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Creating a new Akashic blueprint for women in midlife

What can the Akashic Records teach us about midlife? Dr Joan Borysenko teaches us about our recent history and the Akashic Records help out. The majority of women have only lived on into midlife during the last 120 years of our existence on planet Earth. Where is the Akashic blueprint for this and what can we do next now we are living much longer?


We are the granddaughters of the witches you could not burn – Akashic Energy

How many witches were burned and how many of us were involved with these acts in Past Lives? How can we clear this energy from our auras now? Do you have fears around this subject or perhaps you are fearful of telling other people that your spiritual beliefs differ from theirs. Maybe you have spiritual or energetic gifts that you are afraid to speak up about? Read on…

akashic patterns

The story behind Akashic Patterns

What are your Akashic Patterns? They are energetic patterns soaked up by your Personal Energy as you lived with your parents or carers. Do you know what your Akashic Patterns are, and if so are you ready to let some of them go, instead of letting them drive your unconscious motivations and desires? Read on…

ancestral dna repatterning

Ancestral DNA Repatterning or Light Lattice Repair within the Akashic Records

Ancestral DNA Repatterning or Light Lattice Repair is a healing technique we can use within the Akashic Records to clear energetic blocks or restrictions. Here’s a chance for you to try this technique for yourself.

past lives

This is what it feels like to connect with a Past Life | Aka my Past Lives Part II

I had a powerful vision of a past life while I was meditating. I lived alone on a peninsula, and I hunted for food, including eating herons! Read on…

ancestral patterns

Ancestral patterns – ready to let go?

IMHO we are slowly being able to move from ‘raising’ children to consciously parenting children as we evolve. Some of that certainly has to do with a level of income, some of it also has to do with the awareness and consciousness of parents who are ready to break free of ancestral patterns and do things differently.

Akashic Records

5 Simple Ways to Connect to the Akashic Records or Soul-Level You

My 5 easy ways to connect to the Akashic Records The word ‘Akashic’ is Sanskrit for ‘ether’ or sky. Many people are now waking up to an awareness of their Akashic Records.  This is a natural part of our Spiritual Journey and personal spiritual growth. Imagine your own Akashic Records as an energy bubble or…
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