How To Get the Best Psychic Reading

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How To Get the Best Psychic Reading

best psychic reading

A lot more people are interested in spiritual growth and psychic readings than ever before, but how to get the best psychic reading? There are so many options out there, how do you know if a reader will be a good match for you and your energy?

Yes, I am looking for the best psychic reading!

If you are interested in having a psychic or Akashic Reading, what’s the best way to go about it?

First of all, make sure that you know the difference between a psychic reading and an akashic reading

Also, it’s important to understand what a mediumship reading is, too, because that might also meet your requirements right now.

The best psychic reading is not fortune-telling

A good psychic reading will look at your present life energy. A good psychic reader will be able to give you good feedback on where you are now.

This will help you to feel validated and begin to get greater clarity on where you are going.

Don’t expect a psychic reader to tell you what to do though because that would be karmic.

You might feel better for a little bit, but taking advice from someone who is telling you exactly what to do doesn’t give you any room for contemplation and self-growth.

The information you receive from your best psychic reading should be validating.

Ideally it will confirm things that are already forming in your mind. Dropping ideas into your aura that don’t resonate with you is a form of control, which you want to avoid.

A good psychic reader will be able to connect with your mental and emotional energy bodies to see what is coming up for you in the immediate and near future and feed that information back to you.

This type of reading can give us all comfort about the nature of the human soul and our place on the spiritual journey.

Telling you what to do is fortune-telling – and ultimately not helpful for your personal growth.

The best Akashic Records reading

A good Akashic Records Reading will address questions about past lives, of course. The Akashic Records is so much more than that, however.

The best Akashic reading can give you an excellent frame of reference for so many more life issues than people realize.

For example, an Akashic reading can provide clarity on: –

You can also clear sticky Life Situations, delve into the history of a current life relationship, work on your business, and learn to access your own Akashic Records with coaching.

These are just some examples of how to learn to work in the Records.

This is why I love Akashic Records work and believe that it’s the best psychic reading to have.

Check out the 12 different types of Akashic Records Readings I offer here.

The best mediumship reading

A good medium will be able to read for you accurately in the following ways: –

  • They won’t promise to ‘bring someone through’, because that process is out of their control. The right Soul or Souls for the reading will come through, and that is entirely appropriate. Just because you wish to connect with someone, it won’t just happen.
  • The medium will be able to validate things about a Loved One they couldn’t possibly know otherwise. For example, the location and type of photograph in your house of a Loved One. Perhaps they’ll be able to relay a specific conversation you have in your mind with a Loved One. It needs to be something they can’t find out about you on the internet!
  • The reading may feel extremely emotional, but you will feel healed or comforted by it over time. The best mediumship readings are those that answer still unanswered questions. There might be something that you needed to know to help your grieving process. It will of course feel very emotional, but healing will come as a result of the reading.

To learn a bit more about connecting with Loved Ones, you might enjoy these 3 posts.

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The best Tarot or Oracle Card Reading

Tarot and Oracle card readings have long been an area where Fortune Tellers thrive.

As a result, card readings sometimes get a bad rap.

Of course, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with having a reading for entertainment purposes. It’s fun, you can chat about it with your friends, and it can be a social event.

To get the best psychic reading with cards from a reader, I would always suggest going to an expert in that field.

Get a referral, ask a friend, or look online for someone who has practiced for several years.

Usually, a really good Tarot reader will have a favorite deck, and use that deck consistently.

Tarot Cards are essential a divination tool to help a reader attune to your energy fields and interpret what is going on for you.

Being an Akashic Reader, I love using the Akashic Tarot deck. It’s the one I use the most. I’m familiar with it, and that gives a client a helpful reading.

You can also learn to work with cards for yourself, because they are great meditation tool, too.

You might enjoy this review of Benebell Wen’s book, Holistic Tarot.

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Step #1 – Let go of expectation

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Yes, come with your lists of questions. 

Definitely do set the intention to get the most out of your reading. 

And yes, hope that the information will be enlightening and helpful.

However, if you come with a list of INNER expectations, such as: –

  • During this reading I will definitely receive _____________ information‘.
  • I want to know the name of my partner in a previous life‘.
  • WHEN will I _____________?’.

Those questions will not work well.

Those INNER expectations will not enable you to listen to the reader because they are clouding your energy.

It will be more difficult to receive the spiritual energy that a good reading will impart.

Part of the work on the spiritual journey is to learn acceptance.

Our Souls have invested time in our current existence to experience and learn lessons, not to meet our every egoic need as humans!

You will help the reader and yourself by letting go of expectations before the reading. It will open your energy up and encourage the best psychic reading to happen.

Step #2 – Stop trying to predict the future!

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Future-telling is a traditional fortune-telling approach. It can help people sometimes, but it can hinder them too.

Some readers are excellent at predicting the future. If you find this kind of reading comforting in your personal situation, then go for it.

