big fat lies
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Big Fat Lies Women Tell Themselves | Amy Ahlers ditches her Inner Critic | Book Review by Mom On A Spiritual Journey

Big Fat Lies Women Tell Themselves is a book with a secret…the author has somehow accessed her inner wisdom and knows all of the big fat lies women tell themselves!

All you have to do is open the first few pages of the book and look at the table of contents…and you will see every single big fat lie you have told yourself listed in this book by category, no less.

These are the ones we probably HAVEN’T told anyone, not even our best female buddy over a coffee, because many of them are unconscious and we say them in our minds without even being aware of what we’re doing.

There is a method to author Amy Ahler’s madness here. After all, what’s so attractive about reading a bunch of lies?

What is truly useful about this book, is that there are exercises to help us break down our reasons for lying and reprogram our thoughts.

Sarah Lawrence