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How to make a strong connection with your intuition

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How to make a strong connection with your intuition



Learning to make a strong connection to your intuition

If you wish to make a stronger connection to your intuition, I believe step 1 is to embrace your gifts.

Often during client readings, clients will receive informative confirming a gift or ability but then say “Nah…what I really want to do is (something else)!”.

Changing this attitude also relates to the three spiritual concepts of

  • knowing yourself
  • loving yourself
  • accepting yourself.

As many of us know, these tasks can sometimes be a truly complex part of the spiritual journey to learn to accept and master!

Our intuition knows best

Often on the spiritual journey, our intuition is telling us all along what the next step on the path needs to be for our own highest good, yet we often question it and turn to other choices of our own making.

I remember during my first shamanic workshop, a colleague and I were asked to ‘journey’ for each other.  This is an altered state of mind encouraged by laying down, relaxing, covering the eyes, and listening to drumbeats.

Following this process, it is possible to experience a guided meditation and in this case, we each brought back information for the other.

Our mission was to come back with a totem animal for the other person that would empower them and be deeply meaningful.

My partner journeyed for me and came back with a white wolf, a totem animal which I have found significant and helpful on many occasions.

When I journeyed for him, I returned with a dolphin, which secretly I loved and hoped would have been my totem animal.  Guess what…he was discouraged because he wanted a wolf or a bear, and said that he already knew he’d get the dolphin but didn’t want it!

Both of us were on another journey there, those of accepting our own nature and energy, which we perceived to be different than what it truly was – spoken from the voice of intuition.

Begin to know yourself and connect more easily with your intuition

When deciding to grow your intuition, one of the best ways to go about it (after 20 years on the journey!) is to get back in touch with your strengths,

I have a theory that our skills and abilities in everyday life translate to where we are skillful as intuitives. Connecting these dots together will improve our intuition!Click To Tweet

Here are three examples of what I mean

  1. If you are a highly sensitive person, then your intuition will work well in tracking others’ emotional and physical states because you are sensitive and aware of your own.
  2. If you favor visual methods of learning, such as charts and diagrams, and learn that way more easily, then it’s entirely possible that one of your intuitive gifts will be clairvoyance or the gift of clear-seeing.
  3. If you love being out in nature, camping, doing yard work or hiking, then you are naturally tuning in to the energy of nature and Gaia, so shamanic journeying will really appeal to you, perhaps even working with crystals.

When we learn to know ourselves better, we begin to love and accept ourselves

As we learn more about our strengths, and become more connected with our intuition, we learn to accept who we are, rather than wishing we were like someone else.

As an example, I have always been sensitive to locations and in particular houses, feeling ‘weird’ presences and sometimes getting very uncomfortable, especially in hotels.  As a traveling training professional at the time, I had to stay in a lot of hotels and often had trouble sleeping and feeling comfortable in hotel rooms.

Now that I have learned to embrace my mediumship gifts, I understand that part of the issue was that I was being bugged, by uninvited spirit visitors! 

Hotels can be very active spiritually speaking, especially ones that have seen a lot of history.

Now that I have spent some time learning to manage my intuitive gifts as a medium, I can choose to allow spirit communication, or not.

Until I opened to that realization, however,  I was unaware of the interactions and found myself unable to sleep, or having weird dreams and sensations.

Opening to your intuition with the Akashic Records

Last, and by no means least, one of the biggest openings to intuition for myself on the journey is my continuing connection with the Akashic Records.


Hence, as it has been oft called, the record is God’s book of remembrance, and each entity, each soul – as the activities of a single day of an entity in the material world – either makes same good or bad or indifferent, depending upon the entity’s application of self towards that which is the ideal manner for the use of time, opportunity and the Expression of that for which each soul enters  material manifestation.  Edgar Cayce, famous US intuitive and Akashic Records Reader.

Edgar Cayce learned to accept his own nature, that of a highly sensitive person who could help others by putting himself into a light trance and reading the Akashic Records diagnostically for clients’ health.

His readings and recommendations are still in use by physicians today.

One of my first Akashic teachers told me that working within the Akashic Records regularly does increase intuitive abilities, and after several years of the work, I agree!

Please comment below if you’d like to share how your intuition has grown, what has worked for you, and how learning to accept your gifts has enhanced your life.

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    Seeing others as “good people” has helped to view our world with accuracy.

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