What is an investigative medium and how are they helpful?

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What is an investigative medium and how are they helpful?

investigative medium

What is mediumship?

A medium, or someone performing mediumship, is an experience where someone can sense or feel the energy of a Soul that has passed on.

These experiences can happen during the day or night, or during a dream.

Sometimes certain locations have a lot of paranormal activity and people visit them to have an experience. Souls can be tethered to a location that they used to live in, but not moved on to their next incarnation as yet.

It’s also possible that the energies senses are simply energetic imprints based on the history of a location.

Unusual dreams

I had a very unusual dream two nights ago.

I was in a room with many people I know from this life.  Someone else was also there in spirit.  This was a person who had passed from a violent ending (someone had murdered her).

It was a younger person.  The energy showed itself in the dream as a glowing energy field and a sense of coldness around my shoulders.

If a disembodied spirit visits us in dreams or as energy when we are awake, often we can feel a chill. 

Hairs rising up and drained batteries

Sometimes the hairs rise up at the back of our neck or shoulders when a spirit is present. 

This is because people in spirit form need to take chi or energy from somewhere to stay coalesced, and it’s often from us!

We can also feel this as a cold spot in one area of a building, or a sudden temperature drop where we are sitting or standing.

This can also be the reason why visits from disembodied Souls can cause battery drains and flickering lights. 

When I worked as a medium in training for 6 weeks, my cellphone kept draining and even the brand-new battery in my car in the attached garage drained.

Electricity is a good source of energy for spirits to become more solid energetically.  They need energy to be able to communicate with us.

What is an investigative medium?

investigative medium

The successful and long-running series ‘Medium’ is based on the life of Alison Dubois, a real-life investigative medium.

Mediums of this type are able to connect with the energy surrounding a crime. 

They can also work with the energy of a person who has passed, or even a kidnapped person in some cases.  They can work with law enforcement to help rescue people or solve a crime.

For a medium to be able to assist the police, they will be skilled in one or more of these areas: –

  • Remote viewing – being able to connect with locations through geographical reference, or photos of a location.
  • Psychometry – being able to read information from objects by touch that may relate to useful clues.  These clues can be things found at the crime scene or related to a missing person, for example
  • Energy work and clairsentience (clear feeling) – being able to connect and read energy kinesthetically from a subject, so that all the senses are involved.  This would be like seeing, hearing, feeling and sensing emotions or occurrences, as if the medium was that person.
  • Receiving information through dreams.  For some investigative mediums (Allison Dubois included), often Dreamtime enables spirits to connect and transmit important messages.
  • Being able to access the Akashic Records (this is in my opinion!). Mediums may not always realize it, but they may often tap into the energetic data stream that is an individual’s Akashic Records. This is how investigative mediums can sometimes relay a series of events that happened either before or after a crime occurred.

Mediums in a family line

farm against sky
Photo by Sebastian Voortman on Pexels.com

I believe that mediums are born and not made.

We can all increase our intuitive skills through practice, but to date, most clients I have worked with who are mediums have a very clear marker in their energy field.  I can feel or sense it when I read for them.

I don’t know if the ability comes down to genetics, but it is often an awareness or ability passed down through a family line. Maybe one day we will find a genetic marker for mediumship!

Awakening mediums

I also agree with the term ‘awakening medium’.

This is often a person who has always had mediumship abilities but has blocked them from manifesting or growing at a certain point in life, often during the teenage years.

It’s hard enough being on the spiritual journey, without having to deal with visits from spirit as a person is focused on growing and maturing.

Once the person is older, the ‘whispers’ from spirit keep growing, and finally, that person may decide to embrace their mediumship gifts.

This is what happened to me. I had felt energies as a child, but blocked the experiences because I was more interested in being a teen, living my life and growing up.

Two different mediumship experiences

Since I was a child, I have been aware of energies that are not ‘me’.  I often hearing message or sense things that have happened in locations or houses.

One of my most powerful experiences was in a hotel in Kansas that I was visiting with my family for a celebration.

In that case, I didn’t know the hotel was haunted – until I walked into a cold spot in the upstairs corridor, and a spirit began talking to me.

Read more about the haunted Eldridge Hotel in Lawrence, Kansas, here.

Hotels and hospitals attract a lot of different energies, so these are often places where spirit energy can be sensed by a medium.

Mediumship training resulted in this experience, too

(Trigger warning).  A few years ago, I decided to embrace my gift more fully and receive some mediumship training. 

About halfway through the 6-week course, I had a dream which related to a disembodied spirit visiting me and trying to communicate.

Often when spirits contact us this way, the only way they know how to communicate is to show us how they passed away.  Sometimes we may experience the method of their passing.

This is often why we feel scared and distressed when a spirit tries to contact us.

They are showing us their death – it’s all they know, they may be lost and confused, and we don’t realize it’s simply a communication tool.

Creepy dream makes sense later on

I dreamed that a doctor in a white coat had drugged me and was trying to strangle me.  I felt woozy and was also struggling, I stood up (in the dream) and felt like I was spinning around.

Immediately I woke up and had to take a drink of water. 

I also felt pain in my neck for a short while.  This was quite intense as you might imagine.  I shared the dream with my teacher, and she suggested I communicate with the spirit during the day.

Later I did so and received a name and some information about the spirit in question. 

After research on the internet, I found that this person had indeed died under mysterious circumstances. 

The true reason for his death is still not public knowledge today.

Being an investigative medium can be tough, but rewarding

So far, I have only contributed insights to one group of mediums who work together to help locate missing persons.

Anyone working in this field will find the work difficult and emotionally draining, but rewarding.

I hope this clarifies an aspect of mediumship that is becoming more accepted in the crime-solving community.


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