The Souls Journey cards – life lessons in love for self-empowerment

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The Souls Journey cards – life lessons in love for self-empowerment

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Many clients have questions about Soul Partners or Twin Flames.

There are always lots of questions about this subject, along with a deep desire to find the perfect match.

This client kindly agreed to allow me to anonymously share some details about her journey and her desire for a new partner, using the Souls Journey cards.

The Souls Journey Lesson Cards – a beautiful reading

I recently used James Van Praagh’s lovely The Souls Journey Lesson Cards: A 44-Card Deck and Guidebook to help a client with a reading.

Many clients have questions about Soul Partners or Twin Flames. Who really are they looking for?

How to get there from here and be in the relationship they truly desire?

I know for many people it is a strong life lesson and life theme on the Soul’s Journey.

These types of questions can often be uppermost in many people’s minds.

Wondering whether to leave an unhappy marriage?

My client had been in an unhappy marriage for many years.   

Despite loving her children and family life, my client was finding it hard to stay in her relationship. She had a husband who repeatedly demonstrated selfish and self-centered behavior.

Feeling very alone, she wondered…if at some point she left – would anyone else be out there for her?

She kindly agreed to let me share her reading (without any personal details of course) – to help others who may find themselves in the same place on their Souls’ Journey.

The Souls Journey – if I leave my current partner who is next?

We opened her Akashic Records and selected the cards.  The question we asked was

What are the 3 main characteristics of my ideal partner at this time in life?

The truth of the Souls Journey in relationships

When someone appears in your life, you must see what is not resolved or whole in the person and understand the lessons he or she brings home to you.

You draw others to you like magnets, in order to learn various aspects of yourself.

The people you have close relationships with on Earth are usually members of your soul family.  You have chosen to incarnate together to help each other learn lessons – even though it may not seem that way to you now.

Once a lesson is learned, don’t be surprised if that person fades away.  People are in your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime.

The first card – Discipline

souls journey

I can accomplish what I set my mind to.

This card shows that if a person clarifies the structure of their inner world, much can be achieved.  In order to be successful at this, the person may need to: –

  • review past relationships to establish old patterns that repeat, and that are ready to be cleared

  • balance the need and desire for a partner with a focus on self-love.

  • set good boundaries in order to find a partner who does the same.

The second card – Peace

I am a being of love, and I release all negative energy.

This Yantra or Mandala calls for structure as well as energetic release, as with the first card! 

The center of the Mandala displays a sacred geometric pattern.

We can take the steps recommended on this card literally, by: –

The third card – success

souls journey

I know that there is no greater goal than to love.

In this card, the red and golden rays of energy expand outward from the central star of the consciousness.

There are boundaries, not barriers being created!  The rays exceed the red circular boundary, yet the boundary itself stays in place.

The three colors of violet, lilac, and blue indicate a powerful spiritual opening for this client as part of the process.

The triumph of the Soul

The overarching message of this reading is: –

The soul only has one triumph – and that is to love!

Souls Journey Cards

This reading has so many layered messages and meanings to it, I knew that many of you would enjoy the read!

Isn’t the energy of the cards absolutely amazing?

The Souls Journey Lesson Cards: A 44-Card Deck and Guidebook

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