Interrupt the pattern with your family – change family pathology in one generation

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Interrupt the pattern with your family – change family pathology in one generation

family pathology

Family pathology and ancestral patterns

Driving my girls home recently, I found myself in a place where they were asking me lots of questions about my mum’s life.

While telling them her story I began to realize how many ancestral patterns can be changed and have shifted for the better during this one generation and how we are letting go of some of our family pathology.

My mum was a victim of the classic ‘Cinderella’ story – family pathology AND an ancestral pattern or archetype

Her mother died when she was 7 in pre world-war II Britain leaving my mother and her two older brothers with no-one to care for them on a daily basis.

My grandfather (my mum’s dad) was employed as a chauffeur for a rich family and needed to continue working.

Something had to be done for the children or no kidding, they would have ended up in the workhouse (poorhouse) despite his income.

My grandfather quickly re-married another lady a year later.

This lady was widowed with an older daughter and within a year of marrying my grandfather had another child, a younger daughter, my mum’s half-sister.

Pain, unresolved issues and family pathology – let the games begin!

Then the games began.  All these people were carrying pain and unresolved issues.  Nobody had the emotional awareness or resources to figure this out – so it got sent on to the children.

In this case, specifically my mother, amongst others.  An energy-sensitive, psychic intuitive little girl who didn’t know what any of that meant.

The ‘evil stepmother’ family pathology

When my mum was alive she told me her story of deprivation and abuse by her stepmother, and the fact that she had to spend a lot of time staying with grandparents and in foster care because of her stepmother’s abusive behavior.

What really hit me when telling this story this time to my children is – how in one or two generations my mother and I have succeeded in changing the game.

My mother succeeded by doing her best not to pass on the behaviors to myself and my brother and by talking about her story.  She was determined to give us a better life than she had experienced – and she succeeded.

I’ve done my best for the next generation by becoming conscious of her parenting patterns and deciding which I would re-employ for my kids – and which I would choose to avoid and therefore break.

I’m proud to say I now have aware children who completely ‘got’ the nature of my mother’s story.  It helps them to understand who they are, how they got here and how to help the next generation.

What can you do to help you and yours? Legacy parenting and clearing family pathology can be as simple as telling the truth to your children

As some of you may know, I’m a big fan of Iyanla Vanzant’s OWN Series Fix My Life. She is a self-professed interrupter of patterns and a powerful advocate to help families heal their family pathology.

Her book ‘Peace from Broken Pieces‘ is a great place to start if you don’t know where else to begin.

What pattern of family pathology can you interrupt for the next generation?

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We can focus specifically on family issues using these Readings to gain clarity about your personal family patterns from the perspective of Soul Level Truth.

family pathology


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