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3 easy ways to perform a spiritual cleanse

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3 easy ways to perform a spiritual cleanse

spiritual cleanse

Spiritual cleanse – using smudging, essential oils or energy?

Do you use a spiritual cleansing or smudging method as part of your spiritual practice?  There are many different ways to cleanse your aura, your environment or a space you are visiting, even a temporary space.

Ancient civilizations relied on a number of ways to create a spiritual cleanse.  One of the most well-known ways in present times to clear a space is to smudge using burning sage.  Often something is used to direct the smoke over a person or around a space, such as a feather or large leaf.

The energy of a location can also be cleared or cleansed using this smudging method.  If you don’t have sage smudge handy, then sometimes essential oils or energy can be used to create a spiritual cleanse.

1. Using sage to smudge yourself or a within a space

Sage is the most commonly used form of smudging within the spiritual communities I have met to date.  Smudging with Sage (or my newest favorite, Palo Santo wood) feels very good for those of us who like go with our instincts.

There are metaphysical benefits to smudging from clearing the aura through to making your surroundings feel less heavy energetically.  It turns out that the ancient indigenous were tuned into some scientific reasons for smudging, also.


In 2006, a scientific paper titledMedicinal Smokes was published. The research reviewed information from 50 countries over 5 continents and found that, dating back to ancient times, smoke administered medicinally is typically used to aid lung, brain and skin function. In addition, it was found that the passive fumes doubled as an air purifier. A follow-up paper examining the air purifying potentials of smoke-based remedies was published in 2007, in the Journal of Ethnopharmacology. It concluded that, in addition to health benefits, smudging was a powerful antiseptic.

spiritual cleanseTo create your own spiritual cleanse, have a dish ready to place the smoking smudge stick in when you are done (the traditional method is with a paua shell).

Light the sage stick and wait for it to catch alight.   Once it’s burning a little blow it out and it should start smoking.

Some newer sticks take a few lights to get going properly.  When it is lit, wave the smudge stick all around your body, including above the head and behind you.   Lift up each foot also, smudging underneath.

You can then use the dish or paua shell to stub out the sage stick until it isn’t smoking anymore.

To clear a space in your house or other location

Light the smudge stick as before, this time start from the lowest room in your house.  Run the sage stick along all corners and as near to the ceiling as you can reach.  Also around windows and doors.  If you have a feather or a leaf, use that to direct the smoke.  Also, include any areas you intuitively feel may need more work.

If you have a door in your basement open that and encourage smoke out of the door as a release for that area.

Repeat on any other floors of your house.

This method is also very good for hotel rooms.  If you can’t use smudge for fear of setting off a smoke alarm then a spray is a good next step or even essential oil.

I recently bought a new smudging kit from Mama Wunderbar (see the picture of my kit at the top, Amazon Resources below).  I really like their approach and product selection.  You might find you prefer different smudge sticks in particular locations or places in your house.

2. Use essential oils or a sage spray to create a spiritual cleanse

If you are staying in a hotel, or a place where the smoke alarms might go off when you use smoke to cleanse, you can always carry a smudge spray with you or even essential oils.  (See the resources below for an example of a smudge spray).

The essential oil I would recommend is Frankincense.  It worked very well for me at the Eldridge Hotel in Kansas several years ago.

I and my family at the time were visiting, and we didn’t realize it was a haunted hotel!  Our room was even on the haunted 5th floor.

I applied Frankincense oil on a crystal and waved it around the room to cleanse the space.  It did keep the disturbing spirits out, but they still used the wind to whisper until the balcony door all night.  I was extremely glad that I had bought something with me to create a spiritual cleanse for our room.

If you can’t travel with a diffuser, you can apply the essential oil to a tissue and place it on an air vent, or just wave it in all corners with intention, and it will help lift the energy.

3. Using an energy exercise to create a spiritual cleanse

My personal favorite is the 12D shielding exercise from Lisa Renee at

I continue to use this shielding method around my home.  Try the meditation and apply this to your own energy (as the video below indicates).

I have used it successfully to shield my house as well.   You can imagine a Merkabah star (6-pointed platinum star) above your house instead of in your body.   As the meditation suggests, you can imagine grounding the house instead of your body.  Then, send the star downwards and upwards as if the house is your body.

I hope you enjoyed this post about creating a spiritual cleanse.  If you have different methods you would like to share, please comment below.

8 Responses

  1. Karen says:

    Thanks for this post. I recently saged a new piece of furniture. I’ve never used methods 2 and 3. Looking forward to trying!

    • Sarah Lawrence says:

      You are welcome, Karen. Glad you enjoyed Lisa’s approach too. (Saw your Facebook comment).

  2. Daniela Aldrich says:

    Thank you for posting! Love Mama Wunderbar Smudge Kits.

    • Sarah Lawrence says:

      Hi Daniela

      You are welcome, thanks for dropping by to read my post. I’m still enjoying my Mama Wunderbar smudge kit.

      Lots of light


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