Your Chakras and the Akashic Records

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Your Chakras and the Akashic Records

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How are your Chakras and the Akashic Records connected?

I hope you enjoy this month’s podcast about your Chakras and the Akashic Records!

Show notes

This month I want to talk with you about working with your Chakras through the Akashic Records.

Chakras can give us very telling information about our health, wellbeing and emotional states of mind.

You may have had the good fortune to have energy work or a chakra balancing session, which can feel amazing.  Sometimes, though, these blissful effects seem to wear off very quickly no matter how hard we work on our chakras.

It can be difficult to stay at a particular level of vibration or expansion for very long when life gets in the way.

The key here to help stay balanced in our chakras is to take balanced action in our lives.  After all, you wouldn’t go to the chiropractor, get your back adjusted and then go home and slump in a lumpy uncomfortable chair – that would be a waste of time and energy!

Doing chakra work and expecting it to ‘stay’ is the equivalent of doing exactly that – if you don’t also take focused action around a circumstance or issue.

Chakra balancing can show you a way forward and how to do something better or differently from a feeling, sensing or energetic perspective.  But how to stay there?

That’s where reading the Chakras from the perspective of the Akashic Records can be so useful.

With your Akashic Records open, not only can the Chakras be checked for under- or overactivity, but also your Akashic Guides and Spirit Guides can chime in with extra help and even a suggested to-do list.

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I offer Chakra Readings through the Akashic Records>>

Feel free to chat with me at the private client portal, or leave a comment here on the blog.

Wishing you balanced Chakras and a productive and energetic month!

To learn more about awakening your Akashic Energy with Chakra work and other Akashic Readings, check out the links directly below.

Sarah is an Intuitive Coach and Akashic Records Reader.  You can download the brochure listing all 12 Readings she offers, and contact her here at the Client Portal.

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