I have a dream – Visionary Rising

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I have a dream – Visionary Rising

online readings via skype or phone

online readings via skype or phone

Visionary Rising

Attending a course called Akashic Visionaries by my Akashic Records teacher Linda Howe.

Within the framework of this course she reviews the question “What is a Visionary?”

During the first part of this course Linda said

Visualizers use that wonderful tool of visualization: a thoughtful, deliberate formation of mental images or pictures.


Envisioning as a visionary, brings us a similar result – an image – by way of a qualitatively different path.


An Akashic Visionary recognizes ideal optimal possibilities as characterized by exceptional wisdom that emerges from the soul in the sacred space of the Akasha.


I have a dream! I am a Visionary!

When I started blogging I called myself a Visionista. On reflection I think Visionary will do!

Just imagine a United States where all fast food is healthy…

We can buy truly healthy fast food whenever we need it and there are no food deserts.

Sustainable and organic farming is the norm.

There are no GMO crops on the planet (because we came to our senses before we ruined the heirloom seed stock).

Vast fields of therapeutic plants replace wheat and corn

There are vast fields of lavender, chamomile and every other type of plant growing to help create pure therapeutic essential oils for our health and well-being, (replacing the wheat to fatten cattle for slaughter and in turn make us fat and unwell).

Homeopaths are honored and the practice of homeopathy is embraced and honored by all medical professionals as part of the healing process.

Positively framed language is the norm

Positive language and affirmations are embraced by all, especially medical practitioners, social workers, teachers, public speakers and rehab specialists.

New Energy Psychology and Energy Work are the norm – and we learn from a young age at school with practical useful, applicable lessons how we are responsible for the energy we bring to any space.

Emotions are honored and people are given time, space and the appropriate help to deal with any emotional traumas they suffer in life.

Shamanism and ancient plant knowledge

The ancient knowledge and skills of Shamanism and plant knowledge are honored, studied and applied.

Medicinal plants are cultivated and grown worldwide, replacing the artificial versions created by the pharmaceutical industries. Herbalists are legally endorsed medical professionals.

Indigenous peoples are honored – knowledge studied

The ancient wisdom and knowing of indigenous peoples is honored, studied and applied in modern living.

Meditation is considered a necessary qualification in school…children have to demonstrate that they can achieve and maintain certain relaxed brain states on request.

Yoga and tai chi are normal sporting activities

Yoga and tai chi are also considered normal parts of the school day. Sports still exist…but there is less focus on the individual ego and need to win and more points and sports scholarships awarded for the ability to demonstrate leadership and team growth.

Sports sponsorships barely exist. Sponsorships for teachers, healers and doctors of all kinds are the norm, especially when a new healthful discovery is made. The whole planet is informed through all channels whenever this happens and there are planet-wide celebrations.

Whole brain learning is a human right

All primary school children are entitled to the Montessori school experience from ages 3-10 as a human right. There are Montessori communities in every subdivision where parents can take their children daily for this experience.

Tests and exams no longer exist as we know it…children and young adults are scored and assessed on their ability to use research tools within a group and collaborate to find new results to existing planetary issues and problems. ‘Cheating’ in exams no longer exists. (Thank you, Dr Joseph Riggio).

Work with our Soul Purposes

The focus of our lives here is not to get, have or own…but to grow, develop, connect with our Soul Purposes and manifest those in the world.

Excessive drama, sociopathic tendencies, narcissistic tendencies, the urge to lie, hurt oneself or others, bully or kill are are seen as sicknesses resident from ancestral patterns in the DNA and are given the appropriate resources so that person can be healed.

I have a dream!

Anything you would like to add?!


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  1. What a beautiful vision! I’m standing shoulder-to-shoulder with you looking at all this gorgeousness. As they say in my tradition: So mote it be!

    Love and light from another Monday blogger,

  2. I love this dream! I’d also like to add a world where meditation and healing are taught to children in schools!!

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