energy bodies.

Sarah is an Intuitive Coach and Akashic Records Reader.  You can download the brochure listing all 12 Readings she offers, and contact her here at the Client Portal.

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