Working in the Akashic Records together creates real connections

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Working in the Akashic Records together creates real connections

akashic recordsWorking away the other day when I got this Facebook message from an Akashic Records practitioner friend of mine

Hey Sarah-Are you super organizing?


Last night in my dream we were sitting across a table at a huge seminar chatting and you told me you were “super organizing everything”.


This dream was so inspiring & convincing that I’m now thinking of super organizing everything myself now lol.   I was not considering this idea before.   Your enthusiasm is contagious…


Well thanks for visiting and the delightful astral convo. So funny. Organize on!


Pretty amazing considering that is exactly what I have been up to during the last week or so

I replied..

  • LOL! That is very funny and also amazingly true.  I have wanted to organize my house and work differently for a while, plus how things go with the girls regards chores etc., and all is underway.


    I got the book ‘Spark Joy: An Illustrated Master Class on the Art of Organizing and Tidying Up‘ to help me enjoy tidying up.


    This week I have cleared out my kitchen medicine cupboard, the way mail comes into our house and is processed has been streamlined with new trays, am awaiting a new shoe organizer for my laundry room for the girls and my youngest daughters’s bedroom is about to get a major throw out, tidy and make-over.


    Recently I have changed my email reader so I can keep up with emails better and I’m using multi-colored pens on my to-do list.
    Is that enough super-organizing for you ?!!!

    So glad you received the message and enjoyed the energy.   This has happened to me before – people tell me I have visited them for various reasons and my 3D self is completely unaware of this fact.

    So nice to know that our greater than selves are working on it.

    Big hugs and love n light your way. Let me know if you decide to be further inspired…


    PS, this would make a great blog post. Can I share it without mentioned names??


    Sure thing- the whole world already has acess to me or my name already, lol.   Blog away.   We have amazing journeys ahead. You are a true astral friend.


    Blessings abound.


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