Creating a new Akashic blueprint for women in midlife

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Creating a new Akashic blueprint for women in midlife



What can the Akashic Records teach us about midlife?

I’m sure I speak for some women when I say that midlife for women can definitely be a crisis or make a person feel lost.

A perceived ‘midlife crisis’ can have us on the ropes emotionally and begs the question of what’s next. The empty nest may be looming, or we may be in a position where we didn’t have children so now how do we ‘fill’ that gap?

If marriages are on the rocks at this time, what next?

How do we create a new blueprint when our bodies are changing and leaving behind creative expression through birth, yet we are still driven to create…something.

A Woman’s Book of Life

midlifeI’ve just started reading A Woman’s Book of Life: The Biology, Psychology, and Spirituality of the Feminine Life Cycle by Joan Borysenko, Ph.D. This book has been around for 20 years or so now, yet remains a useful tool for many of us approaching mid-life and experiencing the shift through a whole new gateway.

Modern society doesn’t give us many answers. According to many views we are now older, perhaps wiser but certainly not as attractive as a ‘silver fox’. We get to be ‘cougars’ or M.I.L.Fs and despite often being the person in a family with the emotional awareness to hold the thing together, slightly to fairly invisible.

Reading this book I began to think that there is no blueprint for women’s midlife in the human Akash!

I believe these hollow, empty feelings that many women are feeling (yours faithfully included) come from a bona fide place.

Dr Borysenko says in the first chapter of A Woman’s Book of Life: The Biology, Psychology, and Spirituality of the Feminine Life Cycle

When the potential mothering years are over, modern women enter the previously uncharted, unnamed midlife years, a time of life that used to be synonymous with old age….

The family of today was unthinkable before birth control. Physically and emotionally exhausted by a life spent pregnant, nursing, and caring for enormous broods, it was not unusual for women of previous generations to try to abort themselves and to die in the process, leaving their other children motherless….it was the rare wife who enjoyed sex since it was incontrovertibly linked to the terror of bearing yet another child.

This book was first published in 1996, Joan B also says “By 1989 (women’s) expected average life span had increased to 75.3 years. Furthermore, if you live to be sixty-five, statistics predict that you can expect to live another 18.8 years – or until 84. (In 1989) 43 million women in the United States are perimenopausal or postmenopausal and the number of women’s between 45 and 54 will increase by one half to 19 million by the year 2000”.

In some non-Western countries, these figures are different. For example

…the situation in developing countries like Pakistan is very similar to the United States 100 years ago. Only 17 percent of the population is over forty. Middle age, then, is a relatively new phenomenon– at least in terms of the numbers of women in developed countries who have lived to this point”.

So to bring us up to date using Dr B’s data , up until 120 years ago, the majority of women on Earth, on average, only made it to age 47 or a little older before they died. They just died. A smaller proportion did live longer, often because. they didn’t bear children for whatever reason.

It’s quite sobering to think about this. Today in the West there is an expectation for most women that unless we pass from a serious illness, we will have the number of children we choose and go on to see them grow up and have kids of their own while we live a healthy and happy middle age and senior life.

But only for the last 120 years or so!

Yet it’s in our human nature to generalize. It’s been my perception, as perhaps many reading this page, that this has ‘always’ been the case. Not so!

How long does it take to create an Akashic Blueprint for a way of life?

As an Akashic Records Reader, this got me thinking.

It’s my view of the world that we run some of our programs, those relating to ‘how to live’ precisely because we are accessing experience and knowledge from many lifetimes on Earth.

We bring this energy through with us as we incarnate into our new bodies, more often than not accessing our Akashic Energy without conscious awareness as we manifest our Akashic Patterns.

So I asked my Akashic Records how many generations it takes to create an Akashic blueprint for a new way of life on the planet.

This is the response I received

“This is a pertinent question given that there are now many elder women on the planet. In tribal times there were women who were given the space either not to bear children, who couldn’t bear children, or who refused.

These women and some of those who bore children and survived the child bearing years went on to become Wise Women, female Shamans, Seers and Oracles for tribes. This is also why there were ‘Vestal Virgins’. These women could devote themselves to spiritual worship and enquiry without needing to focus their vital energies on the creating of children.

Kryon talks about the .1% of the population needed to create a spiritual ‘tipping point’. Women are creating this in great numbers. at present because more are able to survive into healthy older age and create new ways of being on the planet.

And in answer to your question, in the past it has taken about 500 years of continued human existence to create a repeatable Akashic Pattern that people can comfortably live by when they incarnate. Simply a consequence of human biology, habit and sensation.

Of course, with all the spiritual tools that women are reconnecting with and creating anew for themselves, women could indeed accelerate this process.

Dr Borysenko goes on to say

“A psychologically healthy midlife woman can be a serious challenge to dysfunctional families and institutions because of the tendency to be clear and vocal when the emperor has no clothes. I have chosen to name the midlife years the time of the Guardian — she who keeps the circle of life whole. The Guardian is essentially a peace-keeper, but with the power to tell the truth and when necessary to be a warrior for justice…healing and transformative”.

To me, this explains the huge drive for many women to seek the spiritual way, to reconnect with their spiritual selves, to work in areas of society where as Dr Borysenko puts it “thousands of years of insanity” have ruled and to change how our consciousness works.

There isn’t a defined Akashic blueprint for women’s mid-life, yet

Only 120 years have passed so far, yet look what we are achieving as we all evolve. New technologies, female equality, female votes, female presidential candidates and a new ecological and spiritual movement on the planet.

This new Akashic blueprint, I like.

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