I had the clearest future reading I’ve ever had with a Romani person on Portsmouth Pier in the UK.

I was only 17 at the time and she was right about most of my life.

It didn’t give me certainty though. Often when we are feeling uncertain or lost, we look for future predictions.

What that reading did give me in the long run was comfort. I got comfort that there is a system of energy which can be read.

I felt seen and heard, because I knew I had some of her abilities. This lovely lady was 90 at the time and read my palms.

I was validated by having that reading and knowing that higher forces were at work. We can’t control them though, or truly predict exactly what is going to happen to us.

She was spookily accurate, though.

Step #3 – Rest and relax beforehand

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Honor yourself before a reading, to get the best psychic reading you can.

Avoid alcohol or other stimulants beforehand.

Take time to formulate your questions.

Make sure you have a good night’s sleep the night before.

Have a notepad and pen handy if you like to make notes.

Make sure you or the reader can record the reading, so that you can listen again later.

Be as present as possible on the day and time of your appointment.

If you are using Zoom or some kind of online connection, make sure your tech is working.

Step #4 – Read these helpful mindset examples

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Here are some examples to help you get the most out of your reading. 

These are ways of creating a helpful mindset before your reading.

  1. Somebody consults a health coach about getting fitter.  The person is open to healing and takes on the advice of the consultant, changing their diet.  They exercise as suggested and get good results.  Listening and being open, the client takes the advice given and moves forward, making healthy changes.
  2. A person is setting up a new company and wants advice from a business consultant about the best way to practice business in that field.  The business consultant is experienced and gives good advice.  The new businessperson benefits from taking that advice and starts to grow their business.
  3. A person goes to the hairdresser for a new cut and color.  They have a certain ‘look’ in mind.   The experienced hairdresser understands that the look will not be a good match and fit for the client.  They skillfully suggest some differences to the client which gives them some of the ‘look’ they were after.  It’s not everything that the client was hoping for, yet the change is an improvement in the client’s appearance and self-image.

(By the way, I have always believed that hairdressers are one of the best ‘hidden’ social workers in our society.)

How to apply these 3 mindsets for your best psychic reading

In the first example, the client seeking advice already realizes they have an issue.

Perhaps they have a health problem they are concerned about that will respond well to a change in diet.

Or maybe they know they live a sedentary lifestyle and need to change that. 

In the first example, the client has already thought about what needs changing.

Example 1 mindset – consulting a coach – apply to a psychic or Akashic Records Reading

Before you go to a psychic or Akashic Reader, take some time to think about what you are ready to change about your life. 

What is really bugging you and what are you really and truly ready to let go?

If you are not ready to work out and change your diet, then it’s not time to go a health coach. 

Take some time to reflect about what you’d like to change. What are you ready to change?

If you are not ready to make big changes, then use the reading as a way to get information and clarity around your current situation.

Don’t expect the reader to work magic for you and give you all the answers. This is not going to make magical changes for you. Your existing energy is what the reader is interpreting.

The deeper you consider what you would like to change beforehand, the more answers you will get in your reading.

Example 2 mindset – businessperson – apply this to a psychic or Akashic Records Reading

In the second example, the client is going to an established businessperson to learn what they know. 

Go to a reader curious to learn more about what they know. The questions you come up with will be so much more useful to you.

There are many readers now who have spent years studying their modality (myself included).

Committed readers work hard with clients to give them helpful information which is in their highest spiritual good. 

Sometimes, just like the startup businessperson, it may not be what a client wants to hear initially.

Parts of readings can sometimes feel uncomfortable, but they will be helpful in the long run. 

As a client, the businessperson isn’t questioning the advice offered, they see it working and want to know more.

Try that mindset next time you have a reading.

Example 3 mindset – hairdresser – to a psychic or Akashic Records Reading

Getting a new look!  It’s very easy to believe that a new, pretty look we see online will be flattering for us. 

Recently I changed the whole way I get my hair colored because I went to a new consultant.  I was initially going to go in one direction. After listening to her advice realized that my (older) hair needed different treatment.

Changing my perception of myself — and how much grey hair I had — accepting that fact, resulted in me having a lovely hair color and style I like much better than the old one.

That is what I really wanted in the first place!

Your best Psychic Reading

In conclusion, when going to a psychic, Akashic Records Reader, or medium, make space in your mindset for the Reader to READ your energy.

Let go of expectations and future-telling.

Contemplate your wishes, desires and ideas to see which ones really hold value for you. Then you can be ready to present them to your reader.

Perhaps discover some things that you didn’t know about yourself.

Be open to hearing things that you haven’t thought of before, yet that could be extremely helpful to you. 

Try out some of the suggestions the reader makes.

Listen to their experience, knowledge and wisdom. Most readers have done this work in other lifetimes, so pay attention to what they have to say.

You will come away with new perceptions and new awarenesses and have your best psychic reading ever.

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