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How to benefit from a past life reading (my Past Lives Part III)

Akashic Records Readings with Sarah Lawrence

How to benefit from a past life reading (my Past Lives Part III)

past life reading

Having a past life reading – what’s the benefit?

This is a good question and something many people may wonder.  At the same time, curiosity can pull us to have a past life reading.  We just want to see what is there in our past.

The first time I went for a focused past life reading was with a QHHT practitioner.  This stands for Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique.  I thought I would be going for a nice afternoon to hang out with like-minded friends.  Spirit had something else in store for me that day, however.

A QHTT session is like a guided meditation.   I ended up going between dimensions and walking out onto a star pathway.  I then looked around and saw the entire Universe, galaxies, and all.  This happened as I visualized myself in my bedroom and then asked to open a door to past life experiences.

What I got was a demonstration of different beings living on different planets.  There was a bunch of instructions about how to use a spiritual control panel, combined with a discussion about how human consciousness is connected to the rest of the Universe.

All I wanted was a past life reading!  Often during a reading like this, we can end up in a different spiritual dimension.  Spirit will take us somewhere like that if that is the information we need to receive at the time.

Context is everything

I hadn’t really set a context for my QHHT session.  The intention for the group was that we learn more about our reasons for being incarnated here and now.

I got the really big cosmic answer that day, rather than a specific answer related to a specific question.

As I write about this experience now, I am much clearer about why I had that experience then.   These days I am learning to connect the dots within the Akashic Records and really focus on making use of the data I get for self-growth.

As Mark Nepo so poetically puts it

Attention is the key to transformation – and full attention also implies acceptance.  Attention is like a beam of light – the focused power of your consciousness that transmutes everything into itself.

What’s interesting about accessing our Akashic Records is our chosen frame of reference

When you make an energetic request of the Akashic Records, what you ask for is what you will get.  It’s a bit like Google, really.

The Records also offer an energetic match for your intention.   If you ask in the spirit of curiosity, then the information will make you more curious!

If you are in a very open energetic mindset and asking really big expansive questions, you will get really big expansive answers.  After all, having a past life reading is a request to alter your state of mind.

When this happens, your state of mind at the time of asking is the resonance that you are sending out into your own private Akashic databank, so a match for the experience you are having now is what will be pulled towards you.

Therefore, to get the most out of a past life reading, first set a frame of reference for the information you require.

A useful past life reading through regression

Recently I used a past life regression method to get a past life reading around a specific health issue I have been experiencing.

A past life regression helps you to experience the life you used to have from the first person perspective.  You visit and inhabit your past life body and have sensations, sound, thought, feelings and sometimes even movement or attitudes related to the person you were in that lifetime.

It can be quite intense because you actually feel feelings, even though you will still be safe and still in the body that you are inhabiting now.

An Akashic Records Past Life Reading is slightly different, in that you are more of an observer of the chosen past life experience when you have the reading.  If you like, the difference between the two experiences is

  1. Past Life Regression – being the movie star.
  2. Akashic Records Past Life Reading – watching the movie.

Setting the frame of reference before your reading or regression

past life readingI have always had sensitive digestion, and really want to get to the root of my issues with my digestive issues this time around.  I asked to experience a life where I could experience something related to that issue only.

Most of the past life regression took place in a kitchen in the West Country of the UK somewhere, in the 1700s.  How did I know this?

  • I spoke with a West Country accent, I could hear myself and feel my mouth forming the words, not the way I speak today.
  • There was no electricity in the kitchen, there were fuel lamps and two large wood-fired cooking ranges.
  • I wore a servant’s uniform and stood awkwardly in front of my master as he talked to me.
  • I was in the middle of cooking a pheasant pie, and there were memories of making things like a pie with a swan in it, also a peacock.
  • The master was telling me how good my pastry was, and I was very proud of that.

Two of the digestive issues I had been struggling with came up (so to speak) in this regression.  Sometimes I just don’t feel like cooking because some types of food literally turn my stomach.  I have often resented cooking for others in the past, although once I get into cooking I really enjoy it.

The intrinsic understanding that I received from this was that since I had to cook for a living (I was enslaved, literally), sometimes I just don’t feel like cooking for people in this life!

I also asked to see the end of that life (without pain or fear).  Often the way our previous lives have ended can show us wisdom about our present lives too.

I passed away sat down and bent over the kitchen table.  (At least I was older, because I had grey hair).  I had eaten a piece of another cook’s pie and choked on a bone.  Not a nice way to go and somewhat ironic, given my occupation.

However, I didn’t experience any of this experience literally, since I had set a frame of reference to feel safe and pain-free during this regression.

What I did learn was why I have always had trouble with textures and ‘lumps’ in my food in this life – and I have a pathological fear of throwing up!

When I was at school, there were two experiences when a teacher pushed me to eat food at school lunches that I didn’t like, and both times I threw up.

Somehow, this all made much more sense to me after my past life regression experience.

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