Aspartame and your kidneys – are you aware?

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Aspartame and your kidneys – are you aware?


Aspartame and your kidneys – are you ‘on it’?

Recently met another online blogger…@quitospare on Twitter who had tweeted this article about the latest diet Coke ad campaign, inferring that young people will be ‘on’ e.g. energized and ready to go if they drink the diet coke product.

Seriously? It contains aspartame amongst other things…which I was fortunate to learn about from a chiropractor when I was pregnant with my first and living in Virginia Beach, VA in 2001.

I don’t drink artificially sweetened drinks at all (actual sugar and the calories are probably better for you IMHO – although best to avoid both if you can) so it wasn’t an issue for me…but having been shown some of the research when I was pregnant it helped me to red flag aspartame for future consumption – both for myself and my kids.

Taylor Swift is seen endorsing this product in national ads…wonder if she really drinks the product.  If she doesn’t, then the endorsement isn’t worth the paper her endorsement check was written on.

Aspartame is in a lot of foods…and chewing gum

A year or so ago I was chatting with a colleague here in Wichita and she mentioned that she’d had a client who was a court writer and having terrible trouble with an overactive kidney and bladder issue, running to the bathroom all the time.

As a court writer this client is one of those people you see on The Good Wife or or legal dramas…taking down verbatim what people are saying in court on that machine where they press all the buttons.  Difficult to run to the bathroom in the middle of that!

This colleague could find nothing medically wrong after duly prescribing all the tests (she’s an MD) and made an intuitive leap, noticing that her client chewed gum all the time.

How long has Aspartame been in chewing gum?

Now when I was a kid my favorite was Juicy Fruit…I’m hopeful that there was no aspartame in it then.  (According to Dr Mercola, there probably wasn’t…since Aspartame was introduced into mainstream foods in a big way in 1984).  Phew.

With modern concerns over caloric intake and the apparent need for white, bleached beautiful teeth here in the USA, low calorie or sugar free chewing gum sells well.  But at what price?

This lady gave up her gum for a week…and surprise!! Her physical issues cleared up too.

Interesting article from 2012 by about the physical effects of aspartame.  Rest of article here>>

Aspartame in gum is absorbed by the buccal mucosa of the mouth, gums, and the tongue.

According to research, because aspartame is absorbed this way, it makes aspartame a far worse poisoning than if given or injected intravenously.

The aspartame goes directly into the brain by passing the spinal cord and the blood-brain barrier when it is absorbed in the mouth. The smallest amount of aspartame (…contained in a piece of gum) is very dangerous and damaging to the health of the body.

Check your gum and other sweetened food products for aspartame

Sorbitol is another one I don’t like (in many Skinny Cow products). I tried the products a while back and they all upset my stomach. Yuk. Great idea, but what are the doing to our insides?

So, if you drank diet coke regularly (and I know it’s addictive) will you be ‘on’?  You’ll definitely be on aspartame!

Maybe you’ll be on the toilet! I hope NOT on dialysis, I truly do.

Aspartame reader challenge – can anyone find me some relatively healthy chewing gum brands? Both my kids like gum and I won’t allow the aspartame.

Your personal challenge – check out your local store…can you find ANY gum without aspartame in it?

Please let me know!

Until next time…

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